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Macys - Mother's Day ruined by Macy's

My mother lives in Wyoming where there are no Macy's stores however, she comes to visit me in Georgia often and she likes to shop at Macy's when she is here. So his I decided to buy my Mother a hat from Macy's for Mother's day. I went into a Macy's store on Monday, May 4, 2015 and found the perfect hat. I went to the register to purchase the hat and began a conversation with the sales associate about how I was going to send the hat to Wyoming to my Mother for Mother's Day. She suggested that I purchase the hat online instead of in the store. That way the hat would come in a box with a card and get shipped from the store straight to her home. I agreed that this was the way to go and so the sales rep ordered the hat for me right at the register with a delivery date of Friday, May 8, 2015, two days before Mother's Day. I thought this was perfect and I was very happy. Thursday morning, May 7, 2015 I opened my email and saw that I had received an email from Macy's telling me the hat I ordered was NOT available online and my order had been cancelled! I immediately contacted customer service in a panic. I explained how frustrated I was with the fact that I had not been notified of the cancellation earlier so that I could find something else for my Mother. The customer service rep offered to OVERNIGHT something to my Mother at no charge so that it would get to her in time for Mothers Day and so I picked out another hat online. The customer service rep said the package would arrive no later than Saturday, May 9, 2015. Thursday evening, May 7, 2015, I received an email saying my item had shipped. I was relieved. Since it was sent OVERNIGHT mail I knew this meant it would be delivered the next day, Friday. WRONG. Saturday morning, May 9, 2015, I check the status of my package and I am shocked to see that the delivery date says TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015. Two days AFTER Mother's Day! I again contact customer service and I am told that they don't know why the package got held up and was not delivered on Friday, but they never deliver on Saturdays so they don't know why anyone would have told me this! I ask to speak to a manager and I am passed around for person to person (10 to be exact) and not one is a manager and not one can help me. I eventually close my account. I am now in tears because it is too late to send my Mother ANYTHING for Mother's Day. Thanks Macy's.
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Sounds like your mom is a manipulative ***


Call your mother for Mother's Day. Much better than a hat.


Yeah well it is the thought that counts and I am sure your mother will appreciate the gift when she gets it.


What are you in kindergarten. This is not going to work. She will tell me how disappointed she is that I did not get the gift on time and tell me it is a sign that I do not love her and since the gift is a day late she will return it to me and tell me she does not want it.

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Lets Go Travel Group - Beware of Let's Go Travel Group!

Let's Go Travel Group is a scam! They claim to be the place to go for the latest and greatest on Major National Events. They say they are one of the best online resources for urban events available on the market today. But they are NOT! They advertised a 2012 Spring Break trip to Panama City for HBCU students and then did not deliver. The trip was supposed to be from March 14-18, but on March 13th they first tried to shorten the trip (for the same money!) and then when students and their parents complained they abruptly cancelled the trip! Not only did they cancel the trip but they won't refund any of the money. Now let's be clear, this is no small amount of money. Students paid no less than $400.00 thinking they were going to have 5 days and 4 nights of fun in Panama City. The trip was supposed to include a party bus to and from Panama City, party bag with T-shirt, 4 nights stay in a hotel, 4 nights of partying at a club, shuttle service to and from clubs, shopping and dining. Now these students get to sit in their dorms all spring break with no money! DO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT BOOK A TRIP WITH LETS GO TRAVEL
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The interesting part is that there are multiple businesses with the same name. I do know about one located in Uganda...a legit one. All I have to say is what my gramdma told me once: "Everything that shines, is not gold"...just be careful, there are plentty of lazy people in this world that just want to make easy money off the ones that their hearts are not corrupted yet.


The BBB is investigating the company. Go to and under the businesses for Nashville,TN you can file a complaint.

I filed a complaint yesterday and the BBB called today to follow up. Spread the word about Carl Owens, he won't ever get business from HBCUs again.


Spread the word about Carl Owens and Let's Go Travel Group so that he can't keep doing this. Post warnings about it on your twitter and facebook, contact your bank, PayPal, the BBB, and credit card company and report it. Contact the Tennessee police and report it. The Tennessee police number is 615-862-****. Give them the following information:

Carl Owens doing business as

Let's Go Travel Group

1728 Edgewood Avenue

Nashville, TN 37207

615-788-**** or 615-538-****


I go to Morgan state university and they did the same thing to us!!!!!!! the worse group ever!!!


i just had the same thing happen to me and my school. they cancelled our panama trip a few minutes ago.

DO NOT book with them.

EVER. I will be reporting them to the BBB in a few days if im not refunded.


i just had the same thing happen to me and my school. they cancelled our panama trip a few minutes ago.

DO NOT book with them.

EVER. I will be reporting them to the BBB in a few days if im not refunded.


I'm a student at Howard University and I booked the same trip for Spring Break. DO NOT use Let's Go Travel Group.

It's a really unprofessional "agency" that will try and rip you off. I should have done more research on the company before I booked with them, but now my Spring Break beach trip is cancelled, AND they only gave me 12 hours notice before they cancelled the trip so I couldn't even make new plans.Stay away from this agency...

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