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This is the first time I've ever had any sort of internet service on my own. Before this, my mom would always get dial-up, which I hated, or I would just go over to my friends' houses and *** off their internet. After I moved into my own place, I decided I wanted to get the internet. Well, Verizon was more expensive where I'd moved to because of "special wires" that supposedly also shoot fantastic laser shows once a week or some ***, so I opted for Comcast. The service was great, technician was fast, setup was painless. Everything was perfect. But then, just shy of me having the service a month, I started having problems with the service. I would literally get cut off while sitting here, minding my own business, reading an article or cruising Facebook. And this would happen over and over and over. It would be fine for a few hours, then cut off inexplicably, then cut right back on. So I asked for a technician to come over and fix it. "Since it's your first time, we won't charge you." Technician refreshed the router, everything was fine. Next day, same problem started right back up again. "Since it's the same problem, we'll send another technician out, and we won't charge you." Technician replaced the modem. Everything was fine. A few days later, a woman calls claiming to be from Comcast. I complained to her about how it took them a whole week to fix a simple problem, and that I didn't appreciate the hassle. Same day my internet starts cutting off and on again. Since then, I have made several calls, all resulting in some form of "we can send someone out, but we can't say if you'll get charged or not, because everything looks okiley dokiley over here." It has been two weeks since I started having problems. This is ridiculous. I'll be switching over to Verizon and their fancy wires.
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Comcast has the worst customer service. Period.

This same problem happened to me. Comcast kept telling me everything was fine. They told me that it was my modem. I bought a new one and the same problem continued to happen.

They finally came out and checked the lines, and it was a problem with their line from the pole to the house. Luckily, I live in the Chattanooga area, where we can get fiber optic Internet through the Electric Power Board.

I switched to them, and no more problems with horrible customer service. Make life a little more stress-free.

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