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Milecore Technology - Milecore cheated me for my software

Milecore Technology - Milecore cheated me for my software
I paid milecore technologies pvt ltd, Ahmadabad India, base company $250 for BPO software and they did not finished it and also given me software which is full of errors. do not trust this company for website development, software development or iphone application development. Mr shah and Mr Anand Nair CEO and Khyati Nair CTO was the key person who ruin my project. I want to acknowledge is the fraud and scam company and do not trust those guys. they take money and give you ***. do not pay them advance before you see work of them.
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Hi milecore is one of the biggest fraud company . anand nair is one of the famous cheater in I.T world .

he is not giving to salary any employee last 3 months . Milecore HR Brijlatta bhatt is also cheated women


its so easy nowadays to say anything on the web, must be something that hitler would have loved to have, before he decided to kill the jews, he could have spread all bad nonsense over this website.. Hail hitler.. :sigh


southpark is cool… wonder if they will make a episode on such fakers.... :x


rofl, they took our jobs and now we are all ***… or *** like ***.. That ought to get me a new job? Lol… :zzz


I lost my job.. & now I will get back on them.. Call everyone fraud and scammers… cool… this is a good place to do that it seems


*Milecore technology do not provide good service to their client. their employees are absconding due to work pressure and legal warnings for bond.

many of them went off and file complains on different sites. They do lots of fake commitment to their employees and do not fulfill it. They ask to get business and projects however they have just two person in iPhone development team and they clam for five people team to client and delivery is delayed by months. they are cheating their clients and also CTO Khyati nair stoped coming to office as she can not face more fire from clients.

Anand nair [ using skype name as milecore.A] is loosing the game due to zero technical knowledge being CEO of IT company. Unacknowledged head like miss DN spoils the productivity of team. Do not work with Milecore as company is about to shut down now.

I worked there and find they are using fake software too of Adobe and Microsoft in team's PC. is the URL of it.


I agree with Mike, my sympathy with you. You [MILECORE] are spoiling name of Gujarat and Ahmedabad IT industry. Milecore should be band after these many complaints.


Anand Nair and Khyati nair are fake lair of Milecore. god will punish them for their deeds soon.


I agree with all of them, they do same with me as well. all milecore team are fraud including, Anand nair and Khyati nair.

Milecore web development and designing are fraud company. - Kintan Darji


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