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ATT - At&t approved again n again that they do not take care of military family

attempted to contact at&t regarding the refund deposit that they owe us for over 1600 dollars, customer service agent stated to me that it is not 18 piece problem that we did not receive the refund check that they sent out, and that we need to be more observant of our mail and it's too bad that we did not get the check in there not going to bother researching it because we should've received it by now. I explained to the customer service agent that we signed up under the military plan and that our refund check was promised to us 1 year after successfully paying on time are at&t bill..(Which would have been thix January btw). I explained to her that we've had some problems over the entire time that we had at&t including the mistreatment of the customer service and billy agents wow my husband was deployed to iraq, and that we were no longer going to *** on a bill if they would not give us what they promised. customer service agent was very rude had a horrible attitude and told me that it doesn't matter a shot of our phones are gonna continue to bill us or charge us 250 dollars per line to cancel. I explained to her that why should we pay for cell phone with a shot of both lines by the way and they owe us over 1500 dollars that makes no sense to me.... it is really disgusting shameful the at&t professor to be a great purva cell phone provider for families in the military when they treat us with nothing but disrespect like its no big deal and especially since they are strealing since they owe us our money we kept up with our end of the bargain and it seems to me that they have no need or feel no need to keep up with their end of the bargain. shame on you ATT for stealing the money for the hard earned money of many of the hardworking american military families that serve so you have the freedom to steal from other people
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Ok, my apologies, but here is maybe a better point to be made. You say " shame on you ATT for stealing the money for the hard earned money of many of the hardworking american military families that serve so you have the freedom to steal from other people." That is a mighty big accusation to make.

Do you also realize that working in customer service, that these people are having to deal with nothing but irrational irate people all day. Yes, it is there job and it was their choice to do customer service, I get it. But so is serving in the military. Why are you putting a blanket statement that it is the entire company's over all attitude images of giving some one the benefit of the doubt that you may have caught someone having a bad day and they may have not given you a warm fuzzy conversion that you were hoping for but just followed the protocol that is required.

Sure there is probably some sort of communication issues going on, but to accuse them of using the freedom that your husband fights for to steal from people is extremely irrational.

Your husband probably doesn't fight so you can assume that AT&T out to make your individual family miserable or so you can *** and moan that you may be out some money, blinding you from the fact that you have freedom not to mention your husband and any other loved ones.

We have the freedoms here that other countries do not have. My point was that it is not your freedom to accuse people of something that most likely is not as bad as you think, especially in a country that say everyone is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty by a jury of their peers.

You are not the judge or jury. Take them to court if you need to but read the fine print of anything that you willingly signed when you signed up and make sure you have all your T's crossed and your I's dotted.

Please don't think that I am not appreciative of what the military provides, I truly am but as a citizen, I feel that the American culture of entitlement is bogus.


Apparently you cannot read what was being posted.....The complaint was about being OWED A REFUND......and obviously the idot who commented never has had to deal with ATT....AND THE MILITARY FAMILY PLAN DEPT......THEY A BUNCH OF Jackholes.....

Sue them.....they owe you a refund!


really, you really do not see why people don't care about your husbands service to this country. it's because you are parading it around like it is a "special privilege" card that you can use to get stuff for next to nothing.

he is serving for our freedom against others that want to harm us and so you can feel that it is your RIGHT to demand that people wait on you hand and foot.

don't think of it as AT&T disrespecting your husbands choice to be apart of any military branch. look at it as you are disrespecting your husbands service to this country by demanding that everybody gives you what you think is compensation for his service.

so on top of any monetary compensation/benefits that is provided for your husbands service you want 10% if not more off of everything that you want to have.... i don't see the logic in that.

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ATT - AT&T likes to rip off the Military Familes

january 2011 my husband I purchased our at&t cell phones through 8 at&t retailer at fort hood texas we paid over 1600 dollars in cash as a deposit to be able to have the line skis the phone we were told and 1 years time if our bills were paid on time we would be receiving a check back for that deposit amount we have been lied to consistently every single month being told that the check is in the mail and that it is our fault that we have not received it yet they don't have sat off of our cell phones are disconnected them charging us still the monthly charges as if we had service and being as we are a low income military family I cannot believe the rude foul mouth un educated classless company have 0 intention of returning that money we so willing gave them to."trust us" with their is that even gair?
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I have contacted Jonathan from ATT via email and will keep everyone posted on the outcome...I am positive and open to trying to get this very stressful and overwhelming situation resolved!


I'm with AT&T and would like to help. Can you email me the account number and a contact number to reach you?

Email me: attjohnathon@***.com.

Thanks, Johnathon. AT&T Social Media Manager.

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Home Shopping Network - HSN Ripped Me Off and is taking me to court to Blame me!!

I have been a small time custom& had ordered products...even waranties! I ended up critically ill and I am being suied for items I never recieved and as soon as I was well enough to even speak....i wazcalled a liar and a theif 4 not paying for items that I have willingly taken from them without ever paying for the items that I am a no good dirty lazy lying theif!Apparently no one has to sign for the boxes I get off myI explained that the social worker from the hospital route several letters to let them know that I would not be at the home! But im still at fault??????
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