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Phoenix Apparels, Tirupur - Fraud Company

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Hi Team,
We own the company named PHOENIX APPARELS BASED AT TIRUPUR - TAMILNADU, INDIA.The above posting was done not by my buyer as she is in USA. I found the person who has posted the above about me and my company. And That is Mr.ARun, S/O.P.Ramaswamy, No:3, Panchabikesan street,Mahalakshmi Nagar, Selaiyur,Chennai 600 073, Tamil Nadu, India. And i have taken legal action against that Person(Mr.Arun). And Himself he has accepted that.i have the proof.So do not believe his affidavit to remove this posting.Ask for his original IP Address and verify and then remove it please.Am sure he wont provide that coz i know where he has posted this from. i need justice please do not support Mr.Arun as his intention is untruthful , irrelevant, intentionally damaging,and Mr.Arun and his relatives threatened me not to go for legal action against him but now i have gone and so he is trying to escape from this case. please help me to get the justice. because Mr.Arun will go to any extent to kill me and my family and to destroy my business to escape from this case.So please help us to get the justice by asking him to provide the IP Address and then if that matches then remove it.

Thanks & Regards
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Phoenix Apparels, Tirupur - Fraud Company

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We own a company named Phoenix Apparels based at Tirupur-Tamilnadu,India.
Today while browsing google search, we seen this review on your website.
This is a total fake complaint, as the customer (who created this review) is cheated us without paying for the goods after she received the same.
We are fed up with her and left the issue un resolved.
But she acted cleverly and started posting fake stories on forums to show herself clean.

After seeing this review, we decided to launch a legal complaint against the company or whoever posted this review without proper documents. So, kindly help us by removing the post Immediately and pls. provide the IP address details of the person who posted it.

We can submit any kind of documents to prove our claim.

So, Please do this favour as soon as possible, as this will spoil our reputation.

Phoenix Apparels
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