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Same problem with Wendys 2000 S Pleasant Springdale. Won't stay open when they advertise.

I was at a local dinner party last night with my husband and we left around midnight and we had taken seperate cars. I decided to stop off at Wendys(the same location from the last complaint)since it was close by and still open, to get a frosty. This was at midnight, an hour before they are scheduled to close as advertised on their window. I didn't get any response at the drive thru speaker again so I drove up to the window. Lo and behold no one was there again. So I pulled up to the dining area and guess who was all sitting at a table eating again?? You guessed it, all the Wendys employees who should have been working. This time I was the one driving and my husband wasn't with me. So I parked and went and banged on the door. The manager Stephanie came to the door and I asked her why they were eating and not working, and that I wanted a Frosty. She said she they were still open and they could make me one. Then I asked her why she wasn't at the drive thru to take my order. She said they still keep the headset with them, but that the dining room was closed. I told her I didn't want to eat in the dining room anyway, I came through the drive thru. Also, if she had the headset on she would have been able to hear me when I started asking if anyone was there at the speaker. She didn't have it with her as I could tell. She lied to me. I just drove on and I am calling the Wendys headquarters again today.
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dam *** i bet you didnt drive threw the drive-thru right. how long did you stop at the ordering thing.

bet you said hello didnt get an answer within a second and thought GREAT ANOTHER THING TO GO HOME AND COMPLAIN ABOUT. im shocked she said she could get you a frosty they close that machine at 11pm around here so they can start cleaning it.

your retarded


Yeah, she's full of ***. Restaurants don't close drive thru before dining rooms.

There's no logic behind that. What you experienced is a person similar to my manager, who closed up early so that he could take it easy.


To whoever said that the drive-thru closes before the the dining room: what fast food joint operates that way? It doesn't make any sense.

I figure the room itself takes time to clean while I cant imagine much work involved to shut down the drive thru. You seem so sure of yourself, so please provide some examples of places that operate in such a mannedso could you examples


"They are supposed to be working until after 1 AM though. That is what the sign on their window says and that is what corporate wants them doing."

They have different hours for drive thru and take out you fruitcake.

Drive thru usually closes earlier. Or perhaps it is just you they don't want to serve because you always throw a temper tantrum like some six year old if you don't get what you want.


So did i spell that right?lol.i meant they saw how big u r and said holy


Uys because they saw how bug u are and said holy mother! !! Lol


They are supposed to be working until after 1 AM though. That is what the sign on their window says and that is what corporate wants them doing.


crazy old hags like this *** me off, always having a problem with everything and thinking everyones world should revolve around them. Give the wendys employees a break, im sure they had a rough day!

Im sure if i worked there i really wouldnt give a *** about a crazy lady "banging" on the door after midnight lol. i wouldnt even open it for my own safety


and the guy from Ontario, I agree. that anonymous poster has serious problems. I tried to tell him that he stalks people but he's apparently been going to some new type of psychiatrist that makes you believe that everyone else is the one with the problem instead of you.


you would know MrsLea01 aka TheOneAndOnlyCrazyBitch I'm sure your "home office husband" has a list of all Walmart locations for you so you know where to find all of them. and of course you go to all of them to let them know about your attitude and your husband.

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Springdale, Arkansas
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Just treated very badly at 2004 S Pleasant Walmart again!!

Update by user May 01, 2012

The city and state is Springdale, Arkansas BTW

Original review posted by user May 01, 2012
First off, I usually use my debit card at Walmart, but the old one has just expired, and I got my new one yesterday. I forgot to activate it before I went to Walmart today, so I decided to just write a check there. The computer prompted to see my driver's license, which I know isn't the cashier's fault, which is why I will be calling my bank later today over that. It is just the way this checkout girl, Tamara, asked for it. First off, she was a VERY rude girl to start with. She never even greeted me, and her asking to see my driver's license was the first time she even talked to me. She did it in a very rude and condescending voice too, acting like she was some cop or something. I also wrote the check for $50 over and she shut the door without giving me my change. I had to stand there for almost 5 minutes waiting for a CSM to come up and open it for her. I didn't even bother any further with her. I just went up to the CSMs afterwards and reported her. I have her name. She was very rude to the people in front of me also. She should not be working with the public AT ALL.
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i bought the true value condoms and some how got mrslea preggo. her husband at home office is going to kill me.. dam cheap walmart brand


exactly, this site doesn't always work right. besides, you have to talk to MrsLea like she's a little kid and repeat things over and over again for her to finally understand something.


