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Bogota Casa - WE LOVE BOGOTA

THEY RENT OVER PRICED UNITS MARTHA AND HER BROTHER RUN A SHABBY OPERATRION OVER PRICED NOT CLEAN AND NOT HONEST AT ALL AVOID WE LOVE BOGOTA RENTALS NOT A GOOD SERVICE WE LOST 1000 DOLLARS WITH THEM JANUARY 2012 SALVATOR terrible sevice did not have an apartment for us as they said they would charged us for towels, toilet paper as well.... can you imagine when we checked in there was nothing well when we asked for toilet paper Martha wanted us to pay her 2 dollars!!! My god what a cheapo We thought that we would give them a try but NOT A GOOD IDEA DO NOT USE THEM THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY ONCE YOU ARE RESERVED THEY NICKLE AND DIME YOU ON B.S. PRETENSES.
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We dispute what Martha says, we rented and contracted with Bogota Casa for years.


When we rented our unit via Bogota Casa ALWAYS WE WERE PAID AND ALWAYS WE HAVE VERY GOOD CLIENTS. The unit was cleaned afterwards and many tiume we have re bookings from the same clients. Does this sound like a bad operator?? We actually have looked into these bad reviews and find that most are a malicious attempt to give them a bad name online.

Out of 75 travelers to Bogota we contacted less than 2% gave a bad review to Bogota Casa at those at best were due to what we think are just miserable people. We always enjoyed dealing with Bogota Casa and found Trevor to be extremely professional and honest.

2. We actuallyy rented Marthas apartment one time for our large family when we needed more space. WHAT A BLOODY MESS!!!!!

It was dirty smelly and just all around a rip off for the price she wants.

We booked via Bogota Casa but it was all the representation of the vendor not Bogota Casa as to the shortfalls of the unit. DISREGARD THE BAD POSTING HERE ON BOGOTA CASA AND THINK FOR YOURSELF MANY OTHER REVIEWS DONT JIVE Even the other operators in Bogota say they are good

Martha is no honest

Signed an honest soul


I am Martha, for who Bogota-house discussion was generated. I do not know much English, so please forgive my mistakes.

Trevor went to our apartment, took photos and offered us personally publishing and rent our apartment through

He always charged more expensive because the clientes should get your gain, at first he paid cash right, but then, he asked to make the payment in your paypal account, he did not pay what was due us, gave us just what he wanted, I wrote and complained, he never paid us, and blocked me so I could not reach, and not satisfied spoke bad of my brother Alberto and me. Trevor is not the honest man who many people think.


We were told to rent from Martha and that her units were good quality. BAD IDEA!!!

Smell, dirty, overpriced and found hair in my sheets and condoms under the bed!!!! WOULD YOU WANT TO STAY THERE??

Look elsewhere


Guys we have been renting apartments for 6 years in Bogota ( what I have heard bogotacasa is pretty reliable and they have been operating for as long as us here in Bogota. What I would suggest is always check that the company you are renting off has offices in Bogota and a local number you can call to make sure that they are not scammers. Speak to someone in the office before booking and don't trust companies with less than 20 listings.


I have used their services on two occasions and have foung Alberto to be very reliable.

The apartment was as advertised and he bent over backwards to please. I plan to use them again on my next trip to Bogota.


I have stayed in this apartment. I see also that most of these comments are coming from the same place in Edmonton, Alberta. I guess Martha's competition are not afraid to stoop to this level. A very sad state of affairs.

That is a luxury apartment they rent. And when I rented there it was very clean. No sense in getting into a shouting match here.

The negative reviews are not written by anyone who has stayed in this wonderful apartment.



I don't get it. Why does still have a listing for that apartment if it is so bad?

This sounds like he is trying to scam them or something. Weird.



Daved Jacobs never has been with welovebogota. Adminstration registrer doesn't have his name and his passport name. believe that you see. That person doesn't know about God, he can to say anything, but the Lord knows the true, and why he is doing that, the real reason why he is doing that.




Dave Jacobs you are are not telling the truth. I think you are in competition with Martha and this is what you do to get her clients.

I have stayed at Martha's and non of the things said here art true. Shame on you for doing this!



"charged us for towels, toilet paper as well.... can you imagine when we checked in there was nothing well when we asked for toilet paper Martha wanted us to pay her 2 dollars!!! My god what a cheapo."

I missed this and need to say something. This is a false statement and made-up to slam Martha. It is terrible when people resort to such lies.

Everything is included. I know because I rent from Martha all the time.

So sad.

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