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Washington Regional - Dr. Randall Hightower in Fayetteville, AR is the BEST!!

Just found out at my appointment with Dr. Hightower earlier today that I am pregnant with our first child. Thank you Dr. Hightower. Me and my husband are new to the northwestern Arkansas area and you have been a blessing to each of us. We would like to thank you for the great services you have provided us, and we know you will continue to be there with us through it all and help deliver our new bundle of joy. Very caring, patient and kind doctor. An expert who is not afraid to answer all of our questions and take that extra step. THANK YOU!!
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Unfortunately these things happen with fat people. There was this party at Mcdonalds. There was this fat lady she must have weighed close to what Mrs Lea weight. Four children were too close to the cake. She wanted to eat the cake in one sitting and she ended up swallowing the children as well.

However it appears now that Mrs Lea is angry at Randall, she keeps insisting she is pregnant and that is why she is getting fat but he said it is from overeating.


I will go on record here as i feel as I should......Ms Lea ate my children too.......One night I was in Burger King and my children were playing in the playground, in the whole restaurant there were only 2 families eating. Mine and kids disappeared and when I looked at Ms Lea again her stomach was a lot bigger then earlier in that night!!!!!



if MsLea finally left her house to go to the doctor, something other than fast food for once, then he made a mistake. when he did the ultrasound, he was either picking up a cow that MsLea had swallowed or he found MsLea's second half of her split personality.


Omg poor kid. I hope that kid gets taken away from you.any *** can have a kid but i weep for his life with you.


I do exist, but the reason that I am not defending her is because she raped me to get me pregnant. I was depressed because my coworkers laughed at me because she made a fool of herself in the Roger's store this time.

They said what did the Springdale store finally find out that I was a janitor and had no power over anyone. Anyways they kept laughing at me because of my wife so I had to hit the bottle. Little did I know that she grinded up my Prozac and her Ritalin and put it in my vodka. The next thing you know I was half naked and she was throwing up in the toilet every morning.

I don't want to have a child with her. Most likely it will turn out like her. I already have one embarrassing problem in this family. Plus this is not her first child.

I refused to take her to Mcdonald's so she ate our other children. This is like our 16th child, it will be our first child who makes it past the age of one if she does not eat it first.


so eating fast food 10 times a week isn't the usual for you? then what is the usual?

learn how to cook, you lazy trailer trash. and find a real man instead of making up your precious Bernie. because I don't see Big Bernie defending you on here.

maybe he's not a good husband? oh wait, he doesn't exist.


We don't usually eat fast food. Just on occassion. Usually it is just something like a frosty or a Mister Misty too.


okay, psycho *** that doesn't mean that you just read the doctor's name out of the phonebook or something. you'll never be fit to be a mother.

for one thing, you have no husband. and a kid watching his mom make up fake stories on the internet and always having to eat fast food is no life for a kid.


No honey, go google Dr. Hightower in Fayetteville, AR. He is a real doctor.


nice try MSLEA but no one is buying your fake stories. you aren't even capable of being a housewife.

how would you even take care of a child? show him/her how to treat people like garbage and feed the child fast food every day? you're not pregnant, you're just making up yet another story because you want us to believe that your stories are true. and nice fake doctor name by the way, Dr.

Hightower? I think that "doctor" needs to prescribe you something for your insanity.

and thank you Bernie, we already know the truth about MsLea. there's not one person on here that believes any of these ridiculous fiction stories that Lea likes to tell us. now I'm waiting for MsLea's next comment to say something like "I am pregnant and very happy!

Hightower is a good doctor. that fake person is not me.

it doesn't say Springdale!" and then she'll stop there because she's too dumb to post more than a couple of sentences. which proves even more that she's not pregnant because how could such a simple minded *** take care of a kid if she's an immature little ***

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Waited 7 minutes to be seated this time(and it wasn't that busy). Our food took slightly less time to get there than the last time and the restrooms were somewhat clean. There were no dirty diapers, but there was some gunk on the walls, I couldn't figure out what it...
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PS Chili's has some of the absolute worst burgers you can eat. Google the worst 11 burgers you can eat.The worst ( et al) is Chili's and contains > the equivalent fat of 6 lbs..YES 6 pounds of McDonalds fries...many other have over 2000 calories which I do not uually use as a benchmark prefering to eat sensibly and exclide certaain nasty stuff.

