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Trendy tops

The only company in the world that doesn't tell you when you order that they are out of stock for two months. You need to pay an extra $6.95 to be at the top of the list to see your product when ever they decide to make them again. I spent $23 on shipping for 3 tank tops last month and they are still out of stock. They refuse to disclose any info as to when the product will be back in stock. Hopefully soon? $23 on SHIPPING AND THEY ARE OUT OF STOCK FOR OVER A MONTH. No sorry... Just rude rude rude! Cancelled order due to not getting any info on when this product will be back in stock! By the time this product is made they will have made about a million other products like this item!,,, fail in my book!
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I never even ordered these but they showed up at my house anyways with a charge to my bank account. Spent and hour with customer service getting the run around trying to get a refund.


I did not order from this site and have never heard of this product. I received an order in the mail with no packing slip or invoice. I called the company after finding their number on the internet. They informed me that "someone" had placed an order on the internet with my information. They would not give me the credit card information for "my order" except that it was a visa and the last four digits. I immediately called visa who informed me that I needed the bank that issued the visa or the entire number. I call Trendy Top back and they would not give me the information. I then checked my credit report and no cards have been opened in my name. Trendy Top was more concerned about refunding me the money. I told them that I do not have a credit card with that number and that it is FRAUD. They could not understand this. They then told me that if I did not want the merchandise I could "give it away". SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT! Also, the email that was used for the order is my old college email that I have not used in eight years. I called the college IT department and they stated that the account has been inactive and is closed. So, if someone had opened a credit card in my name and used this account for paperless billing, it could not be verified and would not work. Also, why would someone open a credit card in my name and send me the merchandise?

In response to this matter I signed up for Life Lock to monitor my information.


I don't know who took the order over the phone when my husband decided he thought he was doing something nice for me, but we received a total of 24 Trendy Tops for $104.97, 3 "free" strap perfect 48pcs of tape, plus a whopping $77.55 in processing and handling/shipping. :( I can't express how dissatisfied I was with the handling of this order.

My advice to anyone who is considering a purchase with Trendy Tops - its cheaper to buy 20 plain tank tops from the Twenty One Store at about $1.99 than to buy 4 of these Trendy Tops.

By the way - had they used next day shipping through the United Postal Service it would have cost $20.40. My advice - don't do it!!!!


Wish I seen this site before I put my order in. Somehow they charged my card $60 when I only ordered three tops for $10. How can they get away with this!


Whew, I'm glad I read these reviews before buying! I had the same thing happen to me from a TV purchase I made that also added all sorts of shipping fees & a service for a shopping site.

My advice is NEVER give your credit info until or unless you speak to a real person & get their name & employee ID # before going further. The other product I bought I cancelled immediately, but wasn't able to because of automated phone service. I ended up refusing the order when it was sent to me & called my bank & immediately put a hold on the funds so it wouldn't be transferred. It took me 3 months to get my money back, but I had to resort to filing a formal complaint with the Attorney Generals Office!

What a hassel. Please save yourself from these ripoffs.


I have never in my life ordered something online and before you have a chance to go over the order. Bam, you're done.

Turns out I was charged 210$ for these cheap *** things. I searched for a customer service number. Nothing. Never got an invoice.

3 months later these *** things arrive. Omg. I finally found a phone number from my online banking. got info to send them back, mind you...still no invoice.

Mailed them back, there were about 50 of these things. They charged me 73$ in shipping I am livid.

Be careful ladies. This is a total scam for junk.


I just completed an order for the trendy tops, and as I finished up I noticed the S&H were more than the order! I tried to get customer service on line or a phone number to no avail. This is very frustrating and I will be sure to tell all my friends!


Half way through ordering the tops you give your information and they try to sell you everything under the sun. And yes your sent to a trip to the bahamas !!!

They can't transfer you back and these commercials usually run on the weekend when they are closed. I never got a confirmation when I hung up and thought it was over - but my daughter just called me and told me that these tops have arrived. They took 25.00 dollars from me and I only ordered 10.00's worth. If you send them back you lose because you will not get the ship/handling refunded.

And you have a smart mouth person on the other end of the line... I can't wait to get home to see these CHEAP expensive tops I ordered!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I ordered Trendy Tops in all the colors. Never received any confirmation of my order over the phone or in any other manner.

Paid $16.00 shipping & haldling. Tops were too small so sent them back insured with a tracking number. Asked for larger size and stated I would not pay any more shipping fees. First order received by them on 3/6/12.

I received on 3/15/12 and returned it on 3/16/12. Bank was charged $35.89 buy I never received any paperwork at all. Finally went online on 4/19/12 to check status. Information states they issued a refund for me on 3/29/12.

I paid $11.53 for return postage,insurance & tracking. Their refund to me, which I have yet to receive is $19.95. REALLY???. Also, If you order by phone you get an automated order recording that tries to sell you everything from snaps for your pants to toothpicks.

If you decline all those offers which last for about 10 minutes, you are transferred to some dolt trying to sell you a cruise to wherever. Had I not gone online to find status I would still be in the dark.

Is this the way people do business now? If so, thanks but no thanks.

I will never attempt to buy anything like that again. Don't know if the quality of the product was worth it or not because they were too small. All I wanted was a replacement with a larger size, but not at the expense of another $16. in postage.

Hooo! What a rip-off this company is. Talk about scammed!!! I feel I must have had "Sucker" stamped across my forehead.

I could go to Wally World and buy 10 regular tops, cut the top half off and hem them and would still come out ahead. Their website states if you return merchandise it MUST be accompanied by the original PO#.

That is a TINY sticker 1 3/8"x1/4" stuck on the bottom of a plastic bag. Not one piece of information is enclosed in the package and they are shipped in a plastic bag.


your lucky you weren't able to get them! It's a big ripoff!

I ordered one set and it doubled my order and there was no way to change it online. When I got them, they were cheaply made so I returned them.

I paid $28.50 for the tops and the shipping and was only refunded $10.00. WARNING...don't go on this website..

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