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I am not kidding - our family has been held in home loan approval *** for THREE months!! We began our honest journey to obtain a home loan on November 30, 2011. Today is February 16, 2012. As of today, our loan continues to be delayed due to EXCESSIVE PAPERWORK...
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I read these complaints of refinancing or saving their homes that are financed with BOA. Someone had said that already 3 months had passed and still no word.

The actions that they took with regard to submitting information over and over again to have it just sit on some underwriter's desk is all too familiar. My mortgage lender, also a big name like BOA, did the same thing to my husband and myself for over 3 YEARS. Lies, lies and more lies. I can't even count how many times we sent updated financial information and endured disrespectful treatment from the *** in that department.

Nevr spoke to the same person twice. I was in banking for 16 years and I never treated our customers that way. But the problem is that there is no accountability in these Loss Mitigation departments. If you have fallen behind, you become an underclass citizen, a treatment that ONLY goes away if you get current.

What is there to do? Well, I was lucky and got in on the EHLP loan program that was a short-term, hard to qualify government loan. But even then, I only got us qualified when I contacted my local congressman's office. He has a whole staff of people who do nothing but aid people who have been dragged under again and again by mortgage lending fraud and empty promises.

Had I not found them, we would be homeless. Don't wait 3 years, people! Scream loud and long until your elected officials take up the fight with you.

The OCC didn't help us, The local housing authority did little to help us, in short, the mortgage lender treated us like *** for 3 years. Don't give up and don't give in.

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