6 lbs of McDonalds fries at ome siting is nasty to the max.

Eating at Chili's as many other fast fod and other nonfods is the equivalent of breathing pure *** for months on end producing verious levels of imbecility, moronism, and idiocy as well as asorted cognizant dissonances of beyond mortal man's capability to comprehend. Don't eat poison and don;t be]reath pure ***

Chili;s don;t love touy...they love their bonuses, their Enronesque toga parties of eccess, buying foreign war torn regional children probaby to be house slaves and the other trappings of obscene unbridled crony capitalism, wealth and godless existence. gases ever....Or one could become eccentric from such follies of personal..and hanging with Cheney and the Klinton Bush crime family like the Luchesi, Gambino, Bonano,and others whose names end wiih vowels.

Dead customers from assorted coron ary events + increased profits equas hapy stockholders who don't mind losing even more llebians, ...Now where's them damned ol' Scots? Regards, Harry

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Walmart on Pleasant Crossing in Rogers, AR is the BEST!!!!

I just went to this store for the 1st time and this has to be the best Walmart store I have ever been too!! They seem to have everything in the world. The food is all fresh and laid out so pretty and colorful, the staff is friendly and helpful, I can find just about everything I need and everything is so convenient and accessible. I will definitely be switching my Walmart shopping to this location. I may even switch my prescriptions and car oil changes back over to Walmart at this location. I am so glad I found this place. I will definitely be telling my husband, who works at the Walmart home office about this place. Everyone working here needs a raise and a bonus!!
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MsLea, I don't care if people are stealing your username or not. because there's something bigger here that needs to be taken care of and that's you being an insane woman that makes up fake stories for attention.

I think you need to get off of the computer, find a real person instead of using your imagination and find out what stores are really like. I know you're scared because McDonalds only gave you 9 burgers once instead of the 10 you asked.

but I believe in you Lea! you can leave your house and get those burgers instead of paying your neighbor to go buy you food!


This was an entertaining read! Thanks. LOL


No we are a free country you dummy.


"Isn't Canada a socialist country?" What does that have to do with usernames? That's like me saying "Wasn't Orville Faubus the governor of Arkansas?" in response to your tirades at your local Wal-Marts.

(I'll wait until you look up Orville Faubus on Wikipedia, Lea. While you're there, look up socialism as well).


Every site but this one allows only one username per person. This site needs to start doing the same.

Isn't Canada a socialist country?


Canada and United States are free countries. We don't have to stop stealing your username. Though I think you are just imagining that, just like you are imagining that you are married and your husband is CEO of Walmart.


Oh a new impersonator from Chicago, Illinois. Stop stealing my username.


"this has to be the best Walmart store I have ever been too!!" - lea

"However I doubt this will last because one day you will ask them to bend the rules for you." - jedi

"I spoke too soon." "My husband, who works at Wal-Mart's Home Office, will hear about this incompetent pharmacist" - lea

"hahahahahaha" - yumad4


I spoke too soon. I tried moving my prescriptions over to this location.

I am getting low on my Vicodin and Oxycodon so I decided to get a refill there. Once I had my prescriptions transferred over, the pharmacist REFUSED to give me MY medications. HOW DARE HE!! He said it was too soon for a refill and that I would need a NEW prescription from my doctor if I wanted to get more pills now.

THIS MEANS I HAVE TO TAKE TIME OUT OF MY BUSY SCHEDULE TO SEE MY DOCTOR FOR SOMETHING THE PHARMACIST SHOULD HAVE DONE IN THE FIRST PLACE. My husband, who works at Wal-Mart's Home Office, will hear about this incompetent pharmacist and his refusal to SERVE the CUSTOMER.

