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Sniperhill and all who run and work for the company are a group of thieves and liars

The review type only lets us select between I am Pissed, Neutral, and I am Pleased, but none of those three options describe what i am feeling now because I am extremely irate. I pay 90 dollars a month for what is said to be "gaming speed" internet by our beloved Sniperhill internet provider out here in afghanistan. My first week of service consisted of 3 out of the 7 days being "down" and the remaining 4 days working at intervals. the internet cuts out every hour or so in mid-use and makes me reconnect. I'm a Sgt in the US Marines. We do not make much money. Most likely way less than the people running sniperhill, but after a day of IED explosions and rounds being shot at me, I might want to talk to my wife and kids to unwind a little from a few near death experiences that have taken place earlier in the day. Therefore I paid for Sniperhill internet service in order to use skype on my very tight budget of a wife and two kids, but the internet speed is UNABLE TO SUPPORT SKYPE ON NON-PEAK AND PEAK HOURS. All the advertisements on their webpage of download and upload bandwidth are all false. We file complaints on their "quality control surveys", but they do not do a *** thing about it. Okay I understand im in a combat zone and it might be a little difficult to have a strong internet signal, but DO NOT LIE TO US and say that it's "fast internet". AT THE VERY LEAST YOU CAN THINK ABOUT LOWERING THE FREEKIN COST. The majority of their surveys have NEGATIVE RESPONSES, but it's like they don't get the message. Why is our government still hiring them? Who do I need to speak to in order to have them cancelled? I could probably have a petition that wrapped around the block to have them removed in a week. Someone help!
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Totally agree. although it Sniper Hill has no heart or soul, it is also the fault of the DoD for allowing this to happen.

In this day and age, why is it not provided for the troops?

Why does the DoD allow companies like Sniper Hill to stick it to the Soldiers, Sailers and Marines? (i didn't say Airmen because in Bagram, they have free WiFi)


my friggin Roshan data plan is faster than sniper hill and it only costs 45 for 5gb for 30 days. I don't even think I could manage pull 1GB down from SH even after persistently trying for hours a day for 30 days.

It really IS that bad.

I'm gonna order a bently-walker dish and swallow the startup costs if it's allowed. this is BS


I hate this internet. I can keep connected but cannot do anything.

it takes forever to load pages. skype? lmao yeah right! And it won't let you download anything..

for 90ish bucks i month i should be able to do what i want.

instead, i can do nothing. this company is *** and should be charged in court.


Use Bentley Walker, they have new KA-Band services..can offer 4mbps for $100 a month in Afghanistan

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