"Only queers double post"

It is not their fault it is a sit glitch. Besides with this person you need to tell her something twice, maybe more times and it still does not click.


yea been there they do suck


Only queers double post


Uhh, why can't you just quit going to that store?


Uhh, why can't you just quit going to that store?


I read your latest complaint. Apparently you were taught a lesson by another company when they hung up on you.

You were taught that kindness works better than throwing a temper tantrum.

I am real proud of you for improving your behavior. Your good behavior is what got you good service.


Jedi have you read my latest thread about my good experience at Walmart yesterday that I was complimenting on??


Jedi Knight ethan for president!!!!

Vote now! He is full of great ideas.

Sponsered by Mrs Lea01

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Springdale, Arkansas
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Wendys open till 1 AM?? Not at 2000 S. Pleasant in Springdale

Earlier tonight, my husband and I were leaving an event we were attending at around 12 AM and were hungry. We decided to stop at the local Wendys for a *** to eat. It was around 12:40 when we got there, so they were due to be open for 20 more minutes. We sat there at the drive thru forever before my husband finally said something into the intercom to try to get their attention. He alerted them again and still no response. We drove around to the drive thru and no one was there at all. As we kept going we noticed all of the employees were in the dining area eating. I urged my husband to go knock on the door but he decided to go on. Apparently this "open until 1 AM" doesn't happen at this location even though it advertises it on the windows. I will be getting the number to their head office online and contacting them about this incident.
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I just now had an experience where I went to a Wendy's in FL and they USED to have advertised on their sign "opened until 1am" but now it's gone. There are people inside still working but my question is has there been some change to their "open until 1am" rule?


well it looks like MrLea was finally smart enough to check the history on the computer. well MrsLea, it looks like you're no longer MrsLea and you can't use your husbands position to boss people around.


She is offended by one typo. However you should see her typos.

She forgets periods and capital reviews.

She has no right to judge us. Also it is obvious that Mad Michael and anonymous are close friends of hers.


Lol this lady is either sicker then i thought or really too far gone for help.just because of one typo you get offened?well i hope for your "husbands" sake that your not this demented and so unhappy that you have to complain like six year old that you dont get what you think is owed to you.what makes you think its owed? Like everyone else you have to earn it.

If you dont like then stay home and take your happy pills. *** drink but please leave hardworking people alone.


It is okay Mr. Lea.

Your wife already found someone else. Someone who goes by the username anonymous who does not know that there are English spelling and US spellings for a few words.

She already found someone else. Look at her Wal mart Posts.


Find, your husband is not a janitor we believe you. he is a ***, he strips for all those home office people and preforms oral sex for them to get his money.


Dear Wife,

I am tired of your *** that you keep posting on this website. Consider this letter the end of our relationship.

I never did like you ever since we met in the ladies room in Wal-Mart after I got done cleaning it. On our first date when we went to Sonic, you got so mad at the manager after he caught you stealing fistfuls of ketchup packets and Sweet and Lo packets.

I can't be with someone like you anymore. Go find another janitor to sleep with - we're done.


My husband is not a janitor. Where do you keep getting this from?


"This lady needs her meds!

Call her husband so they can get her"

Well since her husband is a big shot janitor at Walmart Home Office, I am sure that he can get her a good discount at the pharmacy. Provided that she sleeps with him tonight.


IHateStupidCustomers, I changed my username back because people kept copying it and using it to try to pretend to be me.

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Officially done with Sonic period!!

Everytime I go nothing is right. I have to ask for certain stuff that should be automatically included in my order, my order is hardly ever right, the staff are trashy and rude, etc. This has been my experience at almost every Sonic I have ever gone too, so I can't pinpoint any exact location. I do not know why Sonic is so successful?? I also don't know why this site wants at least a hundred words?? I can sum up many of my complaints with just a few, especially places that will never see my business ever again!!
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I`m pretty sure that floor cleaners at Walmarts don`t make enough money to eat at Sonic`s,Jedi Knight @ mrs lea should stick to the Salvation Army



This is the same person that expects fast food speed service at a five star restaurant. If she does not get it she throws a temper tantrum and verbally abuses the employees when she has not worked a day in her life. She considers sitting on the couch all day being a housewife and she considers that an occupation.


get over yourself mrslea, its fast *** food, not a 5 star restaurant. what a ***.