Bruce - Go fudge yourself!

I only mention my husband on here because he is a big shot at the home office.

Jedi - Shutup ding *** I wasn't asking the pharmacist to break the rules. I just wanted some extra Vicadin and Oxycodon in case I need it.


IT is the best Walmart and they treat you nicely because they don't remember you as that looney woman with the husband who works at Home Office. However I doubt this will last because one day you will ask them to bend the rules for you. They won't you will threaten to get your husband involved and they too will know you as that looney woman.

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Walmart Oil Change
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Target - I guess I spoke too soon

Went into Target today at the Rogers, Arkansas location just to get a few things. Me and my husband were out eating at a local restaurant and Target was closer by than Walmart at the time, and all I needed was just some trash bags, dishwashing liquid and bar soap. Ran in to get those things and thought I would be there just a few minutes. It turned into almost 10 minutes at the checkout lane. I guess they had no one else working there at the time, just that one girl at that one checkout lane. She was slow as heck too making it even longer. I told her about how slow she was being when I got up to the checkout and she cocked a 'tude with me. I got right back into her face and turned her into management right then and there. Her name was Amanda B. if Target corp happens to look at this. She needs to be fired. RUDE little lady!! I came very, very close to just smacking her!
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I hope you one day buy your own store.

I hope that your child grows up to work by your side.

I hope that family business brings you wealth and happiness.


Karma's a ***.

I hope you're ready for it.


Once again i come to this site for adequate reveiws and once again you have failed to do that. so you had to wait a few minutes big deal sometimes you have to wait in life and for some reason everyone seems to have a 'tude now if that happens reapeatedly whoose fault do you really think that is?


Don't take it personally Ihateannoyingcustomers, she just about throws a temper tantrum everywhere when she does not get her way.


I work at Target. It isn't the cashiers fault that there's only one person on the lanes, if you uneducated people knew that you wouldn't *** and complain about waiting in line.

Idiots. :upset


I work at Target. It isn't the cashiers fault that there's only one person on the lanes, if you uneducated people knew that you wouldn't *** and complain about waiting in line.

Idiots. :upset


Mrslea you lied, you said that you posted from other locations from your cell phone.

Also how many times do I have to tell you that I am not impostering you. How many times do we have to go through that.

If you really are having a child please don't home school your child past the age of four because your logic and reasoning skills does not go past the age level of four.


MsLea, how many times do we have to go over the fact that you're fake? how many times do we have to go over the fact that you don't have a husband?

how many times do we have to go over the fact that your big stomach is from constantly eating fast food and eating at restaurants, and not because you're pregnant? and most important, how many times do we have to tell you that you're a psycho?


IHateStupidCustomers, I have never posted from anywhere but SPRINGDALE, AR. How many times do we have to go over this???


No Jedi, I did not ever say that disabled people shouldn't be working for Walmart. That was another imposter post

Probably YOU


but anonymous, I thought that you were in love with MsLea? or did you not realize that it was her because she constantly changes her name/location?

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Walmart - You guys say I never seem to realize it when I get good service

Well today I went to Walmart tonight, and to the same location I complained about the last few times, and I received award winning, EXCELLENT service throughout the store. All the associates were helpful, answered my questions, had everything I needed on the shelves. The checkout girl was wonderful to me. So there ya go. I had very good service today and I realize that and I am complimenting them on it. I also went to Wendys afterwards to get me a meal since I hadn't had supper yet(this was an hour ago)and they were all there working and waiting on people at the drive thru. Talk about excellence. One great day I just had!! :)
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You're always at Walmart. How many *** questions can you possibly have, you *** I wish they'd lock you up and throw away the key already.


None, I was just a former Walmart employee poking fun at the crazy customers I would get.


but you sure are horrible at answering questions.

@Patrick Nkk

I was a joke sweetie. I was just making fun of the crazy customers I would get when I worked for Walmart many years back.


