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Buffalo Closing Management Misrepresented their guarantee and consumer scam

Buffalo Closing Management says they are customer friendly and guarantee their services . For 10% they will sell your time share. After you have paid your up front fees the gimmick comes in the fact they "SAY" they are selling to a foreign buyer and the seller must front the Governmnet and Misc taxes. This will happen not only once but "several" times. They will not keep their word on their closing date and when you are able to talk top someone(not often) will have a myriad of excuses. Do not fall for this scam.!!!!!! The are good!! Their account people seem to understnd everything when it is in their favor but when the discussion falls on their quesitionable tactics they become English illiterate and rude. They have a beautiful web site deciscribing their qualtiies of consumer satisfaction. They far from fullfill their promises. I am assuming that for your 10% fee that what you get is the run around until you give up. I do not intend to do that. They will harass you for your end of the bargain and I intend to do the same for mine. Be aware they will not be up front with their charges and promissary dates and will for sure not be consumer friendly or helpful .. BE careful!!!!
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We almost fell into the same scam in late 2011 but after some investigating we found the following:

1. At the time there was no web site

2. They pushed hard for us to wire the money (10%) to Mexico and said they would guarantee it although they are NOT bonded only based on their word and phony docs.

3. I tried to locate their exact business location but when I called the management company of the building, they had no recollection of BCM as a tenant in the building. When asked BCM what suit, they said the entire way...check out the building on's huge.

4. Now it is almost a year later and they have sent a new email stating that the deal is still pending and that we need to close on it soon...ya right.

This is a huge scam and they are relentless...don't do it!!! As soon as you wire money to anyone and when it leaves your account...consider it gone. Especially when you wire outside the US or Canada.


Buffalo Closing Management is a scam. I have been working with them since February 2012 and it's June, 2012 and I'm still waiting for the closing of 2 timeshares.

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