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Myler Disability - Worst place I ever worked--and an attorney will spend about 5 hrs reviewing your case before court

We are happy to say that at Myler Disability we make great efforts to ensure that our employees are competent, empathetic, and hard working. While from time to time we've had employees leave who have had bitter, untrue comments (such as the one who wrote this review), we take great pride in knowing we have a team of professionals filled with individuals who are doing this for the right reason. They enjoy and find great fulfillment in helping those who are disabled through the disability process. There's something inexplicably rewarding that comes by helping those who are struggling through their time of greatest need. That's why Myler Disability exists. That's why we've been around for many years and will be around for many years to come. And it's why we've been successful in helping tens of thousands of clients obtain disability benefits.
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I chose to work here about a year ago when the economy was really, really bad here. It was the only job that I could find.

Right away, I could tell this company did not give a hoot about their employees. Women at the office usually got stuck with more work than their male counterparts, whom the female managers loved to flirt with. I knew as soon as I could find another job, I was out of there.

Because the environment there was so negative in general, the employees that came to work everyday and do the MAJORITY of work on your SS case (and they do not need a college degree) could care less about the client and we would do the bare minimum on your case--we were getting paid $8.50/hr.

We would get the information that we needed, get your medical records and talk to you more than the attorney on your SS case will.

Bottom line: If you win, you will give this law firm 40% of your SS award back pay, and the attorney spent 5 hrs on your case from start to finish. The majority of your case was handled by a 20-year old kid.

Good luck!


I worked here too, and it is the biggest bunch of *** artists I've ever seen. Your case workers will be 18-22 year old kids who have no idea of what they are doing, and have about 2 weeks training.

All that is required to work here is a HS diploma or GED.

You will not talk to a lawyer until you're literally ready to go to court, generally 2 years after starting the process. Avoid these people like the plauge.


Brad Myler rips off his own relatives, including his mother and children. His wife left him when she came to realize what a crook he is.

He also sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to complete his facade, using his church to exploit others. He is a curse in the lives of those who know him.

Stay the heck away!


While I agree that Brad is a conartist, I fail to see how his religion has anything to do with this. Please get your head out of your *** before you speak.


My favorite was receiving a call right before my hearing saying we can't help you and then after being placed on hold. Oh forget I called.

Now my denial is full of lies and they had all the paperwork and could have reviewed w/ me and chose not too.

I paid off the bill for medical records and they better not ask for more. I am going to take my denial to a real lawyer to read


Apparently those people that have said miler disability is a great place to work have obviously not worked there very long. I worked there for years only because I couldn't find another job in the economy.

There are a lot of unethical things that on there including employees forging client signatures and the attorneys pretending like it didn't happen. If you are a prospective employee or even a prospective client my suggestion stay away.


The one in American Fork, Utah. You know they hate there jobs. The guy I talked to was so disrespectful to me and I am not even the client


I believe it. they are dishonest and have attitudes.

No wonder. over worked under paid


HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant even talk to a live voice and no one will call me back.

What have I done here? :(


Wow James is right on. I would love to know if the former myler disability employ or dots have ever worked for a larger law firm?

Also do you know what the owners of companies do? I guess not. I love working here. I wish Brad's TV had any reception to it.

He has it for his computer. but what would I know. I am just a male white employee.

Well best of luck with your pissed off comments. I hope you have fun at your next call center job you get.


Hey, if the lawyer spends 5 hours reviewing the case, we're getting an incredibly good deal! That's ridiculous.

This isn't the Supreme Court. A lawyer could review a disability case in a half hour. Supervisors flirting? A boss who doesn't do the grunt work?

Have you ever worked anywhere else? This is what you'll find anywhere!


Shawn P is wrong. I worked there as well, and I agree with everything you said.

Brad Myler is a crook. His business is a sham and they should be ashamed of themselves, but they are too busy rolling in the dough to take the time to be so. Going to *** on a skateboard...that's what I see for Mr Myler. Who, by the way, does nothing except sit in his big comfy office with his giant screen TV and have occasional meetings with his grunt-work attorneys who go to court.

He never goes to court himself unless it's to HAWAII so that he can write off his vacation as work. He is unethical to the core and he is paying poor pathetical souls to do horrible and highly unethical work. ***-hole of a place to work in. Free soda is not worth the pain and suffering one has to endure there.

Oh and the FLIRTING managers and supervisors?? Oh my...I could go on all day about them. One in particular who should NEVER have been put in a supervisory position....can you say power trip??? What a mess that place is.

They call themselves an attorneys office but they are really nothing even close.

They are like a puppy mill turning out mangled and broken misfits. Stay the heck away.


for the record, they only take 25% of back pay. How long were you working there? I would guess you worked there very briefly and have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

@Shawn P

This place is a joke. Trainers talk to you like you are five years old, and try to educate you on things they really know nothing about.

If you ask them a question,which is a normal thing to do while being trained; they say "you figure it out, it will be a good learning experience for you".

They get angry if you show compassion for the customer on the phone because "you shouldn't take so long on the call"...just hurry through it. Don't consider this company...they treat people like numbers...customers and employee's.

@Shawn P

That's still to much if a person get 43,200 and he charging 25% that's only 10,800 so you mean to tell me you get paid 32,400 for five hour wft thats bull

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