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Tonight my mom, sisters, and girlfriends threw me a baby shower at your Fayetteville, Arkansas location. It was the most fun I have had in a long time! The service was excellent, there was hardly any waiting, and the food was superb! Your salad and breadsticks are the...
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Springdale, Arkansas
Olive Garden Salad
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Hardees - Rude manager at Hardee's in Fayetteville

I specified very clearly what I wanted, but they screwed my order up anyway. I went ahead and checked my food before leaving and went back to get it fixed. I walked in cool as a cucumber and calmly asked them to please fix it The manager there at the time(a chubby middle aged lady) was extremely rude and got on to me saying next time I need to make it clear what I want. The fry cook and drive up person both took notice of her scolding me. Of course then I just lost it on her and told her off yelling at her at the top of my lungs for the whole place to hear. She knew she was in the wrong and never spoke another word to me. My order was fixed and I was on my way. The person who took my order was latino and no doubt it was him that couldn't understand me. I made my order very clear to him in the drive thru because I could tell from his accent that he was Latino and probably can't speak good english. He repeated it to me as well. They need to stop hiring these people and start checking immigration statuses of foreigners.
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First he can't understand English, then he repeated it back to you. Which is it?

They made a mistake.

Your screaming in my face would have gotten you punched out and the cops called. How would you like someone to come to your job and scream at you?


I can't prove it, but it is highly probable giving the situation with illegal immigration. A lot of black people don't like them either.


" meant you don't have a problem with illegal immigration like we do in the US."

Can you even prove they are there illegally, from this review and another review it appears you have a predjudice against Latino's.


I meant you don't have a problem with illegal immigration like we do in the US.


"You don't live in America, Jedi." - Canada is in North **America**, you fuсking dumbaѕѕ.

Thanks for proving us right that you eat fast food more times than most people blink in a day.

Say hi to Bernie the Janitor for me, MrsLea/MrsC/Brandon.


You don't live in America, Jedi.


Also this is the second time you wrote a review lashing Latino's. We always knew you were crazy, but apparently you are racist as well. Not all Latino's speak poor English and are illegal immigrants.


Well if you keep changing your mind like you keep changing your stories one here than most likely you did not communicate clearly. Seriously isn't it about time you grew up and stopped picking on fast food and retail employees, especially since you are too lazy to get a job.

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Hardees Manager
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Terrible customer service from cashier Jennifer at Rogers Walmart 2705

My shopping experience at Walmart on Pleasant Crossing in Rogers went by normally today until I got up to check out. The cashier Jennifer D. was rude beyond words!! She didn't greet me or talk to me, she had this angry look on her face the whole time, then to top it off she messed my groceries up when bagging them. She smashed my bread by putting other items on top of it, she smashed my eggs by doing the same thing, she put chemicals in with edibles. I was ready to just take my smashed bread and eggs and throw them at her. I did get my smashed bread and eggs replaced and had her put them in seperate bags the second time and placed at the top of my cart like normal to avoid anymore smashing. She also rebagged my cleaning supplies and other food. I got no apology and no thank you from her at the end. This was just bad customer service all around. Certainly even my haters on here will agree with me on this one. I told the manager on duty up front about and he sympathized and said he would take care of it. I will tell my husband also just to make sure she does get disciplined, hopefully fired.
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Maybe you should use the Self Checkout so no one has to hear your constant b****ing. Oh wait, you'd probably have a complaint that the automated voice on the Self Checkout wasn't friendly enough or that you couldn't believe the machine had the audacity to make you bag items yourself.

People like you are seriously the *** of the Earth. You literally make me sick. People like you are the reason most cashiers and managers have become so rude.

Unless you work for a Walmart store and know what goes on on a day to day basis, keep your freaking mouth shut. Oh, and one more thing, burn in ***.


You must work'm not a big fan myself on the wal *** in the first place I refuse to shop there the company practice's bad business all the way around..not to mention how nine times out of ten when I have shopped there I've been stalked by employees all around the store even going as far as to different employees pasing by me to look into my shopping cart as I'm looking for items that have been moved with out notice the company as a whole just longer a customer.


