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Stephen Pierce International - Stephen Pierce scammed me for $20,000

In March 2008, I purchased a program called the Product Creation Lab (PCL) from Stephen Pierce at a live event in Australia for a total of Aust$20,000 and so far, he has delivered only a minute fraction of the promised program and lots of stalling tactics and outright lies. This year, I began asking for a refund based on the clear gap between what was promised and what was delivered. No response at all so far. Here is the whole sorry history. Don't let yourself get caught up in his excuses! 2008 – Purchased the program in March; in June I traveled to Stephen Pierce's home in Texas to work with him personally for 3 days on developing my product. However, I spoke with Stephen Pierce for no more than 5 minutes on just 2 occasions. After that I got a logo and an audio person added some music to the start and end of a few of my audio recordings. 2009–The company assigned someone named Marie to get my online business ready to launch made another logo. She quit, and I got Chipo who passed me off to Karol who sent some unpublishable junk. 2010– The staff repeatedly asked for information that I have already sent, then Chipo and Karole quit and the new team handed me off to Francis and Duane. I went through all this information again and resent all the previous documents. Francis admitted that my case had indeed been mishandled. 2011– Francis left the company and Todd took over. Later that year, Francis, Todd, and Duane left the company and the staff downsized to almost nothing. I couldn't get anyone to answer the phone. Finally got through to Stephen Pierce personally (stephen@***.com), after posting negative comments on one of his web pages. In July he too began failing to meet promised deadlines for an inferior replacement product. By December I gave up on him ever delivering anything so I started asking for a refund. I have been begging these surfs for service for almost FOUR YEARS so here I am going public everywhere I can. My story is also headed for the US regulatory authorities, relevant enforcement agencies and anywhere that Stephen Pierce ever plans on speaking in public. Clearly, I have paid for something that I have not received, nor have I now any reasonable expectation of ever receiving it. Over this time, I have experienced constant emotional stress due to the uncertainty and the doubts over whether my internet business would ever come to life, and whether or not I would receive any outcome from the significant financial investment that I made. This emotional stress and anxiety has taken a heavy toll on my physical health. That's my story in abbreviated format. If you have any thoughts of every getting involved with ANY product offered by Stephen Pierce, think long and hard before you do – and pay only for what you receive WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT! After four years I have had it up to here! I have arranged legal representation to recover both costs and damages. If you have a similar story to mine feel free to contact me at StephenPierceScam.101@***.com as you may be able to join my campaign. My attorney may be able to accept more claimants.
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I used to work for this serf. You are one of many he scammed.

I think he will never be able to work in this industry again, but folks just don't do their research until it is too late! :cry

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