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Bob and Daves Lawn and Landscape - BOB AND DAVES LAWN AND LANDSCAPING

Bob and Daves should be SHUT DOWN!!! Read the whole post to find out how they screw over employees, customers, and more. First of all they post ads for jobs promising that you will be paid 9 - 13 dollars an hour. ( I worked for them. Your NOT getting 13 dollars an hour out of these cheap skates) Then they promise you a raise after 60 days. ( which you wont see) Then what they dont tell you is unless your a supervisor you DO NOT get paid to travel from site to site. so 1/3 of the time you are there, your not getting paid. Bob and daves also has a habit of using something they call TIME ADJUTMENT. Where they take 8 min of the time you worked and DONT PAY YOU FOR IT. This little trick saves them hundreds of thousands a year. THey also ask employees to drive trucks that are NOT REGESTERED AND HARDLY STREET LEGAL. Next time you see a Bob and Daves truck towing a trailer, look at the regestration on the trailer AND truck. the trailer is up to date. the truck isnt. Another money saving trick. If you are a customer of Bob and Daves, watch closely when employees come on to your property. you will see them doing all sorts of money making tricks. THey scalp grass so they dont have to come back and cut it again. But since you paid them one lump sum, they come out ahead anyway. BOB AND DAVES EMPLOYEES ( INCLUDING MYSELF) HAVE ACTUALLY HAD TO DRIVE THE MOWERS OVER CUSTOMERS LAWNS ( deck raised so no grass is getting cut) JUST TO MAKE THE LINES SO IT LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE CUT YOUR GRASS SO THEY ARE ABLE TO CHARGE YOU! If you get a quote from them, get one from another company too. you will notice a large difference in the price. Bob and Daves LOVES to over price and over bid. The company Bob and Daves screws the most, the FOX RIVER MALL. The mall is rushed through and many of the things that are in the contract to be done, Bob and Daves attemps to make them pay extra to have done ( like thoes dead junipers last year.) that all i have to say now, but if you would like more infoon how they screw employees, or you are a customer and email me your name. i could probably let you know exactly how they are screwing you! nomorebd@***.com stand for NO MORE BOB AND DAVES
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The true definition of half-ass. There is a reason you don't see them around much anymore. Not a coincidence .


Wow I haven't heard this much b.s. for a long time, or such poor grammar :p :p


Who pissed him off... well I am an ex employee and I think they are good company , they have great people who are very experienced in the landscape field and they are not out to screw their clients. So I call BS

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