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Green Dental Sherman Oaks CA ***BUYER BEWARE***

Green Dental #742677
Amy, If you only have good impressions about Green Dental, what brought you here to As your legal right, I hope you requested an itemized statement of the prices they told you they would be charging you. It took 8 1/2 months for me to get one from Allison, which showed her continuous price changing, so they could keep the entire $9000.00 I had paid up front. When I decided to cancel all remaining services, that they had not yet rendered, Allison refused to give any of my money back. Behind the closed door of her office her fake smile disappears very quickly. I forwarded my dental chart & evidence of price changing to the Care Credit company & eventually got my money back (only) through them. They were completely aware of what is legal & what is not, when it comes to charging customers. Since the billing methods used by Green Dental were not legal. I won. I hope this clears up any confusion you may have. Good luck.
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They have charged my care credit card before the service was rended, these guys are crook
s. How did u get ur money back?