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Stephen Pierce International - Stephen Pierce Scam Makes no Real Money on the Internet

I originally heard of stephen pierce shortly before attending his MRMI (make real money on the internet) in early april of 2011. After being laid off from my job and having spent a number of months trying to find a job, constantly hearing how "overqualified" I was, my savings account was nearly drained. The only thing at that point running out faster than money was my hope to recover financially. I heard about this workshop on a website forum where I was searching desperately to find some opportunity to generate income. I figured that for a small investment it was worth 3 days of my time to at least check it out and possibly learn something about internet marketing. The day before the event I was so discouraged that I didnt even want to attend, but my friend sharon who was my "free guest" was so excited I couldnt back out now. With a heavy heart I entered the sheraton hotel repeating to myself "just keep an open mind" When stephen started talking I felt like he was talking right to me, like he knew exactly what I was going through. His words about changing perspective actually started to make a change. It was the first sign of hope that I had felt in months. He did explain some very basic things about how people make money online. By the end of the day I went home thinking that "tomorrow I will learn some great secret that would change my life forever". I had a hard time getting to sleep as I pondered all the wonderful ways of spending my new found internet riches. The second day I started off ready to hang on his every word. As the day progressed, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for that final piece of the puzzle. As soon as I realized that this was all just a "teaser" and that the secrets were "to be sold not to be told" I was discouraged but I had already spent my internet millions so I held onto a glimmer of hope. Finally when he gave the price of 2000 for the "silver package" and 5000 for the "gold" I quickly saw those champagne wishes and caviar dreams evaporate into the clouds... Despite my feeling of defeat, I decided to attend the final day hoping to at least learn something I could use. despite my better judgement, I couldnt change sharons mind, she just HAD to do this... Neither of us had enough to put together for the silver package but it sounded so simple to just make some sites and sell them for quick cash we both were sure that it would pay for itself in just a few weeks. I made a phone call and convinced my sister to loan me the rest of the money. I wrote a check and we left towards home ready to make the money. Quickly we learned how these "step by step" guides were at best "one small step" for a man like stephen, but a giant leap for the rest of mankind. After struggling for a few weeks in the program, eventually contacting customer service and requesting a refund the agent explained that we were just needed to keep at it. Long (depressing) story short... we were told that we were not due a refund even though the material was nothing like what we expected. A few books and some websites with a mountain of stale information that I could find by using google, for $2000?!?! Although I abandoned any hope of getting a refund, and finally getting the courage to admit how *** I was, I only hope to prevent someone else from making my same mistake. To this day, I cringe at the memory of the lady next to me that I overheard had cashed in her 401k (and i possibly life insurance too?) so that she could buy the program. Stephen, if you read this... although I know you're probably busy spending the internet riches I dreamed of... You're a sad, sad, pitiful little man!
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Sad to say your story is just too common and I do feel for you and your frustration.

Mr Google, Mr SaltyDroid and Ms CosmicConnie all have stories to tell that would make a glass eye cry. If you ask them I am certain that you will find not only that you are not alone - but that there are legal remedies available to you NOW.


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