I ask plenty of questions. That is what they are there for.


how many questions do you ask employees while shopping at walmart? your freaking weird


This lady is now over medicated. Notice how nice shes being now? Seriously either u hate it or u love it but either way no one gives a ***


No you cocked her a turd first. You were harassing her about being slow.

You even stated this in your review.

Neither Ihatedumbcustomrs nor I have to be there. If I were there I would be calling 911 on you.


of course I wasn't there but if I was there, I'd be yelling at you and telling you how much of a crazy *** you are to everyone.


I keep changing my username because people keep stealing my usernames and pretending to be me.

Like I said before, I only cocked a turd at her because she cocked a tude first.

IHateStupidCustomers, you weren't there.

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La Fitness - Dear fellow Americans: STOP SIGNING GYM CONTRACTS!!

These contracts are just a way these greedy thugs steal your money. They don't care if you move, get injured or sick, or even die. They will still not let you out of your contract even if those are terms are in the contract. I am still stuck paying for a gym company that doesn't even have a location in the area that I have moved to. Nevermind that it is written in the contract that if I move more than 25 miles away then I can cancel my contract. They lie, they cheat, they steal, and no lawyer will even touch them. I hear stories all of the time of these companies still getting money from people that have even canceled their memberships after their contract had expired. They have to cancel their bank accounts just to stop them. You want to defeat them, stop signing these contracts. Put them out of business!!
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After paying $700 to Karen M. Joseph for 6 months of training and dieting, all hard work just recently came to a screeching halt.

I entered the Tampa Bay Classic competition and since it was so hot that day my hair kept falling flat & the women in my category are judged on their complete appearance?. I left to curl my hair, came back (about 2 hours BEFORE my stage time) ready to take my bag to the entertainer's dressing room when Miss Joseph, in front of my Mother and friends, began her tantrum by asking where I'd been". I began to let her know that I was in the entertainers prep". area instead of the main bathroom because there was no mirror by the outlets in that space and sh cut me off, got progressively louder, and called me inconsiderate, physically lunged at me then pointed her finger in my face! All of out of no where and in front of family and friends?.

Her personality has been questionable from the start, as far as her intentions, but I disregarded everything because she came so highly recommended by a close friend of mine;. This friend also let me know that Miss Joseph had been "nit picking" about really small and unimportant things and telling either full on lies and half truths about what I've been doing/. She's untrustworthy.. One of the friends who've witnessed this said that if it had happened to her, she'd quit too because that type of behavior from someone who's supposed to be a mentor is unacceptable!

Karen told me the next day not to come to a meeting and that she'd be discussing my standing with group with Carrie Pollaro!. I let her know that I don't like working with people who make me feel threatened and don't like me ...and feeling pushed out for no reason and harassed, I told her that we should just call it quits and that i'd discuss my refund with her at a later time. Boy, did I stop getting harassing calls after I mentioned the refund. I haven't gotten it yet and am waiting on this paperwork Carrie told me i'd receive within 30 days. They also have my photo up....still on their page. I got ripped off and I'm still helping them out???? I need legal assistance. I believe Karen chose to pick on me because I'm not an intimidating personality & not married.


Hold on here. I see you complained about Wendys, McDonalds, Chilis, Outback and Sonic.

What are you doing eating at these places and going to a gym. What a waste?

Maybe you should join LA Fitness again and stop eating at these places. Fat ***!


jump off a bridge


of course you don't have a son. you wouldn't know how to take care of a kid because you don't even know how to act in public without causing a scene.


I have no son


Simple read the contract before signing it. You could be giving away your first born son.(though in that case it would be very good for your son's sake as well for society's sake)


Oh no shes falling behind on her phonics. She cant read and cant understand anything in here that or her meds arent enough anymore


@lea01 hahahaahah no trust me they cannot. again i used to work for the company.

even if you have a 100 dollar balance on the account and its a revoke deny status the front desk cannot do anything about it only refer you to sells for a brand new membership.

theyd rather make a sale than a "clear up". but do what you want i only wrote to give advice if youd rather pay then be my guest.


nnnn, that can mess up your credit. Plus they could take you to court.