II've been on both sides of the cash register and there are some customers that really can be so rude, complain about everything that nothing will make them satisfied its hard to be pleasant when your treated like trash also I've had cashiers who act like they hate their job and the world in general. But I don't let them people ruin my day.

I just still be pleasant and go about my business.

Sometimes it bothers them worse than if I cussed them out.remember the saying kill them with kindness. :(


Regardless of who was treating whom badly here, the solution is obvious: despite what Wal*Mart wishes you to believe, you do not need Wal*mart. They need you.

I long ago stopped shopping at Wal*Mart, and where I live now there is none within sixty miles.

I prefer to give my money to local businesses that actually care about the community, even if it means I have to make more than one stop to buy things which are not imported from China. (Sam Walton, if he were alive today, would be ashamed of what his company has become.)


Lea, have you never heard of someone having a bad day? She replaces everything and you then try to get her fired? All your angry reviews are ridiculous. You get angry over nothing, i feel bad for anyone at stores or restaurants who has to help you cause if there not wiping your *** they aren't good enough in your book. Please grow up an remember the world doesn't revolve around you.




"Wow, you are the biggest b**** i have ever had the displeasure of hearing. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I seriously hope you never reproduce, because those kids are going to turn out F****d beyond belief.

Go kill yourself. Thanks."

She's pregnant right now, but she does not know who the father of the child is and Bernie is shocked since he has not touched her in years, ever since she reached 300 pounds.


"Wow, you are the biggest b**** i have ever had the displeasure of hearing. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I seriously hope you never reproduce, because those kids are going to turn out F****d beyond belief.

Go kill yourself. Thanks."

She's pregnant right now, but she does not know who the father of the child is and Bernie is shocked since he has not touched her in years, ever since she reached 300 pounds.


Wow, you are the biggest b**** i have ever had the displeasure of hearing. You should be ashamed of yourself.

I seriously hope you never reproduce, because those kids are going to turn out F****d beyond belief.

Go kill yourself. Thanks.


A janitor? Ha ha where do you come up with this stuff?? I already told you my husband is a supervisor in the textiles department which oversees the clothing lines.


IHateStupidCustomers, you don't know me and I do not eat fast food all of the time. Most days I don't.

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Walmart Cashier
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Terrible response from Burger King corporate

Update by user Jul 16, 2012

\"complaints\" from customers I meant to say

Original review posted by user Jul 16, 2012
I just called Burger King headquarters over the terrible service I received at their Springdale, Arkansas location yesterday and got the worst response. First it took me forever to get a hold of someone. I didn't even call their customer service hotline, because I knew I would get the run around from them like I did when I did the same when I called the numbers from Wendy's, McDonalds and Hardee's. I called their corporate line that I found. I first got one of the secrataries and I asked for one of the head honchos. They told me that they don't take comaints from customers. WHAT??? They customer is why they are in business in the first place!! I told the secretary that and she seemed unimpressed, never mind that without us customers she wouldn't even have her job to start with. I told her that and she hung on me. I was so infuriated that I called her back and really let her have it. She took down my message and said she would give it to her boss. Her name is Jennifer and she is one of the secretaries at the Burger King corporate headquarters at 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive in Miami, Florida. Apparently BK has a local office here in Springdale, Arkansas. I am going down to see if I can talk to someone there.
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This EVIL corporation doesn't care about its customers one bit, they only exist to rip us all off on low quality garbage that barely qualifies as "food"! They have forgotten just where all their money comes from and have deplorable customer service. I will never again patronize Burger King!


Businesses stay in business because of their professional and top service for their customers. Well for the most part.

So sure, they wouldn't have business without customers. But I'm not so sure they would all mistreat you for no reason. It's not like Wendy's calls LA Fitness, during your cardrive there, just to make sure they treat ol' Mrs. Lea like utter cow ***.

No, you are the root of your problems.

Quite frankly, all of these businesses CAN afford to lose a poorly-mannered customer like you. Have a nice day.



Burger King Corporation as a whole is ridiculous. They don't care about the Franchisees at all.

