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Comcast lied repeatedly, gave me runaround for weeks. Never again.

I signed up for Comcast Cable Internet Service (Now XFInity) for my home office in early 2011. Service was OK apart from the typical, occasionally arrogant blowhard in tech support. Speed was not too laggy and uptime was fair -- maybe 5 outages ranging from a few minutes to a few hours in the middle of the night to middle of the business day. They offered me a deal on phone service for my business and it was very inexpensive so I figured, why not? This was May of 2011. I confirmed with the Comcast Phone service sales rep they could provide an outgoing caller ID with my business name (I have more than one) and signed up. They promised me it would not be a problem. The day I signed up I asked them to change the outgoing caller ID to my business and they gave the excuse they had to wait five days. So I waited five days and called them about it. Fast forward several weeks and about 10 phone calls and 10 hours of hold time later, they determined I would need to change my Business Account Name with them for them to legally change my business name in the outgoing caller ID. Qwest never had that kind of rule, so I was skeptical but complied and changed the account name to my other business name I wanted to display in the outgoing caller ID. Faster forward *another several weeks*, another 10 phone calls, and dozens of empty promises from Comcast Service Representatives, another 10 hours on hold, explaining the story again, and being forwarded to everyone under creation except someone who could perform the service I wanted: Change the outgoing caller ID to reflect my business name. Finally after literally having spoken to 20 different people and wasted well over 20 hours giving them every reasonable opportunity to make the situation right, I called them and cancelled all services and paid my last bill with them in November 2011. No one came to collect the equipment, so I put it in a box in the garage. Several months later, I got a phone call from their accounting group telling me I owed them several hundred dollars. I told them I had cancelled and paid my last bill. They told me I must not have done it properly through the proper channels, and I needed to wait on hold some more while they transferred me to other people. Spoke with and emailed yet another dozen people at Comcast, none of whom could or would cancel my account. They claimed I signed up for 3 year contract and owed them thousands of dollars if I wanted out of it. I explained they violated our agreement by failing to provide adequate service and I wasn't paying them a dime. Last week I got a different recorded call saying I should send back their equipment or face owing $500 per piece of equipment. Never owned a router in my life that cost that much, but hey, threats are not uncommon for horrible companies such as Comcast. So, I figured I'd make a peace offering, sent back their stuff with a letter indicating my old account number, contact info and stated my problems with their service yet again, that they had their equipment, and that I trusted that would be the end of it. A week later and I'm still getting recorded messages to my office warning me to return the equipment or else... In summary, my experience with Comcast was pretty one-sided. They had their rules and owed me as a customer nothing except stock answers and the grand run-around. Their internal communications were non-existent and dysfunctional. Passing the buck was their modus operandi and no one took full responsibility for my problem or solving it. They lied to me about what they could do, and then wanted thousands of dollars to get out of whatever agreement they think I made with them in spite of their failures and abuse of my time and trust. I will take them to small claims court if need be, but I really wish I had read more about them before subscribing with Comcast. There are very few companies I will never do business with again, but Comcast made the list.
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Evenmorepissedconsumer: don't pay them and change providers. If they want to sue you for a few hundred dollars, you can say they provided lousy service, document what you can and you'll probably win.

My attorney said they'd have to take it to small claims. No need for you to sue them so long as you don't mind harassing phone calls until they eventually get the hint. They won't listen to you, so don't bother wasting breath talking to them. That's been my experience with them.

Just another big, *** company that handles it's customers with procedures instead of quality service and personnel. *** em.


:( Argh, i know! our modem at home has been tanking ever since we disconnected from their tv service and phone service!!!

I know it's comcast. this only happened immediately after we disconnected, and they must be slowing down our internet speeds. It *** me off, because where i live, comcast has monopolized the entire cable network, and the only alternative is verizon, which is insanely expensive. and Comcast keeps nickel-and-diming us out of literally hundreds of dollars, and then lying to us about our wonderful internet speeds.

I wish the USA had Sky's satellite network, cos that was blindingly fast. i want to prove that they are slowing us down and take them to court but i can't prove anything.

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