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AWBC Platinum is an online shopping site exclusive for members only. This site offers an extensive range of high quality merchandise at very affordable prices. Members can easily shop from the comfort of their homes via their extensive but user-friendly website. They also have an efficient customer service and very prompt delivery. I have been a satisfied member of for almost six months now and I am very pleased with their products and how they handle transactions. They make online shopping hassle and worry-free. I would definitely recommend this site to my family and friends!
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After doing some research because I felt like I was ripped off by these guys, I found this site (as well as many others) and I realized I wasn't the only ones tricked. I will start by saying that I did purchase this, but they hid many of the costs and used very diseptive advertising to fool me into paying for many other things that I agreed to.

First off, if you look at the second page of the sites they opt you into 2 other monthly fees that are never mentioned in the Terms. They put this information way under the submit button so most people will never scroll down to ever see it. This is borderline illegal and I'm sure at some point the FTC will be knocking on their door. You think you are paying $2.78 and then you find out they are charging you over $70 a month for 3 different things. When you call to cancel they might cancel and refund 2 of the 3, maybe all 3 if you are lucky. I did not receive a full refund. This is how they make their money. They will also try to talk you into staying with their program because it will help your credit. This is a SCAM and a total LIE. They DO NOT report to the top 3 credit reporting agencies so it WILL NOT help your credit. If they told you on the phone that it will, then they are lying to you. If they told you this you should complain to the FTC. If they do not give you a full refund you should complain to the FTC or the BBB.

I've done alot of research on these guys because I spent hours on the phone, had to deal with my credit card company when I went over the limit and was charged extra fees, and they still didn't refund my money after it is obvious their site is a total lie. They offer you "Credit" but charge you twice as much for the product, you pay up-front the full price, and then finance the rest. Why would people do this? Well, they don't realize when they sign up for the site. Even if you cancel they still get your money for the ID Watchdog and the Vcomm voicemail they charge you for. No matter what they make money while tricking you into believing that you are getting credit. Then they will tell you it will help your credit, but it WILL NOT help your credit score.

To show you how tricky they are, they recently changed the name of their company. On May 30, 2008 they bought the vantexgroup. com (Vantex Group) and that is their current marketing site. This is how they pay their "affiliates" which are really spammers and website owners that direct traffic to their misleading products. Well, before May 30th, they were know as Vertek Group (vertekgroup. com goes to vantexgroup. com). They changed names to try to hide from all the people they ripped off. They also changed their domains. They used to all use the domain, but now they all have new domains. And why would you need so many different sites if you are trying to build a good brand of credit. It is to hide who they are so the complaints don't pile up. Eventually the FTC, BBB, or FBI will figure out the tactics these scam artists are using. Here are their current sites: First Plus Platinum Credit - firstplusplatinumoffer. com; Centennial One Platinum Credit - centennialoneplatinumoffer. com; AWBC Platinum Credit - awbcplatinumoffer. com; Global Gold Credit - globalgoldcreditoffer. com; First National Gold Credit - firstnationalgoldoffer. com; First Universal Platinum Credit - firstuniversalplatinumoffer. com.

They really messed with the wrong person. When I feel like I have been taken advantage of, I make sure let everyone know. Not to mention I am very internet savy so it really didn't take me too long to figure all of this out. I have also made my complaints to the BBB and FTC. I encourage everyone else to also do so. I've seen this info on other posts ftc. gov/ftc/complaint.shtm or call 1-87*-***-****

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