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USAA Insurance-Customer Service Is Broken

I have been a long time member (20 plus years) of USAA Bank; Insurance-both Home & Auto. I have come to the conclusion that something is seriously broken in their Customer Service Operations. I get attitude when I call to complain about the lack of service I feel I am getting. Isn't that what Customer Service is there for? To service the customer? The notion seemed lost on "Shaydee" in the Home Insurance Claims Dept. She actually talked over me. With 30 plus years in Customer Service myself, I know when I receive good service and I know very well when I don't. This has been the only consistent when I have tried to get USAA to pay on a home burglary claim I filed 2 months ago! That's right TWO MONTHS- I HAVE BEEN LOOKING AT A BROKEN WINDOW; TWO KICKED IN BEDROOM DOORS-WITH NO RESOLUTION IN SIGHT. I am so disgusted with my USAA Insurance, I will tell every single person I can to NEVER insure with them. I can never get my adjuster on the phone, not once in two months of my calling, has he ever picked up the phone. Then to have his lackies run interference- "Shaydee" was just plain useless. They may as well have an auto-attendant as her people skills were virtually non-existent. When I tried to ask questions, she actually talked over me....never once did I hear "Oh, I'm sorry for you trouble..." She lacks the empathy skills required in a tru Customer Service Professional. She could only say that my adjuster was obviously too busy to talk with me personally. WTF???? I could only laugh at some of her responses as she had not a clue how to perform her job.
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I too had the same exp with USAA home insurance, I had a rifle stolen out of truck and they said since my name wasnt on the policy and my wifes name was, that they werent going to cover my property!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANOTHER COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


USAA Customer Service used to be top notch. It is now aweful.

I am NOT a valued customer anymore. They seem to be utlizing 3rd parties now to "sell" on behalf of them. Their martgage dept is not even USAA. You get transferred to a third part who is NOT employed by USAA and treats you like a number.

In the past I stuck with USAA because of the service, I have no loyalty to them anymore. Something has gone terribly wrong with leadership.


I just recently started yelling at them, any good e-mail addresses or phone numbers? its taking 5 days without my car just to get it looked at, needless to say I'm pissed.


i will tell you why cs sucks with usaa, the cs reps are worked to death, its supposed to be the best place to work. but let me tell you if your not selling ,your nothing to usaa.

even one of the directors said if you miss a day your nothing to the company.

its all about the numbers. employees are a dime a dozen with usaa :cry


If this helps anyone know that USAA Has No Customer Service Training.. Works for the Best of that company..

and full of *** Get a different insurance company.

Just a thought... Maybe we should send them to fight the war and not their customers....


mortage department: Worst customer service I have ever received and incompetent processers. Not what I have experienced in pAst with USAA. Also, I could not find out how to complain to someone above any of the workers.


Our truck was hit by a rolling boulder, (which we have no recourse with the TN DOT for because that is a pretty common-place thing I guess?) damaging the frame. After much calling and no returned calls, finally USAA told us where to take it.

Months went by while the shop was finally told by USAA to perform the estimated $11K+ damage including a new frame from Detroit. The vehicle is worth $25K new, resale value is stated at $17K. We weren't sure why they did not total the vehicle. The repairs were completed, but the truck ran badly afterward, with grinding noises in front and rear end, transmission slips when in tow mode and steering column probs that were not previously there.

Shop said they recognized it was not running as it should be (replacing a frame would involve a lot of idiosyncrasies), the adjuster apparently told USAA that the issues were not related to the accident. The truck ran great before the accident. They are now saying that we can take it to a dealer for a second opinion, but they don't intend to do anything for us. Furthermore, the adjuster made a comment 'Didn't you say the transmission was slipping before the accident' (NO!

WHAT is THAT?). USAA customer service treats you like the enemy, has no intention of making things right, it doesn't mater that you have been a customer for 11+ years! We contacted an attorney, who said that we can only take action if they settle the claim out and the vehicle is still a 'lemon'. Why didn't they total it in the first place?

If they want to fix it, fine, but why don't the FIX it? Please give us some good advice! They have made it clear that they don't intend to make it right, and there is no professionalism in this company!! We have been without the truck for almost 4 months, he needs it for work as he is a contractor.

C'MON already! WHAT RIGHTS DOES THE CONSUMER HAVE? When is it a 'Bad Faith' insurance claim? GOT GOOD ADVICE?

PLEASE HELP! aprildawnwelsh@***.com :cry


I had a friend spill beer on his computer and told the adjuster this, the home owners insurance put the money for the computer in his account in 2 hours.

In afghanistan we were robbed while living in a tent and they covered all the losses with complete honesty. BEST COMPANY EVER. Very friendly too.


USAA OVERALL SCAMS, CHEATS AND LIARS.....illegal practices, terrible customer service and a complete rip off to the public...STAY AWAY


I am currently habing a bad experience with my auto claim. I am now in month three, and had my first hiccup 2 months ago when apparently my claims adjuster stopped working at the company and they failed to take any action on my claim. I only got this information after multiple calls and being passed around to multiple CSR's.

At one point, I finally asked for a supervisor who told me that the person handling my claim no longer works for the company. I was then told my claim was complete, however 2 weeks later I get a letter in the mail stating that I need to send in more documents, documents related to my medical bills. They claim to have never gotten the amounts of my bills, yet the letter they send me asking for the information has all of the amounts for my bills printed on it, with the hospital information listed as well.

I am still in the process of this claim and mailed the "last" of the required documents in yesterday.

Here's hoping they turn things around soon, because I have not experienced one bit of the great customer service they are purported to have.

One last thing: don't think that putting the requested call times on their request for support option on their website means anything, because they have yet to call me at a time I request, and then when I sent in an email stating as such and requesting a call between specific times, they send me an canned email back in response telling me that I can call them whenever is convenient.

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Aetna STD/LTD ***

Aetna’s Short Term/Long-term Disability benefits are the worst. You pay for it- oh yeah, you pay. Try an employee of over 10 yrs filing one claim and not get pd for the last 4 months. (one denial as the Dr didn't put my resting blood pressure rate down!) Don't believe what they tell you about the IHD (Integrated Health Disability “Model”). It’s suppose to help manage your medical and any potential disability you might face. It’s a lie! It doesn't work! They've been my company’s medical ins provider for years and the only info they conveniently find hurts me. literally- hurts me. I've almost lost my car, my mortgage is months past due…They play legalese word games, if you aren't a lawyer you'll need one….look up complaints against Aetna Life Insurance on the web. I located where they've been fined tens of thousands of dollars (recently in Texas) for violations. They are Evil—- be warned. **** Above is a posting I listed to complain about Aetna's STD/LTD issues to one of their new clients. every word of it true. Can you provide me any in-site or suggested direction?
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Welcome in the club. My wife is sick to the bone (Fibromyalgia + Depression) since 3 1/2 months and 3 of her regular doctors sent their reports, stating that she is unable to work (she can hardly take care of herself) - and Aetna is telling us the same *** about "clinically managing the case".

We try to get the Insurance Commisioner to help us.

All that Aetna is doing is lossing our faxes and mails, sending standard rejection letters after 4-5 months and hope that the finacially drained patient will either die in the process or drag back to work. This behavior has a method and I wished they would be punished hard.

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