Omg ru really mad about the charges or that they dont have enough donuts for u. Lmao.

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Verizon Wireless - I am afraid I am done with Verizon

Too many lies, too many broken promises, too high monthly payments. These people have no shame. I was told when I signed up that they would waive the activation fee, well lo and behold the fee shows up on my first month's bill. I call them up about it and they refuse to take it off. They have also been sneaking in bogus charges on my monthly bill for months now. I know what they are up to. The customer service reps are rude as heck and one even hung the phone up on me once. I called back and demanded to speak to their manager and did. They always act like customers are a bother to them. Nevermind that the customer is why they are in business. Bye Bye Verizon!!
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try going to walmart and getting the straight talk plan by tracphone. or take your phone to a bridge set it on rail and jump


try going to walmart and getting the straight talk plan by tracphone. or take your phone to a bridge set it on rail and jump


so that's not the true story, you psycho? so it's safe to assume that your post is just fake. you don't even go out in public because you're always on here, you fat slob.


I am glad you were hung up on. It obviously taught you a lesson because the next time you went to Walmart and Wendy's you had good experiences most likely because you behaved yourself.

Hopefully other people have the guts to hang up on you or ignore your tantrums. You are the one who is rude as heck. You just got a taste of your own medicine.

Now that you know what it feels like you behaved your age (rather than like a second grader) at Wendy's and Walmart and they were all than happy to serve you. This complaint should be a compliment.

Could the reason that you expected to use Walmart for your personal phone calls from your sister have to do with your not having a cell phone?


You know since you say they like to lie, and because you have lied to us several times perhaps you should consider s job at Verizon? At least you can support your own self and don't need your husband to support you. Because trust me if he is going to put up with you any longer one day he may just put a gun to his head.


All I want is a phone that works. When I moved to Arkansas, I never received a single phone call on my phone except for telemarketing calls for Weight Watchers.

When I called Verizon and demanded to know why I was not receiving any calls except for telemarketers for Weight Watchers, he said that's because no body (except for the telemarketers from Weight Watchers) called me. IMPOSSIBLE!

People like me and want to talk to me. And the only reason I can guess that my phone hasn't rang is because Verizon is not allowing any of my friends to call me.


Not the story at all.


so here's what happened. Lea01 told the Verizon associates that she should get the activation fee waived because her husband works at Walmart Home Office as their lead janitor.

and Lea doesn't understand bills because her husband pays all of them. so when she saw that there were taxes on the bill, she called to argue even though that is a part of everyone's bill. the reps were fair to her and explained the charges to her. but Lea claimed that since her husband can clean their bathrooms for them, she should have the taxes waived.

then she decided to harass them even further so they hung up. good luck with your next cell phone service and have fun paying the cancellation fee for Verizon which also applies with other services. what will be your reason for that? your husband works at home office?

I haven't heard that one before. dumb *** you need to grow up.

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Walmart - Is just good service too much to ask for at WM????

People think I want WM employees to roll out a red carpet for me or something. No, what I want is good service, just like everybody else. I want my questions answered truthfully, I want all employees greeting me like they should be doing to everyone, I want a smile and a greeting when I go check out, I want the products I want at a reasonable price, I want fresh food. That is what they promise to provide and that is what they should be doing. They have recently moved things around at the store I shop at Pleasant Sreet in Springdale. I ask the first guy(Troy)I come to where they moved the pickles and relishes too. HE DIDN'T KNOW!!! How can you work there at not know where things are. People come to work there and they don't know what is going on and where things are. You are an employee, your job is Walmart. You aren't paid to just exist there. No help at all. Then this girl(Jennifer)was just so rude to me when I made myself over to pick up a new coffee pot. She just acted like I was in her way. By that time I was just ticked off angry and I just let her have a piece of my mind.
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Lea is a fake ***


"Actually stockers are very much there for customer service. Everyone at Walmart is supposed to play a role in helping the customer.

