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Grossinger Kia - Don't buy a KIA! KIA dealer and warranty are terrible!!!

I purchased a 2012 KIA Soento SX from a KIA dealer in Lincolnwood, Illinois in November 2011. Last night I was driving after a road trip and noticed that my passenger rear tire was losing pressure. I could not make it into service before they closed, so I made an appt for the morning to repair my tire. Unfortunately as I was driving the tire was getting flatter and I had to keep stopping to put air in it. I stopped by 2 stores, Firestone and Just Tires, to try and fix it. They told me they could not because I was missing the special wheel lock that unlocks the wheel to change it. I called the dealership where I bought the car and told them I would come by to get the wheel lock that was NEVER put in my car when I bought it. When I got there, some guys came out and looked and couldn't find it either. They said someone must have forgot to put it in when we purchased it. By this time it was 8:35pm, they could not find an extra wheel lock to give us to go somewhere else so we could have our tire changed, plus we were running out if time to go elsewhere to have our tire changed. The one guy that was assisting us went and told the manger that there was a problem, and told him the situation. The manager said, "Service is closed, this is sales". We told him we had an appt in the the morning. He said since we don't have the wheel lock they will probably have to cut the screws to take the wheel off. We are talking about a brand new 2012 KIA! He is suggesting that they might CUT THE SCREW TO TAKE THE WHEEL OFF!! Instead of sitting at his desk, smacking his gum, and flirting with some lady about who is dating whom, I believe he should have at least GOT UP, apologized for his dealership mistake of not putting the wheel lock IN the car when they sold it to us, and offered to let us keep our car there for the night, and given us a loaner vehicle to get home, as it was raining and i had my six year old child with me. When I asked him if I could speak to the manager, he said, "I am the manager" When I asked "Who is above you?" he answered. "No one." My husband said very loudly and sarcastically "NICE BUSINESS". The manager and his lady friend were rolling their eyes at us. If this is the way KIA thinks it should treat it's customers, I will do my business elsewhere. For a store manager to behave this way is inexcusable. Perhaps Grosssinger is not aware that this is occurring, and if not, I think their company needs to do some reeducating of it's employees on how to run a business. Thank God I was in the city when this occurred so I was able to continually stop and add air. For if I had been stranded, in the rain, with my 6 year old, on the highway with a flat and no wheel locks to change my tire, it would have been a disaster! Now we are concerned with what else may be missing with this car. I don't feel safe with this car. Is this the kind of service I can expect from KIA? Or is this a Grossinger service issue? I am also notifying KIA directly so they are aware of how they are being represented. I am appalled that the Lincolndwood KIA sold us a 2012 KIA Sorento with out wheel locks, and when we came after service was closed the MANAGER send us away in the rain, with a child, and a flat without offering us a loaner vehicle to make sure we were safe. This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! Side note...... I spoke with KIA directly this morning about the "warranty" and "roadside assistance". I was informed that this IS KIA's assistance policy. I said, "Your warranty/roadside assistance policy is to bring me to a dealer and then LEAVE me there? How am I supposed to get home? I had a small child and it is raining." I was told that the only thing they can do is take to to the dealer? I told her I drove myself to the dealer, and the sales dept was open! And they still couldn't give me a wheel lock for my car or o loaner! This is ridiculous!!! I have owned a Toyota, Honda, Mariner and Ford and never had any trouble with something like this. BUYER BEWARE........THE piece of mind assurance business is a bunch of garbage! DON'T BUY A KIA.
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This dealership is dishonest,I am looking into filing complaint with BBB and criminal charges for falsifying documents.

#480407 has been over a week and Grossinger KIA has yet to send me my wheel locks!!!!

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ATT - IPhone 4s unlock

My wife and I have been an AT&T customer since 2008 with the iPhone 3 and have upgraded our phones each time the newest version comes out. We travel often to Europe and wanted our 4s unlocked. Sprint and Verizon will both unlock the iPhone 4s for a customer WITH a current contract in good standing for international use. I contacted AT&T numerous times to ask for an unlock for me to take my phone with me so I can put in my local card in Europe. I was told that as long as my phone was under contract they would not unlock it. If I paid the early termination fee then they would unlock it for me.  I asked them if they were willing to lose a good customer over this, because I will gladly pay that to have my phone unlocked. They told me this is their policy.  So, I cancelled my phone, paid the ETF and my phone is unlocked. I asked for an email address so I could complain about their policy and was told to "google it."  AT&T needs to do something about this policy! And to not have anywhere to complain is just as ridiculous. I think this is a horrible policy that they have, and I think I will cancel my other lines(iPhone 4 and a basic line for my child) because I don't want to to have anything else to do with AT&T.  To be willing to lose a customer over this in today's economy is ridiculous. 
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The cost of an iPhone on Verizon is not 50$ a month! I have an iPhone on Verizon and have just the bare bones and i pay on average a 100$ a month and it is certainly not for unlimited everything!!!!


Actually this is NOT a good deal as you from AT&T would lead us to believe. I already pay $199.00 for the phone, then almost $100.00 month with the contract.

It is cheaper to buy the phone outright and pay Verizon 50$ month on a no contract basis...the $50 is for unlimited talk/text/data. After one year this pays for the phone. AT&T is AWFUK. I have since cancelled my other AT&T lines and home Internet and I'm using and Comcast .

I hate AT&T and will never use them again. When the next iPhone comes out I will buy it unlocked and use Verizon!


Dear ATT Rep,

You are missing the point.

ATT should treat their LOYAL customers just like Verizon or Sprint, if not better.

I've been with ATT for over 6 years and got same answer as Athanasia.

Your excuse of "people disappearing" is pure fiction. Besides that what an early termination fee is for.

Being on a contract means we pay monthly fees, while traveling abroad and using ATT subsidized phone we not only pay that monthly service charge but also we DON'T use any resources.

So why is it so hard for ATT to understand they loose NOTHING by unlocking?

And why the policy is different for an iphone? All other phones get unlock codes few months into the contract.


I understand your concerns. The company started unlocking the iphones about a month ago, calls like these are non-stop.

Next time, if someone from the company tells you google it, ask for a supervisor. No one can treat a valuable customer like that.

The problem with unlocking iphones is that there are many people out there selling phone abroad. Many want to just get them for a good deal, unlock them and sell them abroad and disappear without meeting the commitments of the contract. The thing is that if you get an iphone for let's say 250, the company is payin g for the iphone full price, it is not possible to release the unlock codes like that, as you stated, with this economy, it is not possible. The company is still doing business. If you bought the iphone a full price, or the agreement is over, you will have no problem with having your iphone unlocked.

I understand you travel to Europe very often, many of our customers do, but the iphone, with the agreement prob as you signed it, is meant for AT&T use, at least for two years when you got a good deal for it and didn't pay the 700 it actually costs.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact customer care, I belong to the wireless business care department, if you have any question, you can ask me too here. I am happy to be able and cleal things like this up.

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