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USAA destroys credit

I opened a credit card account with USAA. They set up email notifications for payment. They never sent an email until the account was overdue. That pissed me off so I called up to cancel the card, but a representative talked me into keeping it and walked me through setting up auto-pay through my bank and setting up automatic notifications. They didn't draft my account and never sent me any notifications until the card was overdue again. All the setup had disappeared from my account-twice. They are either incompetent or doing this on purpose to get late fees and interest on their card accounts. Either way it is unacceptable for a bank. This time I cancelled the card. The reps were polite, but who cares if they destroy your credit.
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Keep an eye on your *** accounts. *** happens.

You don't have five minutes to go to and see if the automatic payment is set to go through a few days before it is being sent?

As for that "100 dollars" they took from it was late fees.



Obviously Jah-CKASS works for USAA ... just a comment to put the company spin back into the mix. :p


Wow, you're right, I am responsible for my own financial well-being. That's why I will no longer deal with an institution that does not honor its end of the bargain.

Perhaps I didn't make it clear that I twice set up automatic notifications and they did not work. I also set up auto-pay and that didn't work. I have two other credit cards that are set up that way and they have never failed in 15 years. I simply can't afford to deal with incompetence in a financial institution.

Their multiple failures on one account destroyed my confidence that they would ever get things right. Oh, by the way, an update: When I closed the account, I payed online and they drafted $100 more than I owed (or agreed to have drafed)!

So I called them and asked for that to be reimbursed and am now waiting. If they never send it I guess I'll chalk it up to tuition for a hard lesson.


Shouldn't you be responsible for knowing when the due date is on your card regardless if you set up reminders? I know the due date on every single card or loan I have and I even have payment notifications that come every month.

You are responsible for your own financial well being, not the bank.

Stop blaming everyone else. I've been a member of USAA for years and have never had a problem with them.

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