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Gino Zanetti Custom Tailors - failed to deliver & no refund

I had applied for a deal through the company Groupon, for two tailored suits for my best man and I. I arranged an appointment, and Graham Scott, their tailoring director came out to my address to measure us up, as was part of his service. The suits were promised to me on the 29th november, which was one month after the measuring. When I had not heard anything by 17th December, I phoned the company to be advised that there was a problem with the order but it would be in before Christmas. I phone the company again on the 3rd January after not hearing a response and he again delayed. To the 14th January. At no point has he contacted me without me having to phone him 1st, and this was he case after the 14th January when he made further excuses about his company operation and apologised again, stating the 30th Jan for delivery. By this point I wanted assurances and booked a meeting with him for the 30th at 18:00. I waited in for him but was upset to find that he did not show up, without the courtesy of a phone call to notify me. On the following Monday, I phoned him and he made an excuse relating to personal problems. I offered my sympathies but stated that a phone call would have been respectful. I had told him what I thought of his business acumen, and he said that he would like a final opportunity to deliver the suits with a compensatory package. Two further dealines passed in February and his email to me was categorically different to what had been discussed over the phone. Be was attempting to put the date back further, yet again. I spoke to him and asked for a full refund Which he was happy to oblige. I have not received said refund yet. My wedding is in four weeks. Furthermore, he has advertised further business on Groupon without fulfilling is first orders. Groupon are aware of the situation but were not interested in supporting my claim for my money back, and have advised that I would need to be patient. My credit card has provided me with the amount paid using the credit card back to me but a seperate payment is still pending. I am left saddened by the whole situation, leaving me to rush to get a new suit.
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I am the same he joined Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce.I have paid cash in June and no suit.Excuses about the material which is obviously an old trick.I am going to Police as I have his mobile but suspect I will lose £242.He lives in Falkirk.


A quick search on Companies House will tell you that this man is back in business as Stefano Dutti tailors. A franchise I believe.


GZ customer here too. My last comment seems to have disappeared oddly!

I just wanted to check the outcome of some of your disputes as I'm in the same boat.

Was there any legal, criminal action taken? Or were you able to resolve it with the director of the company Mrs Mary Scott?


I'm also a GZ customer - no suit, no refund. Can anyone say what the outcome was for them? legal, criminal, trading standards or was in fact a refund secured?


Got measured for two shirts as a groupon offer on 9 Jan 2012. Was quite impressed with Graham Scott (first mistake) at the measuring appointment so also paid cash for a new suit as an introductory offer.

No shirts or suit received but numerous excuses of which everyone has been used in other comments.

Whilst I now don't expect to ever receive my clothes if I ever did there is a good chance my sizes will probably have changed anyway.

I live in hope that this man is caught and stopped from ripping people off. I have no proof but believe that this is not the first company that Mr Scott has been a director of that has been involved in controversy (Allegedly)


I too have had same experience! Graham Scott failed to arrive first visit,did arrive for second visit.On promised date,suit gone missing,second suit due two weeks later.

Guess what? No contact,both his mail boxes full,my daughters wedding July!! Contacted Groupon,they were fantastic,full refund within 7 days.

They are investigating Gino Zanette. Now have to shop for a suit :sigh


Got a phone call from Graham Scott 2 weeks ago to tell me that my suit and shirts would be ready for delivery. I was on holiday (out of the country) the day that he proposed to fit the suit and shirts.

He informed me that he would be refunding my money received from Groupon, still to receive. He also stated that he would be at my house the weekend after me arriving home from my holiday. Still no suit and shirts.

Placed order 2nd week in January 2012. In the same boat as every other comment, got the same excuses.


This has also happened to me. Mr Scott should be *** down as the man is a Scammer, some os his excuses

1. The sleeve was damaged

2. Somthing leaked on the crate that the suit was in.

3. My button hole machine has broken down!

4. Lies

5. Lies

6. Oh yeah, more Lies


I've had exactly the same experience - got in November, told i'd have the suit by Christmas, still nothing.


This has happened to me too. Got fitted, promised 6 weeks delivery, nothing.

Got hold of graham who was surprised that I hadn,t received my suits and said maybe there was a problem with my order and he would call me straight back.

No call back, not answered any of my calls, emails or voicemails since. I have emailed group on to complain.

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