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Read letter about HSN Ms. Mindy Grossman CEO HSN Dear Ms. Grossman: This letter is to complain about, not only product but also customer service I recently received from HSN. I purchased a PROFORM SPACE SAVER ELIPTICAL TRAINER for $500.00 based on watching a presentation where the host and representative from PROFORM touted different advantages of the machine. Never mentioning that it took 2 men 2 hours to assemble it. When the box arrived I opened it only to find there were about 100 different pieces. I am not exaggerating. This is when I first called HSN and complained. They said they would credit my account $100 for assembly. I called ICON and found out it was $169 for assembly. Only to find out afterwards HSN had just reduced the price of the machine. The company Fitness Concepts, Chris showed up at my home alone. Even though the directions clearly state 2 people 2 hours for assembly. He put together the machine then when I complained about resistance and a rickety feeling told me it was because I had purchased the bottom of the line Proform machine. Now you have to ask yourself do you want to be partnered with a company that uses third party contractors who denigrate the product you are selling? When I called ICON as I was still having problems with the machine I was on hold for 2 hours before I gave up and hung up. It took me 3 other attempts with hold times as long to get yet another company to come out and address the issue. When Abe from Assembly Experts showed up he explained the problem. I AM TOO SHORT FOR THE MACHINE. Since it does not have an adjustable stride a person less than 5'3" would have a problem as the stride is set for a much taller person. A fact your presenters did not bring out. I then reached out to Proform and was sent an email by KATI POWELL asking what she could do to restore my faith in preform. I responded that she could send me a machine with an adjustable stride. Her response. Contact HSN about all returns. I did this and was told by Pamela on the day I requested the return that it was no problem and she was sorry for all the problems I was having. I asked, and make no mistake, knowing this machine was set up about it not being in a box and told me not to worry the manufacturer would issue a freight tag and give me 3 attempts for them to pick it up. Not only in accurate blatantly false. I returned home last night to find 2 damp UPS return tags in a corner of my portico. The instructions were scrawled, "˜please take item to UPS store around the corner or any UPS store". AND the drive had told dispatch he had picked up the item! I called HSN on conference call and asked how I was supposed to drag this machine to the UPS store. UPS told HSN the pickup was for a boxed item under 150 pounds. Really? Really? Not what I was told and questioned when I first asked Pamela, "How do I go about returning the piece of ***?" Please by all means pull the tape on the call. I called UPS and they told me to call HSN. I was transferred to supervisor when the customer service person seemed confused. I finally got through to a Supervisor by the name of DIANA who told me she was "˜sorry' about the miscommunication from Pamela but the item had to be in a box. IN A BOX? I should sit with an Allen wrench at 62 years old with arthritis (thus the need for the machine) and take this apart bolt by bolt. Diana told me it was ICON's choice as to whether it would go back freight or regular UPS (needing to be dis-assembled). You do that much business with ICON and someone cannot contact them for a customer who is totally unhappy and consequently dis-enchanted with HSN? At this point Diana, bless her heart gave up and told me to call the escalation team. Not a toll free number. But I did. Now you have: 1. An angry customer 2. Given incorrect information 3. Given the run-a-round by the manufacturer and now, for all appearances HSN. So what do I now have to do? Call the escalation team. By the way a recording not a live person. Just the ticket. Get the customer so angry the problem has to be escalated then have them call and leave a voice mail! The recording says someone will get back to me in 24-48 hours. Not surprising NO ONE EVER DID! If you review the show on the night I purchased never was this mentioned nor was the fact that it has no stride adjustment and according to the company Proform uses to repair and assemble the machines, Assembly Experts, Abe the technician informed me (on the second trip out by a company to address the problems I am having with the machine) I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. Because I do not want to spend any more time on this problem, I am contacting American Express to let them know I am expecting a full refund. At this point I would quote your company's mission statement, but not surprisingly you do not have one. I have been at the above address for close to 25 years and if you check your archives will find I have been a customer that long. This is the first time I have ever written to your company and as you hopefully are thinking right now, "˜must have handled this really poorly to get to this point. You are the CEO I expect you attained that position by not passing the buck and correcting bad situations. I would like to, request a transcript of the show on the night in question. The adage goes, "If I like you I have 10 friends I can tell about your company, if I dislike your company I have 100 friends. Sincerely, Randy
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Seems like they bent over backwards to try and help..heck, I recently purchased a imcumbent bike from sears and had to have someone put it together. .gears and all..sears or the company would send someone of course you need to take apart and reboot to ship..even as freight. .yikes..hope your 100 friends have more common sense


First of all why in the world would HSN ship an already put together piece of fitness equipment? Do you realize the size of those machines and how much room they take up in those freight trucks?

Also why didn't you think to ask these questions about putting together the machine or what specifications does the person need to be to use it? You're the consumer make a smart decision and do your research. Take responsibilities for some of actions you could of taken to avoid this.

The hosts only have so much time to talk about a product and cannot cover everything. They already provide more info than what you would get at most retail stores that don't specialize in fitness equipment alone.


I worked at HSN a while back. One thing that used to have the CSR's pulling their hair out is the claims made by the sales personnel on the TV.

It is sad that in this day and age, HSN still uses used car sales techniques.

Your item was probably shipped directly from the manufacturer.

They are the ones who should have made things right for you. They could have provided a box, etc, but it seems like no one cared. At the time I worked with HSN, we sold Gateway Computers, and the same issue was had with them.

They shipped the items directly and directed all calls to HSN.

Also, you have no idea how badly the HSN customer service agents are treated by the company. I know this is not your problem, but they are harassed and intimidated on a regular basis.

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