That is what they are there for."

With your rudeness and attitude I can see why they don't want to help you. They probably think that if they make you angry that you won't be returning and verbally abusing them just because you claim your fake husband is a bigshot with the company.


you get far better service in the graveyard.I guess you can say we`re a " captive audience"


Actually stockers are very much there for customer service. Everyone at Walmart is supposed to play a role in helping the customer. That is what they are there for.


they dont greet you because your a ***. his job is not to help you its to stock the shelves.

you probably were in her way asking her *** questions about a coffee pot.

i dont understand how you goto walmart and have 50 questions every time. cut yourself


Oh i forgot the stores are absolutelyFILTHY.


what do you expect shopping at Walmart,

the low of the lowest low lifes, trashy people go there, my advice GET some class and shop at Target.


"Your don't think your stealing my username and posting as me is any better?"

If you did not think you were better than everyone else and if you did not make an *** of yourself maybe no one would "steal" your username. Your complaints are ridiculous some of them.

In one complaint you complain because you have to wait less than ten minutes to be served at Outback. In another complaint you throw a temper tantrum because an employee on his lunch break would not help you because you had problems with the coke machine. In a third complaint you throw yet another temper tantrum because the store won't sell you a patio set for the sale price after the sale if over. You lie and claim your husband works for home office.

If this were the case he would know when the sale was over(unless you are lying and he is just a janitor) Seriously if your husband really worked for home office as you claim. They are the ones who decide when things go on sale and he would know that. How do we know that you are telling the truth about being impersonated.

Like Ihatedumbcustomers said the location thing does not work that well. It has listed me from US and even Spain in a few replies and you trust the whole location thing when you don't know the difference between Germany and Delaware and Canada and California?


Not related.

Your don't think your stealing my username and posting as me is any better?


Jedi, it's because Lea has multiple personalities. I have 2 guesses though.

she either is too busy trying to come up with her next complaint while she is replying to our comments OR she's just too dumb.

she probably reads our comments and forgets what most of it says so she only replies with one sentence. this kind of makes me wonder if she's related to *** anonymous *** from Mississippi.

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Chilis - Had bad experience at Chili's in Fayetteville, Arkansas

I have had mostly good experiences at Chili's up until today. Today I had the WORST experience ever at a Chili's restaurant at the Fayetteville, AR location. First off the wait was terrible. Me and my husband waited a whole hour to get seated. Then when we ordered chips and dip as appetizers and those took forever to get there. It also took too long to get our drinks. When we finally did get our drinks my Diet Coke tasted all watered down. I sent it back just to get another drink that came just a little less watered down. When I went to the restroom between getting our appetizers and the main course, the restroom was filthy nasty. Some woman had also peed all over the floor and it was going everywhere. Plus there was dirty diaper with *** all over the changing table. I went straight to my waitress and alerted her about it all. She said they were aware of the situation, but were too short staffed at the time for someone to go and clean it up. The meal was less than satisfactory and tasted uncooked. We hardly ever saw our waitress and left 2 pennies for her tip.
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Why do people go to busy places to eat, wait, then complain about having to wait at a busy place to eat?


umm the hour wait to be seated should have let you know they was very busy. i understand why you barely saw your waitress, not even going to try to explain as you have no grasp of reality.

does your husband say anything when you do your stup1d sh1t? you must be really hot for him to put up with your ***


and.. there's anonymous with yet another weird comment.





You've out done your own stupidity!!!!! :eek :eek


well I'm not surprised to see you leave a 2 penny tip when you're nothing but a $2hooker. you posted this on the 12th which was Saturday.