Thank god for the companies who dont have to deal with ur fat ***.waut did u tell them ur husband works for walmart!lol *** if ur really married i hope he sees what a *** u are and tells u where to go.


You are wrong Ihatedumbcustomers, she had no husband. She is just a WIC lady with half a dozen kids whom she has no idea who the father is.

The real reason she is upset is because they would not accept her food stamps for exchange of food.

Think about it who would want to marry a grown woman who throws a temper tantrum like a two year old. Her real husband is her blow up doll and even sometimes he gets tired of her *** and complaining.


I'm not a big fan of Sonic's food but I'm sure they serve you right there. I'm sure you're just mad at every store and food related place because they don't do everything that you want them to.

for example, Walmart doesn't roll out the red carpet for you because of your "husband working for a high position at Walmart" employees that aren't on the clock and are taking a well deserved break don't help you while being unpaid, they don't give you huge discounts, they don't let you throw temper tantrums, they don't give you free drinks and they don't honor ads and coupons from months ago.

I'm guessing you hate McDonalds and Sonic now because they won't give you free food because you probably think you deserve free food since you bought it last time and your husband works for Walmart home office. you probably also hate those two places because they wouldn't accept a Walmart coupon, a coupon for a free night of bowling at the local bowling alley or a lap dance from you later that night while your Walmart husband is working.


Unfortunately for Sonic, you cannot push your weigh around and treat employees like trash by throwing a temper tantrum and threatening to tell your husband when you don't get your way like you can do at Walmart.


Sonic is successful because of people who act their age (unlike you) and don't complain about the smallest of things. As for the places that will never see your business again. I consider them lucky.


Usually complaints that are less than the recommended length given by this site are vague, provide no depth of the issue, and are sometimes misleading on the actual point you're trying to make when complaining about a place/product.

For example, if someone says "It stinks, my order never comes out right." That statement leaves a user with too many questions than answers in the statement.

*shrug*.... providing your "why" question some perspective... Not everyone can choose well thought-out words such as yourself :)

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Springdale, Arkansas
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OMG McDonalds, will you ever change??

Everytime I go to McDonalds, nothing is ever right. My food order is always wrong, the employees are rude, the service is slow. The fries are never fresh, I always have to ask for fresh fries, and they make me wait for them. Where do you find these people, McDonalds?? Certainly you can find people with at least a 2nd grade education to work here. I really just cannot believe that McDonalds is even still in business. My word!! :( Worst of all, you even try to complain about the service they are ready to call the cops on you. A
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well then I guess not everyone from that Springdale place is crazy since Brandon agrees that MsLea is an insane woman.


That would be a great idea for a reality show. I'm thinking the show could follow the day to day working lives of workers in select retail and fast food places and the customer interactions they face, especially the crazo customers like Mrs Lea. Would be an interesting show to watch.


yeah, it could be a reality show that will show the most insane customers that are out there. but Lea could also be in many other reality shows such as a food eating contest show or a show about the most insane people from Arkansas.


Aaah this woman is a riot. Check out her other posts.

Someone give her a sash and a job as hall monitor.

Cause this appears to be her only way of feeling important. Actually someone should get this woman a show on cable access or something.


you have to wait for fries because they have to cook them. They're not instant. Why do people not get this?


Also obviously like on here, when you were complaining at Mcdonalds you made a fool of yourself that is why they threatened to call the police on you. You forgot to mention that you claimed your husband worked at Mcdonald's home office.

I say claimed because I doubt your husband works at Walmart home office. You are just saying that to push your weight around.

Also speaking of second grade education yours is the same because like I said anyone over the age of six knows that you should begin English with a capital letter and end a sentence with a period. I guess MrsLea you would qualify to work at Mcdonalds since you have the below second grade education that you claim the other employees have.


"What is a "davor?" Please learn to speak proper english if you are going to talk to me. Thank you"

Before you go attacking someone's English keep in mind the whole "davor", "favor" thing is a typo. Since you claim to be the English expert you should know two things.

English is a proper noun and therefore should begin with a capital letter. Something you learn in first grade.

Thank you should also end in a period. Another thing you learn in first or second grade.


Lmao.crazy hick all the imbreeding is finally starting to im glad to see phonics worked for you.yay you can read! :zzz


hey Lea, dumb *** I think this misspelled favor. that's pretty logical considering the D key is right next to the F. much more logical than your exaggerated stories.


