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EliteArms1 Com - Elite arms is anything but elite!

I bought a good chunk of stuff from this guy Josh at the last Winston Salem gun show. I got a couple of AR Barrels from him along with a few flat top upper receivers. I was told that the stuff was manufactured by FN USA turns out that was the first lie. These uppers are not from FN and the barrels are the biggest hunk of *** I have ever seen. The finish on the uppers is peeling off I suspect they hada thick coat of oil on them at the show to hide what he knew was screwed up stock and inventory. The barrels are roll stamped 5.56 but I later found out that american made barrels are supposed to be stamped with a different process. No manufacturer name and the inside on one was parked inside and out. One round though it and the brass was stuck, I tried to use a cleaning rod to get it out and just poped the primer out. I thought I was saving some money but after having to pay a real armorer to fix it I would have been better to pay regular price. The lesson was learned the hard way you get what you pay for. If it is too cheap theres a reason. I figure I will put elite arms in with the bunch of crooks at Moores Machine and Tool, Timber wolf, and Roggio arsenal. Throw this junk in the trash where it belongs. plastic stocks no polymers, cheap parts, improperly installed parts, *** barrels, junk uppers, bolts are not MPI or HP. Stay away at all costs.
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Well good for you for going to school with Josh. The fact remains he is a liar or just one of the most incompetent people I have met on the face of the earth.

He should be careful who he speaks to when he spews his bs. He might just be talking to someone in the business that is immune to his lying. Facts are facts. He buys *** parts from *** companies and builds junk Ar15's.

Just because a person can put together an AR15 or slap some magpul furniture on a gun does not make them a gunsmith. Maybe Josh would be better suited working for Will Hayden since they like to embellish so much.

Tville guy - Have you googled "Elite Arms Review" "Elite Arms Ar15"?? It's not one or two people that had a bad experience with his product.

People across the US think his stuff is junk. *** people in Nc on two or three different gun forums think his stuff is junk.

I've worked on ten of his guns after people had nothing but problems with them. My recommendation was the same each time, take it apart and forget it exists before you get hurt.

I advised NONE of these people to sell their firearm to try to recoup their money based on 20 years as a gunsmith and most of all praying some 20 year old kid didn't sell his busted *** Elite Arms/Moore Machine/Bear Creek abortion of a firearm to his friend and his friend or someone near him died because of that gun. I told them all to cut their losses and scrap each and every one, use the experience of getting screwed as a life lesson and save their money until they could afford a quality product from Daniel Defense, LaRue, etc.

Oh and one more note. When the owner of a firearm company can't explain why a BCG would be MPI/MPT and tell someone they are manufactured by Young Mfg he is a fraud.

And I fact checked that by calling a contact I have that orders 1000's of BCG's per year from Young.

They had never heard of this guy or his company. Or my favorite, when a man looks me in the eye and tell's me that they source their "quality" products from FN Herstal when they are really made by a company in North Carolina that is known for producing out of spec junk - that makes him a liar and a thief --- but worse it makes him dangerous.


American Tactical and Pawn tried carrying them and had such problems with them that they now have one on display as what not to buy. Im sure competitors dont like them but not because they are cheaper which they are, but because the failure rates are so high it gives all local manufacturers a bad name.

Many people use good quality stuff they do not. They sub out from MMC which is largely known as the largest Junk maker in the industry. Cheap rarely equals good and people get what they pay for. Im pretty good friends with a couple of guys that work shows and do some pretty large scale state contracts on Ar-15 components and builds.

At least one of them does anyway. They have bins of broken and damaged parts that they keep on hand to show people What they get when they buy an Elite or an MMC. Really anyone that looks at the displays at the shows or at the difference between the competitors retail locations can tell who has made it in the industry and who is putting out *** products. One manufacturer at the show bluntly tells people that they can buy a quality unit from them with a milspec upper receiver identified with visible t- numbers and M4 feed ramps on both the upper and the Barrel.

Sight towers that are *** marked so rear sights will actually work and co witness with them. Bolts that are milspec and actually stamped MP-HP to indicate that they are magnetic Particle Inspected and High pressure tested. The uppers have the Factory K coating Milspec dry lube integrated into the finish. There barrels actually have rifflings in them through the whole barrel.

Not to mention the bolts do not have slotted groups on them which usually indicate they are made in China. They also perform a five round test fire so your upper is assured to work without flaw on your lower. so save 50 bucks and get a one in 11 shot chance. One that will not have any of the features included in the other companies that are out there.

