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Really? How about you give me YOUR DIRECT PHONE NUMBER and you fix the problems BOA is responsible for then? I trusted BOA until just a few months ago but now I will be pulling all of my accounts and tell all of my friends what your UNTRUSTWORTHY company has done. And by the way....I'll bet most of us who have posted here HAVE TRIED contacting BOA..repeaaaaaatedly. By the time we get to this site we are tired and frustrated and pissed. I'll be waiting for you to step up to the plate... [Bank of America Says:| Bank of America is one of the major financial bank-holding companies in the United States. It was founded in 1911. Bank of America has more than 1,000 branch offices abroad. It is headquartered in San-Francisco, California. Bank of America has developed some habitual wisdoms within the industry it works in, among them avoiding the mistakes of those companies that perform only consumer lending, so called consumer lending monolines. Bank of America provides numerous banking packages and a number of fresh trustworthy business solutions. It would meet all your financial needs supplying you with different loans: auto, student, home loans. Please try to contact Bank Of America Customer Service directly prior to posting any complaints on this site.
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Bank Of America - If BoFA Isn't Trying to Steal My House, THEN WHAT?

My husband and I went to Bank of America to refinance our home last August, our payments are ridiculous. It took several months, lost paperwork, shuffled around to different contacts, broken communication and all along I kept telling them we need this done ASAP because we won't be able to pay all our bills around December. I must've said that everytime I talked to someone and they told me they understood and "it should close next very soon". I also communicated we needed the loan fee wrapped into the new loan and not one time did anyone say that would be a problem. They did ask me be patient because they are restructuring and closing offices...etc. So I was patient but wish I would not have been. It finally closed November 28th but there was an issue with the loan fee which I was told THE DAY BEFORE, would be taken care of, no worries. I couldn't get ahold of anyone to answer what had happened on that and the loan processing company had to step in on my behalf...they can't finalize the paperwork without an answer. Got ONE call from our original loan agent who was on vacation in Florida and said he'd look into it when he got back. I didn't hear from the loan processer again OR anyone at B.O.A. but we DID get a new loan number and our first payment stub for February and our payments were $600 less. Perfect! All is good! Except I still couldn't pay December's mortgage yet but we had a month of relief in January (no payments at all due because of the refinance) so I knew we'd catch that up and I communicated this. I saw something on BOA's website about how they could help in unemployment or other hardship situations. When I called in mid-January they informed me we were $4400 behind instead of just the one month. I explained we didn't have a payment in January and that is when this whole thing started to spin out of control. I immediately started loan modification processes, got in touch with Housing Education and tried calling the loan office we had been working with in the first place to find out why customer service is telling me there is a January payment? Nobody would answer the phone or return my messages. I called Home Retention Services (apparently my new and only contact option now) who 3-way dialed the loan office for me until she got a live person on the line. I spoke with the Assistant Manager who was so rude but said she'd get to the bottom of it but even SHE DIDN'T CALL ME BACK (that was 4 weeks ago). Less than a week later we get notification that our loan has been taken back and BOA now indends to escalate us to forclosure. Now mind you...I thought we were behind only one payment. But even in the reality that we were 51 days late...foreclosure?? And not one of those people called or will answer my call or accept responsibility on BOA's part in any of this? I was patient when they asked me to be and they cannot return any kind of similar consideration?? We scrambled to pull together 2 months payments (December was late partially because unemployment benefits ran out) and make them online but our online option and again, all routes pointed us to this Home Retention team to make payments. I tried for 2 days to get this done before I just went into the local BOA branch. I had one of the managers make the payments for me so I had an internal witness an because by now I am feeling like everything I am trying to do right somehow results in a big "wrong" and to zero fault of my own. The bank manager then acknowledged their mistakes and sent us to the escalation team claiming we would get this resolved and in his opinion BOA should reinstate the refi-loan. Uhm...that was 19 days ago. NOTHING. The foreclosure is supposed to be on hold because I filed for a modification but all of BOA'S paperwork STILL said if we weren't current as of February 16th, they will begin foreclosure. I am currently 18 days behind again and terrified. This mess has destroyed our good credit rating, we've tapped out all our personal cash resources and have spent the past several months wasting time getting into further financial trouble instead of making progress because BANK OF AMERICA IS STRINGING US ALONG! I am working with 3 different organizations but would really like to have someone at Bank of America with decision-making power, listen to this disaster and fix it! Give us back the loan you took away because THAT WOULD STILLGET US BACK ON TRACK! Or did our refi slip through the cracks to get processed until someone caught it? That wouldn't fit into your "steal everything as fast as you can before they change the laws" plan to screw Freddie Mac back by proxy of their customers, huh? February 17th, 2012 I called per instruction to verify my loan modification papers were received. This is my 3rd call unanswered after they STRESSED the importance of following up. And what did I find when I called? I have ANOTHER new account manager named Ingrid who is unavailable to take my call. Over the weekend I state down and fine-tooth combed our Mortgage/Checking accounts to try and understand why my statement still shows we are two months behind in payments because we are not. In my Mortgage payment history I find several transactions to the account that do not correspond with what my checking account statements say with regards to the dates payments were made. In fact, in a snapshot it makes us look like we didn't pay anything a couple of months because they've pushed the date into the next month instead of when we really did pay. While in the refinance fiasco...TWICE I was told not to make my payments until the end of the month as we wait to see if the loan would close. Twice I called in on the last day of the month, was told to go ahead and pay, I did, it posted out of my account on the last day of the month but my statement shows it going in, going out and then going in again in the following month. WTF, Bank of America? My mortgage payment history looks like a confusing mess and I had no idea you could make so many adjustments without me knowing...choosing whatever date you feel like to show us making payments??? I have filed complaints my State Attorney General, The OCC, CEO at Bank of America and will be pursuing any and all local State and Federal agencies. I am sure the FDIC will be interested to know that Bank of America is NOT in compliance with FDIC regulations for proper customer communication. They are drowning us in USPS mailings (I've received the same packet 4 times!!!) and the other evening we received an auto- dialed-recording "we are here for you" message. Really? All this "busy work" isn't fooling anyone, BOA! Communication is when we get to speak our voice, too.
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I have a similar story with another mortgage company. They strung me along for three years for a modification.

After my last rejection, I contacted the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau. File your complaint online. CPFB got involved and they reversed their decision. I'm on a trial modification but these people can not be trusted.

You have to protect yourself.

I would also advise you to record all of your conversations (required in some states to let them know you are). I hope all works out for you.


bank of americas communications are designed so they have full control and you and I have nothing. This is how they can procrastinate, lose paperwork, and keep us at arms length while time keeps ticking on by.

This tactic is key because these foreclosure decisions are based on what is seen on paper. and I don't know about you but everything that I've received in response to a verbal communication with me has been nothing but error-ridden if the person I spoke with wasn't even in the same conversation. But there's a loophole.

and it has gotten me a return phone call within 24 hours...EVERYTIME. Send me a private email and I will share with you what bank of america doesn't want you to know.


I am in foreclosure with BOA and they wont return calls. They have done predatory lending and will not give me a modification duevto my hardships. My email is pattycake800@***.com please help for im single and will become homeless.


My house is being foreclosed on in a few weeks. I have NEVER been able to talk to my "account manager" at BoA.

When I call, they say "Only your account manager can help you". I always just get the answering machine of my "account manager". Never got a call back in two months of repeated tries.

Usually the mailbox is "full", and I can't leave a message. BoA is a huge scam.


Contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and file a complain on line. They will get involved.

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