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To Whom it May Concern 4/14/12 My son had rode his bike up to the store to get a surprise for his little brother while at the store he was looking around and the manager came up to him and said "If you don't have parents then you have to leave" my son told the...
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I know this was two years ago, but I imagine the same scenario has been revisited countless times by this child and his mother. She mentioned it was not the first time it had happened since moving to the location, and that says a lot to me.

The store's manager and employee are not the problem with our youth! Mothers like this woman raising their children to not respect their elders, treating their children as an adult friend, and not monitoring their children effectively are to blame for the problems with our youth.

Bringing up race to the manager or employee makes little for someone complaining about youth discrimination. They did not discriminate against her "special little snowflake" and stores reserve the right to make someone leave.

If her son was raised as a respectful child he would have said, "Yes, sir." He would have left and gone home or to another store, but instead he argued and then called mommy to tattle. That alone suggests he was not old enough to be out shopping on his own. I'm unsure why one would believe that a straight A student is above shoplifting, and suspect a great deal of this mother's time is spent in denial. It also is no longer the feat it once was to obtain a 4.0.

Politicians have done a stellar job in their effort to dumb down the education system in this country.

Sadly, with so many parents like this woman the teachers get the blame for it. They also get the blame when parents fail to make their child do homework, fail to educate their child outside of the classroom, and fail to monitor grades before they receive a report card with Cs, Ds, and Fs on it.

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