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Michelle Pearl Gee is a joke.

Alex and I's wedding celebration was August 25th,2011. We were coming in from out of the country to see family, friends and to have a memorable occasion.We were doing most of our wedding planning from out of the country. Alex insisted that we hire a photographer so we signed a contract and negotiated a price online for an engagement photo shoot and wedding photo shoot of $1600. Michelle said that if we pay the money up front we could get a $100 discount. We sent the contract 5/31/2011 and wired her $500 shortly afterwards. We arrived in the states on August 18th and shot the engagement photos around the 23rd. The photo shoot was very random, she did some of my make up touch ups for the light, Alex and I had some kiss shots but it seemed that Michelle had us doing the same poses for the entire time we were with her. Alex and I decided to spice it up and do different poses so there would be variety. At the end of the shoot she asked for a ride...I was very put off by this, why would she not have her own car if she is constantly going to shoots? This made me question what exactly we had gotten ourselves into. We spent more time with her getting some night shots in downtown portland. Alex asked her when we should pay her and she said now if you have it. We paid her $1000 dollars that night to ensure we would receive services later. August 25th came and Michelle shows up with an assistant (that she didn't even inform me would be there). We paid for her assistant's meal anyway and at the end of the day we left with something along the lines of "you guys are truly lucky to have found one another, all of your pictures should be done in about a month." Great! A month goes past, nothing, two months, nothing, three...after several emails asking what is going on and receiving no reply other than to thank me for a thank you card I sent to her....she replies when I tell her I will be having someone represent me, so she can talk with them from now on. She explains to me that she was having hard drive issues and that she lost data, had to get it fixed and pictures should be here in about a week. She gave us a link to where she uploaded about 40 low-mid quality pictures...Pictures that my cousin could have taken and gotten better shots. I was understanding with her, even empathetic and gave her a final date that she could submit ALL of the pictures. It is now Mid April and we still havent received our wedding/engagement pictures.Memories have been lost and I am really upset over the whole ordeal because I have never been cheated before. Everyone wants to believe in the good of someone...that they will be respectful and responsible but when something like this happens it puts a stain on what could have been a very nice day and destroys the trust between a service provider and his/her clients. Michelle Pearl Gee is a sorry excuse for a photographer. She is unprofessional, she does not respond to emails or phone calls. It is now 6+ months after our wedding, we have about 40 low quality pictures and hardly any memories to show our family. She could have kept in contact with us, letting us know her issues or at least been responsible enough to refund our money. Next time we will not prepay ANYTHING! Do yourselves a favor and make sure to see how long it takes for a photographer to get back to may be ok initially but make sure to call/email in between dates to make sure they are prompt. Do not make the mistake we made, especially on a day so special :(
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NoSurprises I am so sorry to hear that! She is ridiculous and it's completely astonishing that people are still doing business with her- and even friends with her!

We have been in contact with reporters from KATU and FOX news and have some things lined up with them.

Please contact us if you would like to be a part of that or just want more info. threebrides@***.com.


Michelle Pearl Gee.....where do I start? Her YELP reviews? Her bad attitude? Her absolute lack of common courtesy?

Michelle wrote a horrible, scathing review of my business, even though she was never a customer. In fact, she spread her nastiness to everyone in my industry, and they all told me what she said. Needless to say, she is a liar and an all-around nasty person. She really should be ashamed of herself! I did absolutley nothing to her, so who knows what inspired her horrid review. She seems to just pick business owners to pick on at random.

Without going into the whole story, let's just say that Michelle desreves what she gets. Honestly, I think you all should call the police. She steals your money, never delivers on her contracts, and KEEPS DOING BUSINESS. That is FRAUD.

Call KATU news "2 on your side", and expose this *** to the world!!!!!


when not faking illnesses or returning people's money or photos she is also talking crap? that is laughable.

you want to talk more about your story?

email us at threebrides@***.com. there are many more women like you.


Michelle Pearl Gee flamed me online for absolutely no reason. She wrote a negative review of my former employer, called me out specifically, and LIED about everything and anything.

After being confronted about it, she continued to run her mouth to others (turns out we have mutual friends).....ttrust me, it all got back. The funniest part of the whole review she wrote was how she went into detail about how shes a prominent wedding photographer, a stellar business person etc, etc.

well, Michelle..... Considering you are on ripoff report and pissed consumer, id say you are as well regarded as a dog turd on a sidewalk.


Reina- thanks for your comment! I completely agree with you, she is all of those things and deserves to get what she dishes out.

We are working on it ;-). If you want to contact us (me and two other brides who have all been robbed by her), you can email us at threebrides@***.com!


Michelle Pearl Gee is one of the rudest people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. She is bossy, arrogant, and has a foul mouth on her. I hope she is caught and prosecuted for fraud, because it would serve her right! If you want to find her, just check out her "Yelp" reviews that she is so proud of making. She seems to like to badmouth others, but for some reason she feels SHE is beyond reproach.

Ladies, just call KATU news and get them on her. She completely deserves any bad press that comes of it.

Hey Michelle- Karma is a ***


yes! i also spoke to the bbb and they tried calling and got no answer from her. she is not accreditated w them .until this day no pics !


Amy, my name is Michelle and I am also a victim of Michelle Pearl Gee's fraud. Would you be willing to chat with me and another bride regarding this?

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