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Bics Coffee Shop - This place made me literally sick

This place was gross I came into this facility after I was dropped off for a study down the way. I had never been there before the waitress at the counter asked me if I was ready to order I said no I need a minute she never came back. I had to walk up to the counter and order then once the food came out she brought me a salad first. Please believe me when I say the lettuce was mostly brown and soggy. I thought ok well I hope the burger that I ordered I hope is better. The bread was not toasted it tasted old and again old rotten lettuce on the bottom of the burger bun I hated it I never want to eat there again. Once I paid for everything I went to use the women's restroom what did I see, *** in the toilet and also in the other toilet no one had cleaned this and this was the morning time really? You have been vacuming and cleaning everything on the outside but the toilet is unusable. I would never ever come back to visit this place ever! It is a total dump and only people who don't care about what they eat should come there I had diarrhea right after I ate the burger patty and some fries and thats all I ate but I was sick over and over I don't think the meal was fresh any of it. If you know what's good for you stay away from Bic's Coffee Shop the service is not good and the food is worse and over priced.
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Order Lace Wigs Online - Dont Get That

Well how my story goes is I went to a place online called so that I could order a full lace human hair wig with a thin skin perimeter. I ordered the wig 10 day rush, I paid 35.00 extra dollars for this. So time goes by and I dont hear anything about my wig, so I email them and Tom the seller says a few more days. Now at this point they are already at the 10 rush mark? So I ask Tom when he was going to have my wig done and reminded him that he was past the ten day rush? He doesnt email me back so at this point I get paypal in on it. they give him the standard 10 days to respond up to the last minuete. Paypal finally gives me my money back but before they do Tom has asked me to cancel the dispute and that my wig will be done soon. I didnt believe him and got my money back, a week or so later he emails me again and says hey your wig is finally done but you took your money back if you want the wig just pay me for it and dont worry about giving me the 35.00 rush fee. I said are you kidden me? By now its been way past the time frame for him to of made and gave me my wig, dont buy from them you may never see your product.
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I ordered from them 2months ago, they claim they shipped my package sending me a bogus tracking number and now they won't respond to any of my emails. NEVER purchasing from them again and neither should you.

Any positive reviews are written directly from their employees also. I was cc'd in a conversation about one accidentally.


Same story here. Placed order in December and was told it would take 20 days.

It is now February and I still have not received my order.

My repeated emails are also being ignored. My next move is to ask for my money back, contact paypal and keep posting about this company.


Don't order from this company! They are scam artist!

I ordered my unit, it was suppose to take 22 days. Tom lied said it was being shipped a week later I contacted them he told me it would be shipped that Sunday ....

Another week later he finally said it wasn't done. I demanded a refund and he said 3 more days THEN 3 days later he gave me a FAKE tracking number beware!!


Hey Tom if I order a lace wig tonight would it be in by November


I have been dealing with Tom for years,from my experience,he is very helpful,i am sorry for your story,I just saw they do not do rush service now.


I have been doing business with Tom for years,He is very kind and helpful,I noticed they cancelled rush service right now,I hope they solved this problem.

Btw,their wigs quality is excellent!


To ensure that we will not make such mistake,we are not accepting any rush orders right now.

I am sorry for the delay,but we did not mean to.

Truly sorry for the bad experience



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