The Other companies also always pay their table fees and do not have to be pestered by show promoters who have openly complained that Josh Davis is a non bill paying client. At hickory a few shows ago they kept announcing his name over the pa system on sunday for him to come pay his bill. That speaks Volumes. I play with AR-15 Rifles but I primarily sell revolvers but I can tell you this after being setup beside the other guys and hearing and seeing the volume of people that had nothing good to say about Elite arms, MMC or Josh Davis I suspect the other Companies love having him around just because of the turn key business they have repairing his broken stuff.

All anyone that goes to any gun shows has to do is look around to tell who is the real deal and who is the part time hobbyist junk dealer. Also pay attention to the volume of Cash That the other vendors do compared to Elite. I have been in close range to several dealers selling this stuff, the shows are full of them. Elite is for sure the bottom man on the totem pole.

Fact Find Before you buy.


I went to school with Josh and I admit I was skeptical of a locally built AR. Bought mine and love it!

Wanna buy one for my girlfriend too. Seems to be some of the negative talkers might be competitors trying to drive him out of business since his prices best theirs by a long shot. Don't knock it until you've tried it. I know a lotta guys with these rifles that have no problems.

This all is a load of *** if you ask me. And I chuckled at the guy saying it's their employees writing the good reviews


people should read the reviews on the carolina shooters forum. Its bad when a guy buys one rifle and it doesnt work.

They(elite) bring 10 more to a range to meet them to replace it because they dont want them by their single wide crack house of a manufacturing facility. One out of the 10 worked. Wow. Thats great.

1 Rifle out of 11 worked properly. How is this possible? They talked *** about every other manufacturer right to my face. Said they did sub contract work for Colt.

Griped about Del-ton. Turns out all their stuff is made by MMC which is nothing but a illegal alien sweat shop known to put out the worst Garbage on the market. Im so sick of having people come to me wanting me to fix this broken down junk.

Do your research before you buy 1 out of 11 being right is not good.


This is true! I bought one of these barrels at Winston Salem gun show.

They did not have gas blocks for them but lied to my face and told me they were readily available. I am in the new brownells Catalog 66. They do not have a gas block that will fit this hunk of crapola. Upon doing research US Barrel makers do not stamp Made in the USA on their barrels and that apparantly is a good sign that they are Chicom knock offs.

No big I will sell it at the next gun show and never do business with this bunch of crooks again.


Ok, lets talk barrels. I bought a plain barrel at the hickory gunshow.

I tried to find the parts to build it myself. They could not be found. The gas block area was a dimension that was not even standard. That josh davis told me he had plenty of blocks that were standard.

I called a gunsmith friend of mine and he looked in a current brownells. No blocks that diameter... uhh whats wrong with that. When brownells dont even carry parts, that tells you something.

I took it back and got my money back.

I was lucky on that. Buyers beware of elite junk.


The problem with the lifetime warranty is that they just replace them with more junk parts back in! I am a certified armorer from colt in apex nc. Over the years I have seen *** in various stages of ***. Honestly these guys take the cake!

I have commonly seen loose castle nuts, no disconnector springs, barrel extensions not prperly staked or torqued. There bolts are the worst I have ever seen, and only the chi ease stamp made in the USA on their barrels! Seriously guys have you ever seen a fn colt or Wilson combat barrels that say made in the USA?

Everyone who has touched these have had trouble, I see there pissed off customers everyday, they have been great for business, I just hate people have to get screwd to learn.

Everyone has to realize that the positive posts are all elite employees and mom employees!

Good luck guys


I am a 11 year Army vet with extensive M16 and M4 experience. I purchased an Elite AR15 about a year ago at the Raleigh Gun show.

My gun still has no visible flaws. I admit that it took some time to zero (iron sites) but is extremely accurate. I have fired thousands of rounds with no jams or FTEs.

I have friends that are both Army and Marine vets that have also fired it with no complaints at all. This is a reliable firearm and I will buy another for my wife because she wants her own.


I bought my JD15 at a Charlotte show just before all of the Newtown *** happened. I have put several hundred rounds through the gun an no problems so far.

This is my first AR so I have no comparison to go by, but I am very accurate with the weapon and see no need to pay double the price to fire the same round. $640 with telescoping stock and rails-great buy!


Bought an elite ar15 this past friday brand new in the box, shot it sunday with FMC BRASS, and the 3rd round through it I got a jam, looked a lil closer and the ejector and spring had come out...WTH??? took it back to store I purchased it from for a full refund, what a hunk of junk!

