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N/S Fitness ripped me off for training session

NS Fitness #725067
Yeah. I had to go to the bbb and make a complaint. They finally got back to me. Then they said they will adjust the price accordingly. They sait that they will send me a refund for the over charged. That never happened. I called once a day for a month. Never got a call back. So I changed my card to a prepaid walmart card and only put enough money on it for the fees till the end of my contract minus the month they owed me. When you cancel membership you have to give a 30 day notice. I tried to cancel 35 days before but I was told that I can't cancel until 30 days before the contract was up. I read the fine print on my contract and if I didn't cancel exactly 30 days before the contract would renew. So I canceled and they promply called because my card declined the last month charge. I said thanks for finally calling and explained that I did that for a reason. That they owed me the money but never refunded. That they had never returned my calls. They appoligized and offered me a discout on a new membership. Haha. Yeah right. I'm at Training Zone now. No B.S. yet. Heard a rumor they were going to buy it out. If that happens i will cancel.t.
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