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Sent me an email to rate Megabus and when you click on link it says you completed the survey already

The link to survey says you completed it and I really wanted to comment. I took 2 trips to NY and back to Rochester. The first trip was okay till we got to New Jersey where we had to get a new driver because their time driving was up. We had to wait for a new driver to arrive. Crossing over to Manhattan went okay except for the traffic jam which was not their fault. The trip back was worse. First they have a terrible way of lining people up. I was 7th on line and people kept trying to cut the line and we had to say the line was back there. No Megabus employees were there till almost 11 when the bus was scheduled to leave. Several people stood at the front of the line and said they weren’t cutting the line but wanted to make sure they got a seat. When the employee announced the bus the people who were really on the line first and I went to the door. I got on and sat at the table area on the first level. Not long after the 3 line cutters came to sit at the table. They were kind of loud and slightly obnoxious. The two “adults” had foul mouths despite having a child with them. Then the man started watching movies on his phone without earphones. The wifi wasn't working for the whole trip. We finally got going and then we stopped just over the border to NJ and stopped and the driver left without an explanation at all. Then a new driver arrived and started cleaning the bus and the windows. Then he came over to me where I had one bottle of water and said he needed my bottle of water to wash his face. Seriously? He said he would buy me a bottle at the rest stop which turned out to be hours away. I offered him facial wipes and he said he can’t use them. One of the line cutters had an extra bottle and offered it to him. He did buy them another bottle later. The bus filled up with the smell of window cleaner which made me cough. I asked him about the WiFi and he said sometimes it doesn’t work but he never offered to see if it was even on. Then we made too many rest tops in my opinion. The some got text msgs than we would be late due to traffic. We agreed that it was due to stopping too much. We finally arrived 1 hour and ten minutes late. When we did arrive the people going to Buffalo and Toronto thought we were going to Boston since they didn’t change the sign on the bus that said Boston when we left NYC. They should have staff there in NYC to maintain the line and distribute numbers to people who wait on line so cutters don’t jump in line. I had only carry on and people who have baggage need to go to put in baggage. I think the most important things are keeping the customers organized, maintaining the line, keeping on time, WIFI and that people have head phones, keep quiet on overnight buses as much as possible.
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