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Called the police on me.

Walmart #457289
You are absolutly ridiculous. I have to agree with everyone else here. I'm a mother of two boys and I have never and would never leave them alone in a car. Do you not understand how easy it is for a child to die being left in the car? Do you not understand how many children die each year due to the stupidity of their parents? Unfortunately for your child your one of those parents!! Glad you don't shop @ my Walmart, because I would have called the police as well. Not to mention had a few choice words for you myself. The cop wasn't all that smart either, I would have pressed charges and fought you to the fullest extent of the law on the charges. Grow up, your last sentence says, it was none of the cops business that you left your child in the car because you wanted to shop in PEACE? WELCOME TO PARENTHOOD!!
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