At the end of the day all they want is their money. They have pilfered all the good out of the company. Sales at BK's nationwide are in the *** and they are forcing Franchisees into bankruptcy.

Corporate doesn't care about the customer or the operator. I know first hand because my best friend is a Franchisee and has been struggling for years due to low sales and BK Corp won't give them any relief.


I am sure that that post 99.999999****99 percent that post came from you and you changed your location.


I'm sure you don't steal MsLea. you just demand that Burger King let you get free food because you spend over $100 there every week.


Also I would never steal either.


Jedi, you know full well that you can't change the locations on here. Even if that post claimIng that I insisted on getting change minted in my birth year didn't come from you, it didn't come from me. I am 99 percent certain it did come from you though, just like all of the fake posts with my username coming out of Toronto, Canada.


Don't forget to read her two latest reviews Ihatestupidcustomers, in one she was shoplifting and demanded a refund for all the rest of the items she bought because they would not allow her to get away with because Bernie works at home office, and in another she demanded a cashier give her all her change which was minted in her birth year and when the cashier could not find a quarter minted in her birth year she threatened to have her run around the store looking for one or have her husband fire her. Of course as usual she blames me because she changed the location on this site again. Even if she did not make that review it is all circumstantial evidence.


well MsLea, you probably do pay for quite a few paychecks considering the fact that you eat fast food 3 times a day.


Most likely they treated you like *** because like everywhere else you go you yelled at them and physically and verbally abused them. So you had it coming to you. You don't pay their paycheck because frankly losing you as a customer won't hurt them.

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The Burger King at the Pilot Station here in Springdale, Arkansas is the WORST. Rude staff, slow, won't gets the order right. Today I went and ordered a regular whopper burger. I only like mustard, lettuce and pickles on my burger. First they left off the pickles and...
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What's with the BK television? All BK ads!

And the Whopper Jr. rolls are no longer firm. McD's serves breakfast all day long.

Burger King Mgt. needs to visit McD's and see how to shape up!

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Springdale, Arkansas
Burger King Burger
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Update by user Jul 11, 2012

\"iN the aisles\" I meant

Update by user Jul 11, 2012

Many stockers had left pallets I the aisles as well. This should all be off the floor during the day. Could also cause an accident.

Original review posted by user Jul 11, 2012
Decided to give you one last chance but you blew it. The store seemed halfway empty of products today. I couldn't...
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This is a pretty interesting comment. In light of all of the recent Wal-Mart comments, one could even say hummmmmm. :x

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McDonalds is for the birds!!

Today I went to the location on Thompson Street in Springdale. The girl at the speaker claimed she couldn't hear me so I spoke louder. Turns out it was a hispanic girl and she couldn't understand english too well(yet they put her at drive thru). Then I had to repeat the order twice because every time she repeated it back to me she got it wrong. I wanted a Caesar chicken salad and a diet coke. Simple enough huh? Then she gave me a wrong salad in the end. Lucky I checked it before I drove off. Then she informed me she would have to make me one. I parked and 5 minutes later the salad did come. If it is on the menu outside then they should have some already prepared. I went in and had a word with the manager suffice to say. They aren't prepared for anything. Plus the store was a mess. I have a feeling just threatening to call immigration services would have got that girl's attention a lot sooner.
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Probably a migrant


I don't suppose you have every worked a drive thru. However at one point in my youth I did.

As a full blooded 5th generation North american half the time I had no idea what was being said to me. You see people roll up to the drive thru, speak into a 20 year old speaker with 20 years worth of wear from being outdoors. They leave their care stereos on, engines roaring and have conversations with other occupants in the car.

Anybody, whether they be a native speaker or not would have an issue with this set up. Also, you got a fresh salad, consider yourself lucky you didn't receive one that was sitting in the cooler for three days.


Omg woman get a life your just getting sadder every time you post something aboall these places you go. I still feel bad for whoever knows you.

Hope your kid learns from someone else on how to be a decent person. But with you as its mom I highly doubt this. R we checking the spelling?

Lmao. So thanks for sounding dumber by the minute.


