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Net10 Wireless - Net10 - Hurt my business, kept changing my phone number, Lied about refund!

In 2011, I purchased a Net10 pre-paid wireless phone and activation card, and was assigned a phone number. THIS PHONE WAS USED FOR MY BUSINESS. It began normal. I spent over $200 to place ADVERTISEMENTS using this new phone number in the ad. Without notice I discovered that Net10 changed my phone number approximately 1 week into the first month of service! Customer service remedied the issue. Approximately 1 week later, I lost service completely! Customer service informed me that they could not resolve my issue, and I demanded a refund. Customer service transferred me to an agent who admitted his job was to first try to talk me out of canceling my service and getting a refund. When I made it clear why i was canceling and how I had lost a lot of money because of Net10, he processed my refund telling me the exact dollar amount to be refunded for the phone itself PLUS the 1 month service card which was not only never valid to begin with, but it ended up causing me to lose money because of my ADVERTISEMENT and existing and potential clients were unable to call my business. I wrote everything down, and asked the rep to repeat the details to be sure I was getting my full refund. When the refund arrived, it was only for the phone!!! When I called back, they informed me that the rep was wrong and they refused to refund the 1 month service card "because it had been activated". Not to mention, I had to mail the phone to Net10 and pay the shipping cost myself! I've waited a long time for an opportunity to complain about this publicly. Thanks "Pissed"
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I had the exact same problem, I ported my number in from Verizon, a number used for business that I've had 6 years, the number is painted on my building, on my delivery van, then two days after activating service with net10, they deactivated my phone for no apparent reason then when I called in to have it turned back on because it shouldn't have been off, they reactivated it with a new number! They told me my number was gone never to be returned, that it didn't exist anymore in any carrier's system so it couldn't be retrieved, or ported out or anything!

I was so hurt thinking about all the inconveniences losing my number was going to cause! Anyway I stayed on the phone with foreigners for approximately 6 hours per day for 5 days straight....I'd hold them on the phone asking question after question sometimes the same question just reworded, I sort of acted as if I was reading a script as they do, just when I was about to give up, I decided to sacrifice another $40 just to see what would happen because my account was set up on the number they decided to take, I activated a new airtime card and they gave me Another new number but then I called back in and told them they activated the wrong line, it wasn't the line I bought the airtime for. Miraculously they pulled my old business line out of lost number limbo and activated it. I was so happy!

I immediately called Verizon and had the number ported back to them where it is safe. Don't trust net10 and definitely don't trust anything they tell you. All lies!

I'm glad I didn't give up, so so many, endless representatives told me they couldn't do anything for me, told me the number was gone even though I didn't request a new number, they were all programmed to say the same thing..... they would get tired of me and transfer me out when I kept them on the phone so long....Lol I actually got a kick out if doing it, I frustrated them becausetheir this was their fault, it it was worth all the hours put in, I got my number back!


Just happened to me, spent the day sending and delivering resumes with what I thought was my number. When I got home my phone wouldn't work.

I called customer service and they got my phone working but with the WRONG number.

When I explained my problem the representative just kept saying your phone is working sir. Thanks Net10


Hi, this is Mia and I work for NET10. I can help you get this resolved right away.

Please email us your contact information to

Please copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email to us. Include your name, contact number and your phone serial or cell phone number or you can chat with us live @ .


They just did the same thing to me but I had my business number for 6 years, I come home from Europe and they changed my number and won't change it back !! What the ***!!

.?? It's been two weeks and I was expecting EXTREMELY important calls , but I don't have my number!!


I am Ava and I work with NET10. Please let me help you get this resolved.

Send me an email at NT.CorpResolutionTeam@***.com and we will resolve your problem right away. Include your name, a contact number and your cell phone number or phone serial number. Just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email to us.

We will fix this for you. Please include your blog name in your email.

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Langley Insurance - paid them but no insurance!

In January 2012, when I drove to the Langley Insurance office in Daphne, Alabama, I made my monthly auto-insurance payment which was due in a few days. While there, and since I was doing fairly well with money at the time, I decided to make an extra payment for February to avoid having to make the drive again. When February came, GMAC (the actual insurance provider) sent me a letter saying I owed money for February. Langley Insurance assured me they would resolve the issue. Long story short: 3 calls to Langley later, after being assured the issue would be resolved... I received a letter from GMAC notifying me that my auto-insurance policy had been canceled due to non-payment. I called GMAC and was told I would receive a call back later that day. 2 DAYS LATER I called GMAC because I never received their return call. Finally a GMAC rep resolved the issue for me, although if I had been in an accident during that imaginary lapse time period GMAC would have refused to pay. I also have not received confirmation of this remedy by mail as of yet because the issue was just "resolved" yesterday.
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