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USAA wants to pay me less than half my cars value

I've been a USAA customer for years and have full coverage on all my cars. October 24, 2011 I totaled my 2007 Pontiac G6 which I had for less than a month and they want to give me less than half what I gave for it, because it has a Rebuilt Title which they knew when they sold me the policy, but they dont tell you that. *** if I wanted to take that big of a loss, I would only pay for a Liability Policy and save my money. I have them sued over it and have never settled with them and won't for that kind of money. USAA sucks and I would not recommend them for ***. All about screwing military and Veterans!!!!!!
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You, sir, are a rube.

You paid retail for a vehicle that is valued at no more than wholesale.

So USAA calculated the wholesale MARKET (ACV) value of that junker. I'm sorry you're a poor consumer.

The sad part is they'll probably settle with you just because it's not worth the effort, so you'll go on thinking you're right.


So if I buy a watch that has Rolex labeled on the front but on the back has Seiko do you think I will be able to sell it as a Rolex?

Probably not, I use to work at a dealership and unfortunatly with salvage or rebuilt titles its buyers beware!

Not only will the manufacture not honor any warranty but try to compare it to blue book value, you will be lucky to get half.


That's what you get for for buying a car with a salvage title. Sounds like you got ripped off by the seller as most uniformed buyers do. Just cause you paid x amount of dollars for the car doesn't mean that's what its worth.

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