What is a "davor?" Please learn to speak proper english if you are going to talk to me. Thank you

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This is another complaint about WM. I thought I would go ahead and just throw this out there about my local WMs during snow and ice times. I didn't find this site until winter was coming to an end recently and I had bigger complaints at the time. I know it is now...
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Throwing your husband's Wal Mart weight around will get you nowhere and him fired. I am now looking into all employees of restaraunts in the local area near you to see if any have been banned from entering local Wal Marts.

I am also logging who placed the bans. After I am done, we will know one of two things.

If your husband actually works at Wal Mart, also if he falsely placed these bans on people for you. Either way, he's fired, or probably plotting to leave you.

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Walmart 2004 S Pleasant St, Springdale, AR complaint

It hasn't been too bad shopping at Walmart since that last problem I had at Walmart store#100 in Bentonville, Ar(which I posted about on here a number of weeks ago). Yesterday unfortunately, I had another bad encounter. This time at the WM store I have been shopping at closer to where I live in Springdale, AR, which has also shown a lot better service than store 100 up until yesterday. There was a recent ad in the newspaper from WM for a 3 piece patio set from Hometrends on sale for $120.00(regular $200). But when I got there yesterday to pick it up, the price had gone back up to the regular price. I went and told the girl and CSM at the Garden checkout about it. They said the sale ended the day before. Well first of all, the reason I didn't get the ad in time was because my newspaper carrier had missed my house for 2 days in a row when the sale was being advertised. Long story short, I finally got fed up and called into the newspaper office I had them bring me that day and the previous days papers too(this was friday). Apparently the ad was in one of the previous days papers that I didn't get in time and I just got them mixed up, plus I should of got that paper on the correct days to begin with!!! I didn't realize the ad had even expired until they told me about right there at the checkout, plus I had thought the sale was going to last a little more than just a couple of days anyway. I told them the situation and they still wouldn't let me have it at that price. I also told them my husband was a supervisor at the home office. After they still refused I finally got the store manager to come up, which turned out to be a co-manager who said the store manager was at stinking lunch!! He told me the same thing the others said, AND THIS AFTER EVEN GIVING HIM THE NAME OF MY HUSBAND AND WHERE HE WORKED!! I ended up backing off on telling my husband about the last incident at store 100, but I have told him this time and have given them the names of all involved which I wrote down on a piece of paper before I left. I am starting to become ashamed my husband even works for Walmart!!
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Walmart is greedy. They don't care about the bottom line. WM actually pays newspaper companies to miss customers when delivering papers so they can get more money out of them.


That's the silliest thing I've ever heard.


For real?




I used to cow-tow to my EX wife too. But after awhile he'll realize you're an unreasonable *** and leave you.

Did you know over 50% of men that left women in 2010 left them because of nagging and complaining. You're affecting his job, and if you don't think it embarrasses him your wrong. And if you think there's not another woman that's noticed this and hasn't already presented an offer to help him out of the situation your wrong.

Next time you miss a sale, go home and make your man dinner and give him a big hug. There's a lot more important things in life than a cheap *** Walmart table, lol.


Mrs Lea just made another review for Chili's again.


MsLea, why does it matter if a post made with your dumb name is impersonated or not? it's a fake post, whether it's from Arkansas or not.


Well the latest impersonator is from Chicago, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt.


Apparently it is you who is incapable of reading comprehension, because I have stated several times that I HAVE NOT IMPERSONATED YOU. Having a better memory than you does not mean that I impersonated you.

You are obviously incapable of reading comprehension. Your husband probably gets good discounts at Walmart and they sell dictionaries, go buy one.


Jedi, I have never made such a claim. I have a feeling that was one of your posts where you were impersonating me by the way you just brought it up.

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I moved to Bentonville, AR from California a few weeks ago because my husband got a job at the Walmart home office there. I started shopping at the Walmart there in town and had a horrible experience. First off, I have always used the self checkout at WM, but they...
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Either this is a joke or this bitter old hag has issues. File a complaint against her, put her picture in the store as “Not allowed in store”P.S. Walmart employees could care less and the Managers, assistant managers, co managers, manager for the managers manager , the head fuxking honcho , doesn’t give two $hits or a squirt of pis$ about your hissy fit lady.Walmart is a revolving door and is only interested in money and the select few that are corporate sucka$$es Who give their soul for their little yellow “manager” title, make them feel like gods for $9.50 an hour

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