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The Next EXIT - Long time user jerked around for no reason

This pathetic website, which I have been a subscriber for years, expired my subscription and claimed my email address did not exist and at the same time was in use. These people are choice idiots. Then a liar named "Meg" supposedly "fixed" the issue only to have me booted again after paying the annual fee. I also not the published telephone number rinds to disconnect - a clear sign of FRAUD. Over and over this liar Meg Manwaring would send a BS email claiing to fix the issue and then I would find again I was being screwed. This company is a 100% fraud!
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Holiday Inn Express Hotels - Holiday Inn - Priority Club SCAM

I attempted to book a room at a Holiday Inn Express in Kerrville, Texas, using Holiday Inn's website. I had some 19000 points in my PriorityClub account but needed 20,000 for a free night so the web site offered me a deal; 15,000 points and $40. I took the deal; completed numers bits of information on numerous web form and the site reports the reservation was not made and I should try again. I did and same result - here is what really happens. Every time you try these THIEVES steal $40 from you in exchange for 5000 points you do not need and STILL DO NOT MAKE THE RESERVATION! It is a horrible SCAM.
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I love how a a free bonus point system has turned you all into snivelling whiny toddlers.

Complaining about free stuff, that's entitlement for you.


Anon, you are a man/woman after my own heart.


When I first started travelling all of the holiday inn sales reps boasted about Platinum status and all of the benefits. One of which was the free upgrade to a suite IF the suite was available.

My 5 day work week is spent in a hotel, anywhere in the US. 75% of my stays with the Holiday Inn as a platinum member had been in a standard room due to "availablity". So I started checking the availability through reservations just before walking in the door. EVERY TIME they tell me they cannot upgrade me due to availability they are full of ***.

Every time I call them out on it they make the excuse that reservations does not have real time access to their bookings.

I am now a gold member with Hilton Honors.


Hi guys,

I have been scammed as well by priority club/Airfrance as i stayed in the holiday in for around a month and I earned like 24000 points.

There was an offer that you can exchange 10,000 points with 2000 miles flight with Air france or Alitalia. I wanted to fly 6,000 miles. So i had to buy extra 6000 points to make them 30,000 points (30,000 points can get me 6000 miles). This is where i spent around 100 dollars to get the extra points. I have exchanged my points into 6000 miles with air france (fly blue). and when i went to the website to purchase the ticket, it said that I need 80,000 miles plus 340 euros to go to my destination (as if i wanted to go to Japan and come back 10 times). Well basically, miles means BANANAS for them, as they explained to me on the phone that they are not actually miles, they were like points to them. By the way, I called the UK office number and surprizingly someone in the philippines ansered my bloody phone!

They refused to reverse the transaction, they refused to refund me the money back!!



I've been scammed by them through a Holiday Inn in Winona, Minnesota (twice), a Crowne Plaza in London, and a hotel in Ludington, Michigan. In Winona (both times), after arriving at the hotel the hotel stated the Priority Club claimed the value of pts needed for the room had changed since we made the reservation.

This same event occured in Ludington, Michigan.

While at a Crowne Plaza in London, I was told I'd I'd recieve the points on my account within 5 days. It has now been 5 weeks, and the I called Priority Club and they are still saying not enough time has passed to receive the points.


We were scammed out of approx. 200,000 priority points!

Priority Club blames hotel and hotel blames priority club, and neither wants to try and make it right.

We are moving on to another company that wants to have repeat customers. We stay in hotels at least 100 nights a year with 2 or more rooms, NOT great custumer service!


Well if that happened to me one time...I would have called them up. Perhaps it was a glitch on their web site.

And if you still weren't satisfied with the results...I would have called their Corporate Office. I am sure they would have done the right thing.

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