Get A *** LIFE LADY.


I am wondering your message a complain against McDonald's or a way to get your resentment. Usually I feel sorry for people like you that need to go over those situations. When you get the chance to go little bit farther than your backyard or your McDonald's you will be the one that will not understand a word so you will know that you are the poor ignorant.


Calling immigration services? Have you been been watching nothing but Spongebob for the past three and a half years, MrsWhatEverYouAreCallingYourselfNow? We don't deport illegal aliens anymore.


MsLea changed her name to QueenLea because Dairy Queen calls her their Queen now that she gives them business every day.


I guess it was because I was posting from my phone that it lists Austin, TX for my location. I guess my phone company comes from Austin.

The rest of my posts list Springdale, AR if you look over them and NONE of them list Chicago, Berlin or Toronto. So there you go.


"If it doesn't say Springdale"...


Hey we missed you Queenlea. And now that your location says Austin TX we know that you were never impersonated as you claimed but the IP tracker messed up.

Also as I recall your English isn't perfect.

You made many spelling and grammar errors. For example you always put the phrase me and my husband, well they teach you in the fifth grade that you should use my husband and I not me and my husband, so before you go around poking fun of someone's English take a look at your own.

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Austin, Texas
Mcdonalds Manager
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Walmart could learn a thing or two from KMart

Haven't been into KMart in forever, but today I stopped at the one at 3142 West Sunset Ave in Springdale, AR because it was closest to me at the time and I needed to pick up a few things. Found it so much different than Walmart. ALL of the associates were helpful and answered all my questions(unlike at Walmart), no associates standing around talking or lounging when they should have been working(unlike at Walmart), a speedy checkout(unlike at Walmart), found all of the items I needed and more(unlike at the BIGGER Walmart). I am thoroughly pleased. Take note Walmart!!
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Lea, I'll explain to you again since you're incapable of understanding anything the first few dozen times. no one takes you seriously when EVERY one of your replies consists of one, short childish reply.

and you're not a queen. unless of course you consider yourself the queen of fast food.


Never cut in line, never tried to force other customers to give me an item. Nice try again, Jedi.



Apparently she claims her husband works at Walmart home office and her idea of good customer service is that they allow her to cut in line, that they force customers to give her an item if it is the last one in stock, that they break rules for he, that they help her while on lunch break. She has entitlement issues whenever she walks in the store.


Wtf? If you shop at the walmart in my town they are great.

Everyone always does their job there.

Just because your walmart does not do that, that does not mean you have to tell everybody to not shop at everyone of them! ***!


Walmart really doesn't care about customers

They only want to put everyone out of business

Don't shop there!!!


The reason Walmart is not helping you out is because you lie and say that your husband works for home office. They would be more than willing to help you if you got off your high horse and stopped acting like you are better than them because your made up husband works at home office.

However you will change your mind soon once they don't give you what you want and bend the rules for you. After all you thought the Rogers store was good until they refused to bend over backwards for you.


^Butthurt much?


MsLea.. you're a lonely piece of garbage that lives off of the government, has no husband has no kid on the way.

you spend your time harassing retail employees, making up fake stories and eating fast food every meal of the day.

as for your meaningless little post, who cares? of course Kmart is going to give you more help. they're not packed full of insane customers like Walmart is so of course the employees have more time to help you. and of course the lines are shorter.

I rarely go to Kmart but when I do, I feel like I'm 1 out of 10 customers shopping there at the most.

and Kmart doesn't carry as much as Walmart does. I'm hoping you bought some pills to fix your attention disorder and your psychotic problems.

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Springdale, Arkansas
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Walmart - If it doesn't list Springdale, Arkansas as the location then it ISN'T me

I am sick and tired of these people stealing my username and making false posts claiming they are from me. The IP address clearly shows where the person is posting from. Even if sometimes the locations do come up wrong by IP mistake, It will especially never show show a location that is outside of the US, like Toronto, Canada or Berlin, Germany(on a whole other continent!!) when I am in the southern United States. Give me a break. I have never been Toronto, nor Germany. I know this posting is off topic, but I needed to get this cleared up once and for all. Pissed Consumer needs to do a better job of combating imposters of other users and fake posts.
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Yes. an ip address CAN show up as Germany or out of the US if the person is in a tunnel.

this mean the person is using/paying for secure ip tunnel. Even if the poster is from Kansas, their ip location on pissed consumer will show up as Canada, England, or anywhere else!


