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Angels Plumbing and Heating - Angels Plumbing in NJ are not professional and can't fix things only replace them!

Angels Plumbing and Heating that services all of NJ.....Patterson, Parippany, Denville, Morristown etc. are awful plumbers how do not know how to repair things only how to fix...the result is there customers pay double what they should for heating, plumbing and/or hot water heater issues. Beware, beware, beware! If you do call Angels Plumbing and Heating in Northern NJ also be aware that they are illegal aliens and do not speak good they have only been trained to replace items....not actually fix them...evn simple porblems like a burned out heater in a hit water heater could not be properly diagnosed after 2 separate visits. Finally Angels Plumbing and Heating in Northern NJ does not honor guarantees. If you are smart you will stay away from angels plumbing and much better plumbers and professionals to chose from in Northern NJ
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Livingston, New Jersey
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Angels Plumbing and Heating - Angels Plumbing in N. NJ Does not honor guarantees....Beware

Angel's Plumbing in Parsippany New Jersey winterized my house and guaranteed their work....when the water was turned back on the hot water heater did not work and inspite of the guarantee charged me more of today the hot water heater still does not work and I might add the hot water heater is only 3 years old! Angel the owner has not properly fixed and did not honor his work/guarantee.....beware and stay away...there are much better plumbers/ professionals out there that will fix your appliances properly and honor their guarantees. Shame on you should not treat people like this in such a bad economy.
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I had similar bad experience with the foreigners from angels plumbing...stay away :cry


Ditto....Angels plumbing crew offers gaurantees and finds reasons not to honor them....are not knowledgable in heating or plumbing....can not diagnose simple problems and them always insists u need a NEW replacement

Every employee is a foreigner and do not speak good Englsh

Angel u and your company should return to your *** country!!!!!!!



:? ....angels plumbing costs you 2x as much as a good plumber because his crew does NOT know how to repair things....only replace them....thus they ALWAYS tell you that you need new pumps, heaters etc.

Stay away unless u want to 2x as much because Angels workers are not well trained heaters/ plumbers in repairs...they r installrs getting kick backs from manufactures.....beware beware beware!!!!!!!

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FX PRop PArtners - formerly YTR a FRAUD

Update by user Apr 15, 2012

FX prop partners has enough money to last until June 1, 2012.....don\'t fall for their scam!!!!! Their former fraud at YTR is catching up with them!!!! FINALLY

Original review posted by user Mar 15, 2012
Your Trading Room (YTR) frauded consumers out of $10k plus....just changed name to FX PRop Partners....beware beware beware....a total scam and 100 percent fraud..the promise world class fx training and then splitting profits....once they get enough consumers on board they go out of business and keep your money....stay away....TOTAL FRAUD Sales persons name is Robert Lang and principals are Jim Thiel (aka thief) and Barry DAvid are the principals. Do not fall victim these schemes...they partner with people outside the US thinking they are able to avoid lawsuits in the US. Both district attorneys and FBI are investigating.
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:cry .....f

FX Prop partners will be out of business by June 1, 2012!!!!!


I will assume the above response is from Barry David....I will tell you what let me join FX Prop Partners for free and put $5k in my trading account for me to trade for your new company to make up for the YTR scam that I am currently out $10k............I will stop my crusade against YOUR new company in every possible social media platform in the US.

Short to is my life mission to make sure you guys do NOT defraud any further!!!!!!!!


First of all I'd like to tell you that this company, FX Prop Partners is far from a scam. I would also like to tell you that all of the former YTR employees were just as stunned and devastated as the members when that company collapsed. Not only were we suddenly left out of a job, but many of us were owed compensation. Everyone at that company felt and still feels terrible for any members, In fact, most of us continue to work for the next two weeks, hoping that upper management would sort out whatever problems they were having….again without pay.

For you to name Robert, Jim and myself with such a slanderous tone is probably understandable given the fact that you are upset. We understand why you would be upset. However, none of us were principals in that company, we were all employees. In fact, I can tell you that Robert worked for the better part of last year for minimum wage because he believed that he was building a career with the company that was going places.

There has been a group of 250 ex YTR members that were looking for a new home given that YTR seems to no longer be viable. This group vetted the principles of FX Prop Partners and 45 of those ex YTR members are now members of this company. Given what these members have gone through with the previous company, the principles of FX Prop Partners even extended a discount to these new members. If you are serious about trading and you are looking for new home. I'm sure they would extend the same invitation to you.

I have spoken with them about this post, and they encourage you to speak directly to them about any concerns you may have about FX Prop Partners.

Once again I would like to tell you how badly we feel for all of the members of YTR. I understand how upset you must feel given the circumstances. I would only ask that you understand that all of us gave a minimum of one year of our life over to this company because we believed that the product was one of the best in the industry. Now, I would ask you to put yourself in our shoes, one day you go to work , only to find out that you're out of a job and the last year of your life meant very little.

If you would like to speak directly to the principles at FX Prop Partners please feel free to email the CEO Ian@***.com

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