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Hampton And Hampton Management And Leasing - RUN FROM HAMPTON & HAMPTON MANAGEMENT AND LEASING!!!

Run from Hampton & Hampton Management & Leasing, INC. to all property owners and renters. This company is only concerned with the number of rental properties they have accounts for and not the property owners nor renters. I allowed Hampton & Hampton Management & Leasing to manage my property and discovered my home was not being monitored appropriately by the company. Everytime I phoned the office Andrea Thurman and Carolyn Small were very rude and ignored my calls; not even allowing me to speak with the brokers/owners Kim and Scott Merideth. The office staff is unknowledgeable and unprofessional. The emails that I recieved back from Andrea were gramatically incorrect as well as real estate lawful binding statements. I am filing a complaint with FREC and I suggest all unsatisfied clients to do the same. This company is poorly ran. The employees are over-worked and inconsiderate of your property. Once I was finally able to view my home it was badly damaged with holes in the wall. I didnt receive any of the remaining security deposit to cover all the damages in my home and when I asked why the home was not thoroughly monitored; they made excuses that they were short staffed. I strongly encourage any and everyone to stay away from this company and their inexperienced, unprofessional, uneducated representatives!!!
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You guys have hit the nail on the head. This is THE MOST unprofessional leasing agency out there. They had to remove items that were left in the house by the previous tenant and we were chaRged for it when we moved out. And could I get anyone on the phone to discuss this? No. Of course not. They were nothing but terrible. They want their money and they don't care about the property, the tenants, or the home owner.

Do your self a favor and STAY FAR AWAY.


We were in a rush to find another place as we had to leave our old home due to mold. The agent at Hampton knew this and talked badly about our previous management saying how low it was to allow someone to live in a house with mold, completely unacceptable,

Our manager, Sandy Lewis was snotty and nasty. The house started falling apart shortly after we moved in. Every time I notified her of something else breaking, she said just make a note of it. We already did an inspection before you moved in. She seriously lacks any professional business skills.

My kids have been sick 3-4 times since moving here in January (normally my kids get ill once a year at most, they're quite healthy). We called an a/c company to clean our ducts thinking it was that. They found black mold, bacteria and fungus in the air handler, its been there for quite some time.

Hampton no longer manages the house, the owner took it over (I wonder why?!?!) I called to complain. Sandy was snotty as usual and didn't care to hear what was going on, she just hung up on me. She clearly knew of the condition but did not care as it was all about getting her dime.

Dispicable. I will never retn from them again and will spend my time warning others of their greedy and dangerous business practices.


I agree with the above person. It is a very unprofessional & unknowledgeable.

I dealed with them first hand and it is very true about the do not care about the owners, tenants just on how many properties they have. I would stay far away as possible from them.

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