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Comcast throttling algo is written by 2 year olds

So, I was watching a Youtube video and Comcast blows up my connection and stops it cold ofr 5 minutes. JUST YOUTUBE. I am not downloading movies or anything exciting. And netflix is getting blackballed by the carrier and my connection is often horked to Netflix because comcast is trying to pimp their crummy XFinity deal. YOU SUCK COMCAST. And then of course HULU comes in fine because the studios have a great deal. Comcast's throttler is just punishing people who are doing legal streaming because they want us to watch their garbage Xfinity. And I PAY 70 bucks a month for rate limited internet? Who do these guys think they are???
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This System screwed up this complaint is for hhGreg


Made several huge purchases with the Monroeville, Pennsylvania newly opened store. They had great pricing and were willing to bend that good pricing even furlther just to get the sales number.

How ever deliver was terrible damaged door way of home and pryed floorboard off in attempt to get it in. Promised to take care of it. Nothing happened. I have been placed on hold by Asia a rude rep who had me on hold for close to two hours.

At first the manager was busy with a nother customer then after I asked for her name placed me back on hold again. I am on hold as I type this complaint. The Whirlpool range we purchased in May of 2011 has only worked one time. The oven will glow but not light.

Kelsy the manager has given us the supreme run around. The customer is horindous. We purchased top line product and we did great pricing but the customer service after the sale is the worse. The corporate office is not much better in assisting a customer.

I have listened for hours how great hhGreg is, they started their business in 1955 in Indianopolis and the hype goes on. However these people new a rude awakening. They will treat you terribly. By the way I am still on hold.

The most important thing to hhGreg is the sale. Anyuthing after that let the chips fall where they may. A refund or exchange is not something they want to deal with. You being pleased with the sale is not something they are concerned about.

Well HH and Fancy you guys are to be ashamed of yourselves. Trying to get the range serviced. The high end miocrowave we had installed stays on until unplugged. If you purchase from them good luck.

Buy the warranty, you'll still argue with them but at least perhaps you can take them to court or something. May as well have brou ght it off a guy on the corner in New York. I believe I would have had a better chance of getting my money back or at least have his cousin Vetto come out and fix it.

I guess to summarize. BUYER BEWARE!

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