Look at the history of my account vs. the other two MrsLeas.

I have been posting since march.

They started recently. That should give you a clue right there that those accounts are fake and are just being used to impersonate and make fun of me.


I really hate to say this, but it seems like you're an attention w-***. Why would any one impersonate you?

They wouldn't. You're just lying, trying to cover some tracks you think people care about (they don't). You are not a goddess.

Especially when you have to complain about grabbing your baggage off of the carousel in Wal*Mart. Holy ***!

There are a modicum of things to complain about in Wal*Mart, but you didn't complain about their merchandise being garbage and cheap, you complained about moving a bag a whole FOOT TO YOUR CART.

A WHOLE FOOT. (I didn't say foot long, don't get too excited.) Either way, you crack me up you nut job.


I think MsLea said bump because she thinks she has a baby bump but sorry, you don't get bigger that fast. but when you eat fast food 3 times a day, that will make you bigger which is what is happening to you Lea.



That usually means the stories are not real and you are just posting for attention. You create fake accounts from different states, countries and even contintents and expect us to believe you are being impersonated.




mrslea you have competition, this user pissedconsumer29 is almost as much of a psychopath as you. She has an obsession with suicide must be emo.


yeah guys, MsLea has a lot going on. she has to catch up on writing the rough drafts for her fake upcoming complaints, go hit up every local fast food restaurant daily and pretend that she has a husband and a baby. that's a lot for one day.


No Jedi, I have a lot of things going on right now.


Hey Mrslea has not been posted for a while. Did the guys finally put her in a room with padded walls and magic potions which will make her feel better?

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Springdale, Arkansas
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Walmart - Not my job to pull my own stuff off bagging caurosel

Last few times I've been into Walmart, I have been the one pulling my groceries and other purchases off the caurosel. It is the cashier's job to put customer's bags into their cart to prevent the customer from leaving the store w/o some of his or her purchases. The same cashier too each time, Michelle, at the newer Walmart in Rogers, AR at Pleasant Crossing. I scolded her for it, but I did not tell management. I will next time, and I will tell my husband also. Oh and this is the REALl Mrs Lea by the way
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"I am 5'1 and was 110 pounds before pregnancy. Nice try"

And you gained 390 pounds when you were pregnant. Nice must be carrying ten year old quadruplets.


I am 5'1 and was 110 pounds before pregnancy. Nice try


Also to change her name to PrincessLea, just shows how special she thinks she is.


Yes it is. It's your merchandise. Surely the effort to place bags into your cart couldn't be that bad for you. I'm sure you could use the exercise.

She could use some exercise, she weighs 500 pounds and claims it is because she is pregnant. Seriously at that rate she must be carrying nine year old triplets.


Yes it is. It's your merchandise.

Surely the effort to place bags into your cart couldn't be that bad for you. I'm sure you could use the exercise.


I'm sorry that the cashier didn't come around the counter and kiss your butt either, oh and she didn't come outside and drive your car home for you either. You're lazy.

You're at WALMART for god sakes, not a five star resort. :(


Of course your husband can't shut a store down. That is because your "husband" does not exist.

You just made up about your husband to scare people into giving you what you want in fear of losing their jobs. You did the same at Wendy's and Mcdonalds.


I also would like to complain. I once went to Walmart and the cashier didn't even come up to me while I was in line and take my stuff and put it on the conveyer belt for me!

Nor did the cashier pay for me!

I am outraged!

/end sarcasm


No Jedi, those posts were made by my imposters. I have never cut in line and my husband has no authority to shut down any Walmart store.


You wrote a review about how you told the cashier that you should be allowed to cut in line, and how you threatened to have your husband fire her if she did not give you what you wanted, then another time you threatened to have your husband shut the store down if you did not get your way.

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