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USAA- Go with someone else.

My house was burglarized a few weeks ago. I didn't panic because I had USAA and I assumed they were one of the best and took care of the soldiers. *** was I wrong. I will give you the easy math: Bought TV for 1700, they depreciated down to $500, then give you only 60% of that until you have purchase a item just like it for the $500. So they give you $350 to purchase a item they value at $500 and you have to have receipt to get the other 4150 from them. So in short I paid $1700 for a tv and received $350 from them for. I didn't cry when they broke in and stole my stuff but I did was I was victimized the 2nd time by USAA. They did that for everything I owed. At one time i recommended every young solider to enroll in USAA but no longer. When Soldiers past and present treat others like that then it's time for a change.
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you will one day be inactive military, so why not treated the same ?


Yikes, on the policy were you covered for ACV (actual cash vaule) or replacement cost?


First of all, thank you for serving your country.

PROBLEM #1: The first question they should ask when you call is, "Are you an active duty member?". If true, they should greet you respectfully.

PROBLEM #2: The value of things you buy depreciates over time. For example, the same TV you bought last year may be on the market for 50% less this year. You probably already know this, but it wasn't stated in your post.

PROBLEM #3: Did your policy require copies of the receipts to get fully reimbursed? It sounds like the coverage was different from what you were expecting. For example, you were expecting thousands of dollars of coverage and you only got a few hundred. This is a great warning flag to people who insure their homes. Check to make sure you get coverage for the cost of replacement! If not, consider shopping elsewhere. If you've selected someone else, please do tell us all so we can do business there.

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