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Apple "Geniuses" NOT!

I'd definitely would take a Mac over a PC any day but if your Mac goes bad the Geniuses at Apple really don't have a clue. I had a simple software problem and in the space of 15 min. on the phone my Mac was destroyed by one of their idiots. I had to take it in and they had it for a month and it is now a piece of ***. Plus the "Geniuses" will go through all your files looking at your photos and any documents they find interesting. I think if you have a Mac you can get a job at Apple.
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Apple's Genius Bar is filled by minimum wage staffers who know little to nothing about computers, and who care less about finding the solutions to Apple product problems in a timely manner than kermit the frog. I have owned Apple computers since 1991, and they never get better.

Every single Apple Mac computer I have owned has had major mechanical failures, and Apple fights like *** to not honor the product warranties. After 18 years as an undervalued Apple customer, I am switching our office computers and my personal ones over to PC.

I honestly cannot imagine a company treating me any worse than Apple has over the years.

The latest rift placed me, the customer, in a *** match between Apple Customer Relations and a pee-on Apple Store "Lead Genius" with a chip on his shoulder. Customer Relations told him how to solve the problem, and the guy flatly refused, leaving me no options to swiftly fix a 17" MacBook Pro with yet another faulty logicboard.



I hear and feel your pain. Had similar (as in moronic) experience with an Apple Genius (hard not to laugh) with a dead iPod. Genius looked at it, turned it around a few times, cocked his head (like a dog does) and finally pronounced it working perfectly.

Face it, Apple's more of a cult than a business, it always has been.


LOL I thought mac's "just work" haha software issue? omg sounds like it has vista syndrome.

Funny how mac has to make offensive commercials toward Microsoft about the same issue your having with your mac. Hope you had fun buying an over priced PC with Mac software on it.

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