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Ibestbridal - Hopeless Rip-Off!! STEER CLEAR

Received this dress 13 days after expected, despite paying for rush shipping. The quality of the dress is hopeless! - Wrong material - Apart from the main shape none of it is true to the original design - Beading and sequins are wrong - Not even lace, just embroidered material and not even high quality embroidery at that! - Bodice is completely the wrong design...just like they made it up. The customer service throughout this process has been hopeless. Every time they replied to me it was with the same patronising "Don't worry, please be patient". - Website says they always send photographs of the dresses before shipping, which is why I chose this website. But after receiving the shipping notice they just said the factory was too busy to take photographs. - After they were late on delivering the dress I asked for a refund on the rush delivery fee. They said they would do it but I am still waiting....after 3 weeks! RIDICULOUS! HOPELESS AND INFURIATING!! I will never use this website again or recommend it to anyone. STEER CLEAR!!!
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Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you. Did anything ever get resolved or did you just have to cut your losses?

i'm in love with a wedding dress that is too expensive for me except for on this website and i am hoping your experience is not the normal, especially since it's been over a year and the website is still around.

Anything you can tell me would be great! Thanks and sorry for your troubles.


Hi Raine,

No, nothing ever did get resolved. In short: they said after I sent it back they would arrange the full refund less the postage fee. So I sent it back and then it was another round of endless emails again. At first they said that they had already given me the refund, but wouldn't give me any bank transfer details. They kept telling me to be patient. Then after dragging it out for several months they said it was due to me returning the dress late. I just cut my losses in the end, still really disappointed about it.

I really really recommend you don't do it! There is a reason why you pay more! Good luck.


Thought I would give a progress report on what's been happening.

So I ended up sending the dress back and am still waiting on a refund. Five weeks and still counting!! RIDICULOUS! I keep emailing but only get a reply after about ten days. Here's some of the replies when I ask why there is a hold-up with the refund (yes, direct copy-pastes):

1. Dear

Thanks for your email,I am really sorry for this inconvenience brought to u,as our bosses are so busy these days,I will call them again,please give them some more patience!

Best regards


2. Dear ,

Pls contact our after sales dept for your refund since I have no idea of the details


3. Dear

Thanks for your email,I am really sorry for this inconvenience brought to u,as u know our financial department are so busy everyday,please give them some more patience!

As you can tell, pathetic. They don't even put in my name after "Dear"!


Hi Pam. I am sorry I've taken so long to reply!

I'm not sure if you've received the dress yet. I ordered the Pronovias Pompeya dress. It is hopeless! I just ordered the real deal from a store here in Perth instead.

I ended up asking for a refund and then they told me to send the dress back, which I have done. It's now been two weeks and it seems they are just ignoring my emails...which *** me off to no end! So I've not only wasted my money buying the dress but also on sending it back express. My advice if you haven't received the dress yet is to ask for a's the best way.

Or if the dress is *** then don't send it back...ask for a refund...but beware...they will offer you let's say $100 at first and if you keep saying you would rather return the dress they keep coming back with higher and higher offers.

The final offer I received was $150, which in retrospect I should have taken...but who knew they would just ignore my emails after I sent the dress back!

Hope this helps and isn't just my random rambling!

p.s. How hopeless is it when their reply is "U should be more patient"...can they not spell?!


I am waiting for my dress from this website, I understand that I am paying $300 instead of $3,000 so I am expecting a little less quality. Can I please ask what dress you ordered?

Very worried about what I am going to receive now, my dress is satin with lace over the top and if it is just embroidered material, I will be pretty pissed as well. I am getting the same reply when I query the progress of my dress.

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