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Spark Innovations' owner Robert G. Dickie is a thief! Inventors BEWARE!!!

I apologize in advance for my English writing - it's actually my third language! The true story of how I got financially cheated by Robert G. Dickie, Lara Clair, Gary Vilinsky & the designers at Spark Innovations. The first week of March 2011, I signed a $24,859.50 contract with Spark Innovations. A Design Company based in Toronto. Their job was to handle my project from start to finish. They were to product & patent research, develop & design my idea based on my specifications: using my own designs & pictures & build a functional prototype for me to shop around to investors. Each Phase had a set delivery date, but when I started noticing delays from the designer's, I decided to cut them some slack & not make trouble. Meanwhile, I kept my end of the bargain a 100%. I made the payments requested by the owner Robert G Dickie, the office Manager Lara Clair & the CFO Gary Vilinsky, yet I was still not getting the designs I expected. Disappointed, I decided to not pursue to Phase 3. Which was the Prototyping part & begged them to correct all the mistakes they've made before closing my file. Here is a list of all my payments: March 11 - $6080, April 6 - 11,000, May 30 - $2800, June 27 - $1500, July 11 - $500, Feb 28, 2012 - $945.50. I have proof of the contract I signed with all the phases described in details, every bank statements & emails exchanged. Please notice that I've held back on making the last payment of $945.50 for a while because I was still waiting for them to finish the other part of my work. But under pressure, I caved in & did pay up. What a big mistake on my part. I know, I'm a classy ***! I'm not sure if Robert's partner as well as some of his employees quitting made a difference in the unusable drawings I received but even when they were around, they sadly failed to deliver. Look, I could go into details but here is one simple example for why I couldn't work with them anymore. I asked for my product to run with batteries, they tried to convince me an electrical cord would be better. I insisted that having batteries would make the product easier to move around. They agreed & even suggested having both. At the end, they only gave me an electrical cord. WHAT? You see where I'm going with this? Yeah, it's actually worse then you think. Trust me, it's not like I didn't kiss their ***. I was very patient & really wanted things to workout. I emailed, called & sent pictures of what I wanted, happy to help but in spite of it all, my specifications kept on being ignored. All the back & forth nearly drove me nuts. The entire team at Spark knew I was being taken advantage of. Yet they still didn't bother to help me. Honestly, I think Robert himself forbade them to do so. It's only after I got a little angry via email, & emotional over the phone while talking to Lara, did Robert give the OK for his designers to continue work on my project. You want to laugh, Spark's CFO Gary Vilinsky even had the audacity to send me a new bill trying to cash in for correcting mistakes they made. I swear, I'm not making this up. I have tangible proof. You would think with all the experience Spark's has, they'd have no problem copying from the designs I drew & forwarded to them. Wrong, we still had to do more back & forth & yes, I refused to pay for any of it! My patience had run its course. Is Spark Innovations in the business of taking advantage of trusting people like me? It sure seems like it – right? Meanwhile, I had paid an amount of $22,825.50. for YES you got it - unfinished & unusable designs! Still, willing to quietly fix things & not fight with anyone, I got in touch with Robert & Lara in order to be reimbursed part of my payment. But they remained uncooperative! It's only after I explained to them how I was going to expose their thievery did they decide to reimburse me $1808.00. Their excuse was someone else had made an error in billing me. Look, I had to hire another designer to work on my designs & I have deadlines to respect. I can't just forget about $14,240 + tax. So, offering me $1808 is not only insulting but it's also a slap in the face. Are they kidding? Furthermore, my patent lawyer, my accountant & I have been trying to match the payments I sent Sparks & the receipts they've finally agreed to forward to me after numerous request – RED ALERT, many discrepancies! Even the Patent Research they claim to have done for my product has no paper trail. Plus I did part of that research. I had sent it to them so they could have a clear idea of what I wanted. Yet they still managed to cheat $850 + tax out of my pocket, convincing me they had been more thorough in their research. God am I ever gullible! And can you believe that even if Robert admits to feeling sorry his people did not live up to my expectations, he still feels entitled to keep $2780 for the Detailed Concept & $6860 for the Cad Development. Wait, it gets better, he also wants $2150 for the Prototype Development, $1800 for the Physical Prototype & $1600 for the Production Preparation? Buddy, you not only didn't design what I wanted & paid for, but you also didn't make the Prototype!!!! Although I'm already unfairly allowing Spark Innovations to keep $8585.50 of my hard earned cash, it's seems they also want my blood. Is there any justice out there? Anyway, to all inventors with a desire to create, please BEWARE & help me spread the word! We can't let Spark Innovations & Robert G. Dickie's Dream Team get away with robbing us blind. We deserve better!
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Any company, that allows a customer to leave their company unsatisfied can not be trusted on any of my design projects.


Agree with user LP. If Spark was really like this, they would not exist.

Also, at that time (way back in 2011), we did have a small personnel issue, with a single employee, which has long been taken care of. Come check us out for yourself. We have the best design team, second to none !

All senior level, no rookies here. We get things done, and done right.


The information within this review is unfounded and slanderous. The person that has written this review has since been sued by a competitor of ours and other companies in our area are also taking action for statements such as these. Please do not take this person's statements seriously.

Thank you


Please add Richard Coulson of Aequus Global Design to the list of dishonest people and stay away from his firm

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