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Apple - Wiped computer clean w/o notice for physical defect

My MacBook Air had a manufacturer's defect that Apple knew about and was repairing under warranty. The hinge on the screen was broken. Despite speaking with four Apple employees on the phone and in person at the Apple store, I was never told they may force me to upgrade me to their newest software (why?) and wiped out everything on my hard drive, for a non software issue! I beleive that is because the Apple employees never contemplated that this could happen either. I picked up my computer and was told " I hope you backed everything up". I have contacted Apple several times and was told they are very sorry. That is it. Not that they will take steps to prevent this from happening in the future or help me recover the lost music etc. I purchased from them on Itunes. This is my business computer and as a self employed person this has been devastating. Its effect on my business has been nothing short of catastrophic. I have been a very loyal Apple customer but am thinking now that Appl'es success has gone to its "head" and the arrogance will cross over into its product quality
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This really is a matter of common sense. You should always backup your computer whether or not they tell you to.

This is not apple's fault but your own. Like another commenter said, since its a business computer backup your computer is essential.




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Back up your computer, especially if its going in for repairs.

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I'm rather surprised you don't have a backup of your computer, especially being it's a business computer. What would happen if the device were to be stolen or destroyed in some catastrophe?

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