I'm sorry to break this to you, your majesty, but Friday and Saturday are typically really busy days for restaurants. apparently you don't notice anyone around you waiting as well because you were probably drunk from the bar that you hit up before going out to eat. your only barely valid complaint is the fact that your soda didn't taste right even though diet coke usually does taste watered down when you get a fountain soda these days. so I don't get you.

you expect the staff to serve you as quick as possible but clean the bathroom at the same time? maybe they should have put the diaper in your food for you. that's the fault of *** customers that dirty up a bathroom, like you. not the staff.

you could have gone somewhere else, especially if it was going to take an hour to get seated, but MrsLea.. you're the fuckingidiot that decided to stay. not your husband because I'm sure you forced him to stay while you had a huge meal and decided to use his credit card yet again that day.

in reply to the comments.. well I really have no reply for anonymous creeper from Mississippi since he's not worth anyone's time unless you're looking for someone to get it on with at night.

as for your stubborn little comment MrsLea, this site is for discussing bad experiences. you said something right for once. BUT in your case, this is NOT a site for constantbitching, trying to show off your husbands position, trying to find attention and definitely not a place for exaggerations. either you just lie about everything or you just eat out WAYYY too often and bad karma is the cause for you getting bad service because of how you lie and abuse your husband.

I know this is already a long post but here's how MrsLea's night really went down...

MrsLea walked into Chili's, whipping her husband as usual. she was mad to find out that they hadn't laid out the red carpet and hadn't kicked everyone out for her arrival. she ordered 10 appetizers and was mad that they took about 15 minutes. MrsLea's vodka came after a couple minutes which made her mad.

she quickly took her shots and mistook this for the diet coke so she demanded another diet coke. MrsLea was so drunk that she peed all over the floor then tried to clean it up with a diaper in the trash and then she placed it on the changing table. then she proceeded to blame it on the staff. MrsLea was also too drunk to taste the food right and couldn't recognize the waitress so she automatically assumed that the waitress wasn't around.

then she left 2 pennies because that's all she had after she spent all of her cash on shots at the bar. she's really pathetic.


I have great service at many places I go. I just talk about the bad ones on here.

Hint: Discussing bad service experiences is what this site is for.

This site isn't for discussing good experiences. Those should come everywhere you go.


MrsLea01 - Because you have problem no matter who you go, why don't you do yourself, society, and your husband a favor all at the same time - PULL YOUR LIP OVER YOUR HEAD AND SWALLOW.


Also I never called you a *** someone else did.

Also I don't believe you are a lady as you claim.


IF you want to see nasty see how she treats Walmart employees because her made up husband works at home office.


And another thing - Jedi: There are mood elevating drugs that could help your condition. Consult your vet and see if you can get your hands on them.

NO - I don't need my mood altered, you do.

NO - I don't need a vet, you do.

NO - I don't need drugs, you do.

NO - I'm not the one always in a rotten mood, but you sure have on hel1 of a nasty disposition.

NO - I don't care what you think.

NO - I don't believe you are a 12 year old, but if you are, then you have some real problems.

NO - I don't have any real problems.

NO - I don't care what your buds think.

NO - I don't attack random people for posting their experiences online, but you think you have the right to call all of them liars, or *** or uneducated, or whatever, whatever.

NO - I'm not a stalker. You are on more sites than internet trackers, so it's impossible to read something that you haven't commented on.

NO - I'm no *** You, however, are some sexual deviant always falling back to your old standards about someine's as&.

NO - No one is impressed with your foolishness.

NO - They are not impressed with your ignorant ramblings, either.

NO - Absolutely no one wants to learn your opinion about anything you comment on.

NO - No one thinks you have any common sense much less any formal education.

NO - No one wants to read on a site and find that you have been there and gone off on the OP.

NO - No one likes you.

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Springdale, Arkansas
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Will never eat at Outback again after tonight's experience. First me and my husband waited forever to be seated. After being seated, we hardly ever saw our waiter. We sat about 5 minutes before he finally came up and took our order. Took about 7 minutes for our salads...
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You said "Well my husband makes lots of money. " You folks make 'lots of money' and you go to Outback?

Sorry, I don't believe you, you're just a low life *** and won't be missed.

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Springdale, Arkansas
Outback Steakhouse Main Course