I mean I can somewhat see me having this problem if I had ran 500 rounds throught it but 3?

come on guys! glad I was able to get it off my hands, bought an olympic today we will see how it does.

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Quantico Arms - Quantico Tactical

This is a flym flam operation I have bought from these guys several times at gun shows in North and south Carolina. At the gun shows they sell to you at one price then when you go to the website to order more they are jacking up the price. I have bought lots of magpul stuff from them at shows I usually can buy non windowed o mags for $12.00 Each If I buy a good quantity they will sell them for less. I have purchased angle foregrips for $25.00 and comparably good prices on stocks and other goodies. They do the same deal with troy Industries sights and rails. Again in person selling for 1 price but when i try to buy online there prices are the same as everyone else. What kind of a BS operation is this where you have several different price structures. A solid business will have some consistency in pricing with the same pricing on the web as they have in person.
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I am in the Northern VA area and have frequented both locations (Woodbridge and the one in QTown) several times. I have bought guns, accessories, and clothing but I am officially done with them.

Locations are convenient and as a former Marine, I gave them my business if for no other reason than loyalty to the name. I will now shop at the other local shops, gun shows which are plentiful, and online which offers just as good or better deals. And here is why... I have approached them on two occasions seeking their support for a local veterans organization.

While I was specifically seeking a small donation to support fundraising efforts to improve on base youth athletics aboard Quantico Marine Corps Base (their namesake), I would have been satisfied with with a dialogue as to other possibilities. On the first occasion, the Manager of the Woodbridge location didnt even have the courtesy to call me back, send and email, or follow up with me in any respect. On the second ocasion, I went into the QTown location and was referred to Corporate and their lead person for requests of this type. Again, she didnt have the courtesy to return my call to tell me yes, no, or go *** up a rope.

Today I called back to their corporate trying to contact this person only to be told by the operator that there was a note in "the system" that they would not be providing support. Didnt even hear what the request was before saying no. Soooo, while this Company may have been started by a former Marine and it may be named after the Crossroads of the Marine Corps (Quantico Marine Base), it certainly doesn't demonstrate the values one would associate with the Marine Corps. It would seem they have forgotten where they came from.

Again, tell me, but at least hear the request first.

I can only surmize that "Quantico" Tactical doesnt really care about Quantico, the Marines stationed there, or their families. For that reason, I will not spend another dime with them and encourage you to do the same.


You need to understand is that when you look on the website the prices are different compared to local is because of regional cost variations (ie Taxes, shipping, transportation and of course capitalism 101 "supply and demand") I have never had a problem with QT even during the ammo / firearm shortage they have been honest and fair in their pricing and availability


These guys are unprofessional. Walked into the woodbridge location only to hear a customer joking with the staff about illegal immigrants.

Completely inappropriate and insensitive. It's nice they take pleasure about making fun of others, but I guess when a customer buys a gun for a few hundred dollars, you'll do whatever it takes to make the sale.

No integrity from these guys.


Based on their actions, I did not purchase the items in my hand. Instead I walked out!


Really, I was that customer, I am Latino and a Police Officer and you did not hear the entire conversation. Sure I am a long time customer and know everyone in the store so we joke around alot thats what friends do.

they are very professional and work with every customer in kind.


I really cannot believe that all of you would complain about getting a discount. Why not just be happy you ran across a bargain.


totally agree. The negative posts all seem to be from the same area even though QTS is nationwide.

Sounds like an angry competitor who doesn't like the fair competiton of a free market system.

Since I'm in the military, I've used these guys in multiple states since 2007 and they've always done right by me. Go somewhere else and leave the goodies for me and other REAL consumers.


What a ***, the guy at the Greenville sc show was an *** and some dumb chick that was with him is just as bad. They are the most half *** group I have ever seen.


I bought a stock from them at a show, Magpul CTR the guy at the show gave me the wrong color stock and when i went back before I even left the show, they wanted to charge me a restocking fee for there screw up.

I complained to the show promoter and he sent me to another magpul dealer in the building that hooked me up.

I know where I will go in the future.


I like at Bragg a couple guys from quantico really went on about the owners of the gun show here in town were real *** holes and they were trying to force them into doing shows that they didn't want to but kept them out of the big shows just to prove the point! As I looked for show information locally I found numerous threads that were quantico talking about show promoters in a very negative fashion. So why does quantico pay to set up at shows that they apparantly have issues with the promoters?


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