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We have been members with USAA for years now. At the beginning of Feb. we were hit by a man who was speeding and ran a red light. He was given a ticket and his insurance company accepted fault. USAA is still being horrible! I broke my knee and tore several ligaments in the accident. I still cannot put any weight on my leg, so we decided to enroll my 2 year old daughter in daycare until I can get moving again. We only did this because USAA said that it was covered under our policy and all I needed to do was send a receipt. When I first called to ask if they got my receipt I talked to a VERY rude rep. who informed me that they would not pay for it because its an expense we already had..Umm no I work from 3pm-11pm and her dad from 8am-3pm so she is always with one of us. After explaining this to her I was told I would recieve the reimbursement. Never got it. So I called again this time i was told that they would not pay it because I have an income so I can pick between my lost wages (which I still have not recieved) or child care expenses. EXCUSE ME I should not have to pick from either...I would not be waiting on lost wages if I wasnt in the accident and I wouldnt be paying for childcare either...they are a total waste of money because when you need them most they will turn their back on you....
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The USAA claims adjusters are only nice to you until the bills for them come in. Then they turn on you and treat you like rat ***.

I was involved in a hit and run, I was not at fault, and when I made the claim for the accident, an agent told me this would be an uninsured motorist claim, and I would be provided a rental car fully covered. They recorded my side of the story where I was asked more than once if my car was drivable. I said yes, for the most part, other than some new noises I am hearing. I sent her the estimated repair costs, and the next day I asked if they received the documents.

Now, all of a sudden, it turns out I was turned down for a rental car. I needed one desperately because I had to drive a long distance the next day, and did not feel safe driving my car. Not to mention the fact that the body shop manager told me that the car would be in the shop for about 10 days, and I have absolutely no other means of transportation (my husband was working out of state, all my family lives hours away, and my co-workers live on opposite sides of the city). This literally had me freaking out to the point of panic.

But they were so stern and rude to me saying that I would not be approved for a rental car. When all of this is done and my car is fixed, USAA is gone!


Recently had a fire claim in Alabama . The adjusters are rude and fight you on every expense. In a nutshell, USAA is not your Grandfather's USAA that was honorable and treated people well.

Small example. Every single item in your house down to your socks you will haggle over the price. Yes , I had replacement cost coverage. USAA estimates that the majority of the public will be worn down and take what they are given.

What USAA does not realize is that I will tell everyone I know of my experience and they will lose business to companies that treat people well in times of distress.


I agree . I recently had a claim and the adjusters are rude and domineering. This involved a homeowners claim.


Auto covering Daycare - wow, never heard of it.

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