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ServiceMaster Clean - Servicemaster tulsa service master tulsa sucks

My insurance company reccommend this servicemaster company as a program provider for a water damage i had. Poor communication from the office, i don;t think the lady in the office had a clue what she was doing or talking about which led to slow service and not very good overall. I told my agent they had better never send servicemaster my way again and asked if they could do something with the billing becuase the service was not worth the billing. I would not reccommend servicemaster in tulsa to anyone...i think we have other choices in this town....just save yourself a headache.
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Former employee sounds more plausible to me for a couple of reasons. The lady who answers the phone has very little to do with the drying process of a given structure, i.e.

the service that this person is complaining about. She gets a name, phone number, and address and then hands it over to the Project Manager or someone similar. When people have just experienced water damage or a fire, an hour can seem like a very long time. However the person making the complaint doesn't give any time frame and merely says the service was "slow" and not good overall, and seems to want to assign all the blame to the person who took the call.

What else was poor about the service? Did they dry it out or not?

Did they break something? Did they show up with not enough drying equipment and have to call to get more (which is quite common since customers usually over estimate or underestimate the damage).


We know for sure that this is a former employee. Proof has been established.


How?Do you know?This is a former employee.Are we suppose to just take your word.

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Chris Perry Restoration Marketer Sucks More Floods

Restoration marketer in Kansas City, MO. with More Floods, Inc. He gives bad advice, Poor Service. Poor Integrity. Tries to sell services to market my restoration company but no real formal education in business. Think they call that moonlighting when you work for a company but then try and sell your own services to other companies you meet with. After looking at some of the work I was just not interested in paying him for the type of service or communication he delivered on. I reccommend seeking out another company to do marketing with in the futre. thank you for your time.
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This person touts lots of experience but to my knowledge has no college degree or very much hands in experience. He is more or less a good bullshitter and salesman.

He's young so he couldn't have very much experience at all. I saw right through him the first time I saw him.


We have done business with More Floods for a number of years. Chris Perry is fair, honest and intelligent.

In short, a person of integrity! I think it's a shame that his reputation is being called into question by someone who may not have clearly understood what More Floods is truly about as an organization.


Do not recommend more floods. Other program opportunities exist than this leads service.

Not a good choice to other options. Just my opinion


I take SERIOUS exception to this misinformed "review" that is nothing more than a rather weak attempt at a personal attack. Here are some of the holes in this "review":

1. Bad advice? Your opinion of my advice (which I'm 100% certain was even given for reasons I'll detail below) is of no relevance to my abilities, products, services, or experience. I give advice to restoration companies every day and there is a laundry list of them that would categorically disagree with your statement. Don't take my word for it, though - find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, industry forums, the More Floods website, anywhere and ask the people that have worked with me previously or continue to today.

2. Poor service? You CLEARLY state that you never actually acquired my services, so what do you know of my service standards?! To suggest that the Porsche that you've seen on the showroom floor doesn't perform like your Toyota simply because you talked to the sales rep and stood next to it is reckless at best. You are clearly assuming a substantial amount with this statement. Need I spell out what happens when one assumes?

3. Poor integrity?! If you're going to so blatantly attack someone's integrity in the future, I'd suggest actually having a history with that person beforehand and ranting in the proper venue (more bad advice, I know). You, sir, chose to log into a website called "Pissed Consumer" and post a blatant personal attack riddled with false statements, while having never actually worked with me (the foundation of being a consumer). Your "review" speaks more to your lack of integrity than it does of me in any way.

4. No real formal education in business? My college transcripts would disagree. More assumptions followed by laughably false statements.

5. Moonlighting?! I do not moonlight. I'm currently employed as part of the More Floods team. Period. That "bad advice and poor service" that I was using during my consulting days is making a lot of More Floods members a lot of money right now. I do not consult outside the More Floods membership base. Your continued assumptions aren't based on chronological events and, again, are completely false.

6. The devil's in the details. To have you attack me on a personal and professional level without the proper use of punctuation, spelling, grammar, or capitalization is insulting. Your blatant lack of attention to details in a false "review" on a public forum, while staying anonymous speaks volumes of your professionalism.

7. As mentioned above, I'm not only 100% certain that we've never actually spoken on a professional level, but we've never spoken on any level. Why's that? Because you didn't cover your tracks very well. You signed up for this account on Feb 23 and immediately posted this "review". I haven't been an independent consultant for nearly 7 months and you JUST decided to create an account solely to post this about me because you were "pissed" about a conversation we may or may not have had 7 months ago? Interesting. More interesting is that I know you're not even a disaster restoration company. I know exactly who you are and this blatant attempt at a defamation of my character will not be taken lightly.

If anyone reading this would like further explanation about this post or names of actual restoration company owners that have either used my services previously or do so currently, please feel free to look me up on any of the social media sites or on the More Floods website. Have a nice day :)

@Chris Perry - Restoration Mark

Chris Perry is a joke and so is this More Floods garbage ! They are blatant liars and their program is a high priced sham which you never really own you just pay for a license to use it with an automatic 3 percent rise in fees every year plus when it fails and you want your money back they give you this long qualification form that they only tell you about after you have bought it.

Cliff Cole one of the owners is spineless as well and lied when he told me that power dry never used any internet marketing then I look under lawsuits in Kansa and find where they sued Leads By Phone in 2010 ! Don't recommend them at all save your money !

@Jim Townland

We also engaged with MF. Bad decision.

Spending your way to the bottom is not a good way to run a business, as MF directs you to do: Pay referral fees based on market rates?

They are eager to sign people up to deplete their bank accounts. Stay away.

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