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Mcdonalds in Stratford PEI, Kept Our Money Gave no Food

I gave my 15 year old son $20 to get him and his friends 4 breakfast meals. The cashier gave him a total of 38.00 he told her he only had 20.00 & to cancel the order. She said no he couldn't cancel it as it had already been put through. He asked for his money back they told him they didn't have it & that he must have lost it. He continued to wait for another 20 mins still asking for his money back, as he seen them put it into the cash register. They got the manager who told him to leave the restaurant if he wasn't going to purchase anything. He said he would when they gave his money back. They then proceeded to get security & kicked him out with no food or money.
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There is something wrong with this story. The total bill came to $38 which would be $9.50 per meal.

Breakfast meals at Mcdonalds are usually cheaper than Lunch meals and even for regular meals the big mac does not come to $9.50. There is no way that the four meals could have come to 38 dollars. When I first read this complaint I thought it was a typo and the OP meant $19. Then I saw the part where the son told the cashier he only had $20.

Something is not right here. Also since when does Mcdonalds have security.(unless this Mcdonalds was in a mall and they called Mall security.) I think your son is playing you the fool. Have a talk with him.

He is not being honest with you. I am not suggesting that he is using the money for drugs like the other person did, but he either stole the money or lost it.


McDonalds in Stratford never have security.

Smooth, your son just lied to you and you believed him.


I think your son used the money for drugs and just told you that the McDonalds wouldn't give him any food. He needs an intervention! HUGS, NOT DRUGS, PEOPLE!


I call BS, on this one first of all four breakfast meals would not be $38. Second of all I think the parent is trying to send her son to scam Mcdonalds.

That child should have been put in a foster home from the beginning. She is teaching him to scam and steal.


I'm curious, what did YOU do as a parent?

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