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Morries Kia of Minnetonka MN

NEVER EVER BUY A USED CAR FROM THIS DEALER!!!! I have had some hellacious experiences with buying a used car. The whole reason I came to a Morries owned company was that they were well known for they customer services and "buy happy" experiences. I can tell you I have never been more angry at anyone in my entire life. I bought a 2004 Mazda 6 from them with low mileage. I checked the accident accidents, no major repairs, nothing. I test drove it several times and it was amazing. They informed me that they did a full inspection on it and replaced the clutch, but that nothing was wrong with it. So I bought it. Exactly a week later, the car stalled on me like it was out of gas. It had a 1/4 of a tank. I brought it in and they checked it out and said that the gas tank was situated far back in the engine so if I am low on gas and going up a hill the gas pump cant get the gas. I kept it above a 1/4 from then on. Two months later the car stalled again and this time in the middle of an extremely busy tunnel in Minneapolis with 1/2 a tank. The situation was life-threatening. I then called the sales manager (Travis). I brought the car in after having it towed and Travis infromed me he'll take good care of me and that he wants to help me as much as he can. I then did not hear from him for a full week. I called him several times all of which went unanswered. When I finally did get a hold of him I was told that the car has been taken to three shops, including their own, and no one could "duplicate" the problem so they could not figure out what was wrong. He then told me he would get the car appraised so I could trade it in for a different one. He said he would call me by the end of the day. Another week went by. Then another. All calls unreturned. I went in to pick up my car to bring it to a different dealership because I was fed up with Morries Kia. When I arrived I asked for the keys and the paperwork documenting my sale. (Which I was never given) They made copies because they couldnt find the originals. I also found out that the car was only taken to ONE mechanic to be looked at, not THREE. So I lied to. Again. I then went to turn on my car to drive it home. Guess what?? The car was at 1/4 of a tank and wouldnt turn over. So here the problem is duplicated in their own lot and you would think they would bring it in to be looked at. NO. Not one service manager, not one sales manager, or mechanic came out to look at it after I spoke with all three. Only an inventory manager came out to filly my car with gas. He apologized for the situation and told me to go to a different Morries and talk to someone who is a friend of his there. Then to make things better the car chugged the whole way home and the check engine light came on. I have never in my life been so disgusted with a car company or its employees in my lifetime. NEVER buy from these people .They pretend to give a *** about you so you will buy a car and then once something goes wrong with it they act as if you dont exist.
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Kendra,Love your name! your not alone.

The Kia/Hyundai store has failed Morrie & I also the past 2 years and quite frankly if the profit statment doesn't improve I will close the store down. I hope that gives you some relife from your pain and suffering.

I do give a Shitz thats my name!! call me at 612 867 ****

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