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Property Management 21 - Cockroaches in my apartment

I´m living in an apartment building in Birmingham managed by Property Managment 21 and I´m embarrassed to say that it has cockroaches. I have called them repeatedly but have not received any kind of adequate response. Even on vacation I have called 5 times to request the immediate presence of a fumigator in my apartment but nothing has happened in response to my calls. I am absolutely outraged by their lack of concern to this very serious health hazard. I would try and get the landlord onto this but I have absolutely no idea who owns the building. Suggestions anyone?
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:eek Wowwww! They wont harm you?

Duh is right just misapplied! Educate yourself with established sources before you speak. Roaches are carriers of several diseases that can spread to humans and animals living in the home with you. Staph is certainly a common skin bacteria that can in some cases be fatal if progressive enough (MSRA which is resistent to antibiotics)and left unattended.

These little creatures are carriers of this bacteria and can infect you or your animals. Some people may be carriers but not show it while others can be severly impacted. I personally have experience with this as I had a roach problem in my apartment and on several occassions requested via phone they handle this issue until finally I realized that a recurring impetigo (staph) infection was related to the roaches. I contacted the property in writing advising the presence of the roaches was now causing serious health threats as I had actually been hospitalized and was septic due to this infection.

Ultimately it put a strain on my kidneys and had other secondary problems stemming from this infection and come to find out all came from this cockroach. So, my suggestion to your infestation problem would be to ALWAYS put it in writing to your landlord and if you spoke with them over the phone include the dates in your letter. Advise of a time period in which you are allowing them to correct the problem and if this is not handled within that time frame call your health department.

They could end up owing you allot of money for damages, lost wages, and even pain and suffering. Just saying....


contacting the health department and voicing your concerns sounds like a good idea. if they come in and do an inspection, they might find other problems that normally you would be unaware of. if the owners aren't taking care of something like roaches, they most likely aren't taking care of bigger problems.


Your best bet after following the advice below; is to go out and buy some roach poison (the granule stuff) and mix it with just enough water to make it a liquid. Then spray every single inch where your wall meets your floor with it.

Don't wash it off. No more cockroaches. will still find their lifeless bodies in cupboards, etc. But you won't have to worry so much about them scurrying around you.


All apartment buildings have cockroaches. Cockroaches will not harm you.

The only way to remove them is to fumigate the entire building at the same time. And they will never do that until a public health inspector tells them to. I wouldn't suggest bothering the landlord with this issue. Report it directly to a government agency.

And don't feel bad, I'm sure your landlord wants to do it, but it costs tens of thousands of dollars to really clear the building of insects. Plus everyone in the building will need to be re-located for several days while the procedure takes place.

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