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When we first time signed up with Vivint we thought it was an excellent idea! My husband deploys frequently and I would feel more safe having this system protect me- since we do not have a landline phone. However less than a year later-if we could financially afford...
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Vivint does have cutting edge technology that helps makes you feel secure but they way they treat their customers after they have you hook line and sinker, they treat you like dirt on the floor. One of the worst things that could happen to a person as far as work related is to lose your house.

Due to previously being unemployed for 5 months and recently getting the job that paid a lot less than I had made before, I was not able to keep my house. When the rep came to MY doorstep and I explained that I wouldn't be able to afford the plan he kept forcing it on me. I said I couldn't afford it. He then said he'd give me a few months free.

I told him I still wasn't comfortable with it. He kept pressing me and taking advantage of me living by myself as a female. I was also told if I worse came to worse and I couldn't afford my house that the company would work with me. That is far from the truth!

I told them I had to sell my house because I couldn't afford it anymore and they said I was locked into my contract. They could cut the contract if they wanted to but wouldn't. I feel used and lied to. I would NEVER recommend this security system company to anyone unless they can predict the future and know they won't move for at least 4 years.

Fed a bunch of lies and feel taken advantage of a terrible situation.

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